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Yvan Poisson – “Bosom”


Yvan Poisson gifts us with this lounge jazz-type beat titled “Bosom”. The plucky guitars, overwhelming pads, and moody keys all come together like white on rice as the sparse grooves help propel the track forward.

The Deli – “Jazzy1”.


Rising producer The Deli thrills us with a smooth retro jam titled “Jazzy1”. Taken from his new instrumental project entitled Bumps Tape 2, the track has a nice smooth bounce and a recurring piano riff and bass-driven boom-bap beat reminiscent of tracks from ATCQ or Digable Planets and Slum Village.



Ogi feel the Beat – “Chill Illest”.

Prolific producer Ogi feel the Beat gifts us with this soul/jazz rendition titled “Chill Illest” which continues his slew of exciting releases. The track has a warm and nostalgic vibe with its lush pads, sublime horn passes and rousing drums.


Cauzy x Gyûki – “For Now And Ever”.


Cauzy and Gyûki team up to gift this new audio gem titled “For Now And Ever”. The track is crafted with slick guitar licks, airy textures and warm sombre keys that all come together like nature.



Lofi Milk – “Mountain Dew” (feat. Kensuke Ohmi)

Lofi Milk teams up with Kensuke Ohmi for some cool refreshing “Mountain Dew”. This lofi soulful track is relaxing, and emotional and has a nostalgic vibe to it as well.



Steve Nguyen x Kanyun – “Boketto”

Steve Nguyen and Kanyun crafted something blissful titled “Boketto” and it was only right for us to share. The cinematic strings, guitar plucks and layered keys all complement each other and gel perfectly.


YawLrus – “Reverberation”

YawLrus thrills our souls with  “Reverberation”, a rousing piano-driven scenic piece that is extremely sombre and sad.


Misha Melz – “Night Drive”

Misha Melz gets into the driver’s seat as he takes us for a “Night Drive”. The record has a warm and comforting aesthetic bolstered by slick guitar plucks and sublime textures to match. I love how the tracks ends with the engine going off as well. That is pretty dope.



Ghostnaut – “Unpacking”

Ghostnaut and longtime collaborator Lunath get to “Unpacking” in this new release. The layered textures, guitar plucks and soulful pads all form a blissful ambiance.



Gregory Allison – “Portal (Kalaido ReWork) (Remix by Kalaido)”

Gregory Allison‘s  “Portal (Kalaido ReWork) gets a new coat courtesy of Kalaido and the result is an atmospheric and surreal piece made up of slick piano keys, strings and an overall airy vibe.



Felix Hien – “Stanni Bop”.

German producer Felix Hien makes his entry on our playlist with “Stanni Bop”, a mid-tempo joyful beat with slick acoustic guitar riffs, surreal and airy horns and a thumping drum groove to match. “Stanni Bop” is the first single off his debut EP.




Jona Kandaly – “Just a Few Seconds”


Jona Kandaly brings us some inner peace in “Just a Few Seconds”. The track exudes a surreal and soul-stirring feel with its rich guitars, lush bright keys and use of natural ambient sounds that all create an engulfing aesthetic for audiences.




Jansun – “indigo”


Jansun comes through with “indigo”, a mellow and playful summer jam ripe with bright keys, slick guitar riffs and a prevalent bassline-driven groove.



rocomoco – “Jiu – Saiko Remix” (Remix by Saiko)


rocomoco delivers “Jiu – Saiko Remix”, another revamp crafted by Saiko who delivers a sublime and surreal piece ripe with a warm and nostalgia-inducing soundscape that draws audiences into a warm and comforting place.
“Jiu – Saiko Remix” is a part of the Chilled Vibes Only album.

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