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Kidd Called Quest – “Slice On The Tit”, by Kidd Called Quest

Prolific NY-based producer Kidd Called Quest drops the song “Slice On The Tit” taken from his new project Sounds Of The Track, an 18-track body of work inspired by 70s blaxploitation classic The Candy Tangerine Man. “Slice On The Tit” sets the tone with it’s solemn and mellow vibe, punchy drums and use of interesting dialogue snippets from the film.



Anthony Menzia – “Ever Since We Dispensed With God”

Anthony Menzia delivers “Ever Since We Dispensed With God”, an off-kilter and experimental beat that defies genre boundaries. The layered production is filled with distorted textures, ominous synth leads and a wobbly sound design that is as dynamic as ever.


Dirty Hairy – Vay Kay

UK producer Dirty Hairy delivers this smooth jazz-infused lofi beat titled “Vay Kay” to our notice. Blending rich piano chords, head-nodding drum grooves, warm pads and snapping drum grooves with excellent vocal scratching, Dirty Hairy gives us that much-needed vacation-inspired aesthetic that aims to put our mind at rest away from the madness


Jah Born x Jordache Grant – “Liquid”

Jah Born and Jordache Grant team up for “Liquid”, a sublime jazz-soul offering that captures the essence of the genre in its purest form. From the slick piano chords, smooth progressions and pulsating bass-driven grooves, the producer sure delivers the goods.



BLKSCNTST – “Sofia” (feat. Jah Born, Da Dreak & Jordache Grant)

BLKSCNTST  shares “Sofia” featuring Jah Born, Da Dreak and Jordache Grant. The genre-bending tune takes elements from lofi/chillhop and soul with its layered dreamy textures, warm pads and smooth drum grooves.




choco.bear – “Scared”

Russian producer choco.bear drops off a track from his stash called “Scared”, a dark ominous and cinematic beat ripe with punchy drum breaks, sombre keys and a throbbing bassline to boot. He also throws in some off-kilter vocal samples in the mix.



OuroborosDog – “Elysium”

OuroborosDog’s “Elysium” lives up to its title and its serene and joyful aesthetics sure take listeners to that place of perfect happiness. From the rich keys, warm guitar plucks, gentle alluring pads and soft drums, the track is well-crafted and aims to drown any form of sadness away.



Mykobi – “Return to Sunset Woods”


Mykobi takes a “Return to Sunset Woods” in his new release. The piano-driven lofi record is highly sublime and oozes sentimental vibes that will linger on in the minds of listeners.


Energy Flow – “Captivating Archipelago”

Japanese instrumentalist Energy Flow and Think Different bring us this “Captivating Archipelago”. A laidback jazz tune with lofi sensibilities. I like the off-kilter synth which gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling while the dynamic key arrangement is brilliant as well.

Zenith Skies – “Sunday Floating”

Producer Zenith Skies drops this new release “Sunday Floating” in all its glory. The guitar arrangement is pronounced, warm and solemn while the accompanying pads and sparsely woven keys compliment the beat to give it that soothing elevated vibe.




kyoto kyoto – “haze of the bliss”

Japanese producer kyoto kyoto blesses us with the “haze of the bliss”, a dynamic and soul-griping piece that soothes the mind. He uses rich guitar plucks, cinematic pads that exude nostalgia and introspection and a soft dru groove to complete the job.


vhskid. – “Deep Sea Mind Free”

vhskid. never disappoints and once again he delivers something special in the form of “Deep Sea Mind Free”. The record is as breezy and soothing as the ocean wind with its airy piano keys, atmospheric pads and soft grooves.


Hoatsin – “Long Stroll”


Hoatsin helps us forget about our worries with this track “Long Stroll”, a chilled nostalgia-inducing piece filled with rich and warm pads, slick guitar plucks and an overall engulfing texture that makes one dream about the good times only.



Thomas Tempest – “Summer Breeze”


Music composer/instrumentalist Thomas Tempest and Flow State Records join forces to bring us “Summer Breeze”. The jazz-lofi tune harks back to the essence of jazz with its rich horn passes and progressions and use of accentuated piano chords with soft basslines to match. It’s quite blissful, reflective and warm.



Chris Duke x phonyboy – “Things You Will Discover”


Chris Duke and phonyboy remind us of the “Things You Will Discover” in life in this new collaboration. The track has a soft and groovy drum arrangement peppered by melancholic piano chords, soft moody pads and an obscure vocal sample that adds depth to the track.

Bequem – “Jazz Lounge”

Bequem and Spicytoast bring us to their “Jazz Lounge” in this new collaboration. They use a layered piano riff, with rich moody keys and soft pads with an underlying drum groove as well. The result is a sad and somewhat reflective track that would make one think about life and the what-ifs scenarios.




Walt Dolla -” It Must Be Love”

Detroit Michigan producer Walt Dolla teams up with Mealdue for “It Must Be Love”, a mellow grovy track made up of rich pads, smooth percussion-driven drum grooves and a seamlessly chopped vocal sample in the chorus section.



Mike Honcho – “Dream”


Mike Honcho‘s “Dream” is a wobbly and unorthodox beat that is hard to categorize. It has elements of ultra-pop, and experimental trance with a modern futuristic touch. The track is taken from his forthcoming concept instrumental album Dream / Blink / Shuttle.

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