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Thursdayevening – “It’s Late”.

Producer Thursdayevening brings us something warm and comfy in the form of his new release “It’s Late”. The piano-driven piece is ripe with surreal and moody pads and hushed drums and gives off a soulful and relaxing vibe.


Casein x Wonkerz – “goro”

Casein recently released his new project titled tamashi and in the interim, he gifts us with the single “goro” which sees him teaming up with Wonkerz. The track is made up of celebratory horns, soulful pads, warm textures and a head-nodding drum groove to boot.


Al Rocc Beatz – “Timeless”

Al Rocc Beatz gifts us with a touch of “Timeless” vibes in his latest effort. The mellow track is made up of soulful and sublime textures, smooth drum grooves and a moody pulsating bassline to match.


rocomoco x The Hidden – “Back At The Apartment (Devon Rea Remix)” 

rocomoco and The Hidden‘s “Back At The Apartment” gets a smooth remix by Devon Rea. The result is a blissful and soul-stirring piece made up of lush and surreal pads with sublime textures over soft but groovy drums.



C-Sol – “Sludge”

Toronto-based producer C-Sol drops “Sludge” off his 10-track instrumental album titled On Weaponized Time. The track is sparse, haunting and somewhat moody but experimental as well.



Phat Panda – “DJ Dreams”

Phat Panda‘s “DJ Dreams” is an homage to the art of the hiphop DJ. The track has a dreamy and surreal vibe and the layered funk-laden textures are peppered with punchy drums and sublime vocal samples that draw listeners in.





Bad Milk Dirty Peaches – “Underworld”

Bad Milk Dirty Peaches leads us into the “Underworld” with his new release, a warm and surreal track with soft mellow tones, hushed drums and an overall dreamy vibe.


FryeDay Sounds – “21”

FryeDay Sounds makes his entry on our list with “21”, a cinematic and haunting mellow trap-infused beat with punchy drums and soft piano riffs to match.


Al Rocc Beatz – “Percolate”.

Al Rocc Beatz makes the list “Percolate” with his new release where he blends classic boombap drum grooves with soulful sample chops. The result is a heartwarming and nostalgic piece that is also headnodding.



Chad Nathan – “a l i v e”

Chad Nathan’s newest addition to our list is entitled “a l i v e” and it’s a dreamy, surreal lofi cut that serves as a perfect accompaniment to an evening study or meditative session.


Greyware – “Incomplete”

Greyware’s “Incomplete” is a melancholic and solemn lofi effort that triggers sad memories with its overall reflective tone. The guitars are prevalent and exude pure solemnity to the end.



nead x StanSmithOnDaTrack – “Lost Village”


nead and StanSmithOnDaTrack leads us into the “Lost Village” with this perfect soundtrack that helps light up the path. The choral vocals are soothing and ethereal while the sparse keys and soothing pads all add up to create a soul-stirring ambiance that draws listeners in.

vhskid. x Lawrence Walther – “Hand In Hand”

vhskid teams up with Lawrence Walther for “Hand In Hand”, a laidback guitar-driven track that is perfect for one’s meditative playlist. The guitar licks are pronounced and the warm keys add that extra emotional oomph to it as well.


softy x Two Scents – “Moonlight Soul”

softy and Two Scents deliver their new collaboration “Moonlight Soul” with much gusto and it hits the mark with its calm and serene vibe.



Ronins Musik – “RU”

Ronins Musik‘s newest release “RU” is a remarkable lofi-soul track made up of filtered vocal chops, melodic hums and a moody pad underpinned by sparse grooves.

Paradox – “Last Stop (Instrumental)”

Paradox drops off “Last Stop (Instrumental)”, a mellow jazz-hop piece that exudes pure reflection and somewhat meditative vibes. The drum groove is solid and it sure delivers that classic headnod factor.

Socco Loop – “Midnight Sway”

Socco Loop and Matt Ferone‘s new collaboration “Midnight Sway” is a lounge-jazz track made up of warm pads, prevalent basslines and a reflective piano arrangement to match.



AMIA – “Beautiful Morning”

It’s a  “Beautiful Morning” in AMIA‘s world as they deliver a blissful and soul-stirring piece made up of sombre pads, bright guitar licks underpinned by sparse drums and birds chirping.



ojalvo – “rise & vibe” (feat. Jasper Hobbs)

ojalvo and Jasper Hobbs join forces for this uplifting track titled “rise & vibe”. It lives up to its name as the bright guitar licks and soulful blaring horns all come together like melted cheese on macaroni.


Dj Frankie Green – “Sugarene”

Dj Frankie Green makes his entry on our playlist with “Sugarene”, a serene and reflective track that has soul-pop and lofi aesthetics melded into one. The guitar licks are prevalent and the drum fills add an extra thump into the mix.


Steve Nguyen – “Aarti”

Steve Nguyen‘s “Aarti” is a layered piece made up of nostalgia-inducing textures ripe with lush keys, moody pads and hushed drums underpinned by an off-beat xylophone-like instrument.






pink eclipse – “where’s your growth”

pink eclipse gifts us with a reflective track titled “where’s your growth” which is introduced by a filtered and warm pad that slowly builds into a comforting and blissful track filled with ethereal textures over a sparse drum groove.

5th Wish – “Particles”

5th Wish helps us close the playlist with “Particles”, a laid-back dreamy piece made up of lush synths, sublime textures and pulsating bass-driven drum grooves.

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