We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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C-Sol – “Valentina”

C-Sol aka Peso Pesado drops “Valentina”, a track taken from the instrumental album On Weaponized Time. The track has a haunting vocal sample with mody bells underpinned by punchy boombap drums.


FalafelBabaganush – “Beat coin”

FalafelBabaganush mines some aural “Beat coin” in his latest release. The track is as cinematic and edgy as they come. From the mellow snapping drums, and ominous keys to the airy choral samples, the track exudes a soul-stirring feel that leaves the listeners in a trance.




Luc Le Luc x Flapjaques – “burn again”

Bern, Switzerland-based producer Luc Le Luc and Flapjaques team up for this superb collaboration titled “burn again”. The track is a solid mix of jazz,boom-bap grooves, and dreamy pads with a cinematic sound design that takes listeners to a time long forgotten.





Drama Hights – “Suddenly”

German producer Drama Hights makes his entry on our playlist this week with “Suddenly”. The punchy groove is underpinned by rich textures, pulsating basslines, horns and slick guitar licks that come together like white on rice.



88FULLY – “Warrant”

88FULLY‘s  latest release “Warrant” is a mid-tempo West-coast-inspired joint that is underpinned by rich piano riffs, lush synths and snapping drum grooves.




YJKL – “Cradle of Love”


YJKL‘s new release “Cradle of Love” is a smooth fusion of retro funk, lofi-soul and jazz with a spoonful of drum grooves. The horns on the chorus is sublime and rich and the guitar licks are edgy and well-crafted from start to finish.



Ogi feel the Beat – “Low Key”

Ogi feel the Beat gives us some smooth “Low Key” sounds in his latest effort. The track is made up of moody pads, solemn piano riffs and haunting synth leads underpinned by soft and sparsely arranged drum grooves.



Oughtable – “Scandalous”

Rising producer Oughtable drops off something “Scandalous” in his newest release. The track has a dark and moody pad with lush guitar strings and punchy drum grooves to match.


Don Gog – “Tilt”

Swedish electronica/hip-hop artist Don Gog caught our ears with his new release “Tilt”, a sombre and reflective beat that is made up of warm and solemn textures. It starts with a short sample taken from American comedian Jasper Redd‘s TV special Jazz Talk and proceeds into a surreal and dreamy jazz-lofi piece ripe with atmospheric and layered horns, pads, punchy drums and airy horns. “Tilt” is taken from Don Gog’s new EP Cybernetics.




Swell Fellow – “Something Special”


Dallas, TX producer Swell Fellow gifts us with “Something Special” in his latest release. Using boombap drums, buzzing basslines and soulful textures, he delivers a memorable and heartfelt piece that thumps hard in the speakers.

Ethesia – “Glow”.


Ethesia goes against the grain in this experimental beat titled “Glow”. The drum patterns are styled in a 12/8 pattern and have an off-centre vibe but the icing on the cake is the summer-tinged keys and pads that pepper the track with an emotional element.



A Dream Hustle Productions – “Untrapped”

A Dream Hustle Productions make their appearance on our playlist with “Untrapped”. The haunting track starts with a moody synth pad before the bass-heavy drums come into earshot and the rest is history.


Pablo EskoBEAR – “I Smell A Rat”

Pablo EskoBEAR comes through with “I Smell A Rat”,a cinematic piece that uses layered sound design, vocal samples with dusty jazz elements layered over a punchy drum break.

Pastel – “samba de rua”

French-Polynesian London-based Pastel helped raise the energy levels on the playlist with his new release titled “samba de rua”. The track serves as his first release for 2024 and it’s an anthemic banger that employs funk, disco and Brazilian dance elements in his unique way. The result is a rousing and celebratory piece that would get everyone up on the dancefloor.



Pepper x Mellofi – “Seismic”

Pepper and Mellofi‘s “Seismic”is an interesting and experimental piece that is as dynamic as they come. The slow progression, extensive sound design and overall warmness makes it engaging from start to finish.



Lola x Bluewerks – “A Cosmic Hiss”

Lola and Bluewerks join forces to bring us “A Cosmic Hiss”, a bass-driven lofi soulful tune that sounds like a musical interlude from a comedy-drama series. I like the warm and relaxing vibe of this one.



The Wessel – “Serene morning bliss”

The Wessel shows us what a “Serene morning bliss” feels like in this new release. The record is bolstered by layer acoustic guitar plucks, snapping drum grooves and it gives off an introspective feeling that listeners can tap into.



pink eclipse – “RZ1234”

Rising producer pink eclipse makes his debut appearance on our list with “RZ1234”. The track has a synth-wave feel with a touch of Lofi and surreal elements that all come together like two peas in a pod.





The Dowser – “Jazz Cats”

The Dowser thrill us with this brilliant piece titled “Jazz Cats”. This is pure jazz on earworm steroids as they blend rich horn passes with moody keys and a punchy drum groove to complete the job.




stybander – “time flows like water”

stybander returns to our playlist this week with “time flows like water”. The fusion of the time concept and water element is pronounced as the soft grooves are peppered with atmospheric pads, airy guitar riffs and an overall soothing vibe.



Evening Stroll – “Something Warm”

Evening Stroll and Sphere of Hip-Hop team up for “Something Warm”, an aptly titled track that hits the ears like a drop of golden sun. it’s reflective, soothing and well-crafted from start to finish.


vhskid. – “Frost Kissed Windows”.

vhskid‘s “Frost Kissed Windows” is a solemn and peaceful track made up of rich piano progressions, and surreal pads with vivid sound design that helps add a profound emotional element into the mix.



slumber sundays – “slumber sundays”

Rising producer slumber sundays delivers an eponymous track “slumber sundays” and it surely lives up to its title. The track has a laidback and relaxing feel and the layered guitar arrangement and soothing textures all come together like white on rice.





sky spirits – “Odyssey”

Producer sky spirits marks the final contribution on our list with “Odyssey”, a soothing and sublime piece with heartfelt keys,  reflective guitar licks and pads that come together like a hot knife through butter.


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