Welcome to TWIB’s Weekly Top 10 Videos. This is a segment where we will be looking at some exceptional visuals from various acts from around the globe. The music video format has been around for decades and through the 90s and 2000s, it has taken flight from multi-million budget music videos, to mid to low-budget videos with exceptional features. In this section, we will not discriminate but rather highlight some of the creative visuals that pop up on our radar.
Again, we promise to bring you the best from high to low budget, to animated to DIY and first and foremost, the most creative visuals we can source.

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Daimo Dunkin – “Shot Caller”

BK, NY-born, DMV-raised rapper Daimo Dunkin delivers the visuals for his single “Shot Caller”, a playful summer jam ripe with bravado raps and a memorable hook. The track samples a classic soul sample and flips it into a bouncy bass-heavy jam underpinned by Daimo’s expressive and stylish raps. The visual uses special effects, performance shots and funny segments that capture his distinct demeanour and style.




Mariah Deneè – “I’m Ready”.


UK singer/songwriter Mariah Deneè delivers her first single “I’m Ready” and its visuals to our site. The reflective ballad is an exploration of self-discovery and coming to terms with one’s predicament after a loss. Over the lush guitar licks and sombre textures, Mariah pours her heart on wax with an impassioned vocal run and relatable songwriting that focuses on moving on. The visual brings the song to life with its warm and nostalgia-inducing cinematography that captures Mariah’s thoughts.


Pretty Bulli – “Confidence”

Buffalo, NY-based emcee Pretty Bulli returns with her new single/video. “Confidence” which yet another showcase of her lyrical proficiency. Backed by the anthemic brass stab-driven backdrop provided by her longtime collaborator Kidd Called Quest, Pretty Bulli reminds us why confidence is a major key in achieving one’s goals. The song comes with a visual directed by Black Belt Jones who uses extensive performance shots of Pretty Bulli in her stomping grounds.

“Confidence” is taken from the forthcoming LP Then And Now, which is fully produced by Kidd Called Quest.




RYN SCOTT – “In the Midwest” ft. Jon Connor

RYN SCOTT takes us into his stomping grounds in his new release titled “In the Midwest”. The heartfelt and reflective tune also features Jon Connor and both emcees deliver insightful and relatable bars that center on that place we call home. That particular place that gives us joy and peace.  The visual has a sombre and warm feel and uses performance shots with paced movements and the overall cinematography is enthralling as well.


Solid – “Saks fifth”

Rising rapper Solid shares with us the visual for his new song “Saks fifth”. The playful track is made up of a dreamy soundscape and soft drums and his flow is choppy and weird. The visual follows suit with simple set pieces, and off-center special effects that look a bit over the top.


HarveyDent – “Just Ask Me”

HarveyDent takes us deep into the octagon in the visuals of their song “Just Ask Me”. The hard-hitting track is a display of verbal prowess from both emcees who punch through the menacing guitar-driven soundscape laid before them. The visual uses fight clips from Russian MMA fighter Khamzat Chimaev and viewers get to see some jaw-dropping fight highlights. “Just Ask me” is the third single from HarveyDent’s upcoming album, which will be our second LP as a group.

MIRE – “ɡärdēən mal’ākh”.

MIRE shares visuals for his song “ɡärdēən mal’ākh”, a dreamy and reflective tune that explores his life. Over the surreal textures and punchy trap drums, he touches on issues like self-love, growth and the ups and downs of life. The accompanying visual is straightforward and uses a single shot to capture the rapper’s full range of emotions.




Samm Henshaw – “Troubled Ones”

Multi-talented singer/songwriter/instrumentalist Samm Henshaw caught our ears and eyes with his newest release “Troubled Ones” which also comes with a visual. The track produced by Josh Grant is a sombre and thoughtful piece that explores the concept of fear and trepidations as related to one’s dreams and aspirations. The soundscape has a warm and nostalgia-inducing vibe which is underpinned by Samm’s emotionally powerful vocal runs and compelling songwriting. The visual uses a simple shot of the artist as he sits underneath a tree to pen his thoughts and as the camera pans out viewers get to see a wide shot of the landscape and the overall serene feel of finding comfort in one’s thoughts.



Jordy – “Why Do I Bother”.

Jordy help us close this week’s visuals with “Why Do I Bother”, a compelling deep dive into his life and the experiences that moulded him into the man that he is. Backed by a drumless but soul-stirring backdrop made up of moody and dark textures, Jordy pours his heart on wax with vivid storytelling about life, his flaws, the detractors and the people who stood by his side through the struggle. The visual uses a dark and moody motif with white colour elements to contrast his emotions and the result is an engaging visual that is creative and emotionally relatable as well.

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