We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Kietzy Loco – “Why Does Colombia Sell Cocaine?”.

Kietzy Loco delivers this insightful instrumental titled “Why Does Colombia Sell Cocaine?”. The track explores what is intended in the title and uses a vocal narration to dig deep into the facts of the matter. The soundscape behind is dark, gritty and dynamic as well.


Loqualli – “Quit”


Loqualli gifts the list with “Quit”, a punchy boom-bap track with ominous pads, sublime textures and an overall cinematic feel that draws listeners into this unforgiving space.



linanthem – “gap in the clouds”

North Carolina downtempo producer linanthem is preparing to drop his upcoming EP (self) care, pt. 1, but in the interim, he delivers his single  “gap in the clouds“, a warm and sublime piece that is quite alluring and inviting.



Audio-Nerd Music – “Scarborough”

South African producer Audio-Nerd Music takes us to “Scarborough”. The track is purely dynamic with its layered production which is ripe with soulful vocal samples, lush horns and nostalgia-inducing synths.


Lofi Sweden – “Experiences”

Lofi Sweden gives us some refreshing and uplifting “Experiences” in their latest release. The guitar plucks are alluring and heavenly sounding and the pads are warm and comforting as well.


Nogymx x Just Steezy Things – “Emeralds to Pearls”

Nogymx and Just Steezy Things team up for “Emeralds to Pearls”, a mid-tempo boombap lofi jam ripe with exotic soundscapes, pulsating bass-driven grooves and lush soulful keys.


Beats By Alice – “An Echo”

Beats By Alice caught us with this smooth piece titled “An Echo”, the track has a mellow and warm vibe that is both captivating and relaxing.


Flapjaques – “a night with you”

Flapjaques‘ “a night with you” is a smooth pulsating beat with somewhat moody textures, punchy drums and a touch of hiphop.


Acke – “Nordic Dreamscape”

Swedish producer Acke makes his entry on our playlist with “Nordic Dreamscape”, which takes us into a dreamy and soul-gripping place. I like the fusion of lush acoustic riffs, airy vocal runs and punchy drum grooves.



kallepdp – “Empty Days”

“Empty Days” by kallepdp is a warm and comforting track made up of airy guitar riffs, solemn piano chords and alluring pads to match.


EZ77 – “Duhnen”


German producer EZ77 brings us some peaceful vibes in the form of “Duhnen”, A mellow and sparse track ripe with soft drum grooves and atmospheric textures to boot.


Stabilisers – “Tethered Hearts”


Uprising instrumentalist Stabilisers delivers his new track “Tethered Hearts” which caught our ears. The production is sublime and has a warm and comforting vibe with its slick guitar plucks, lush pads and sparse grooves.


vhskid. – “Rain Just Fall”

vhskid. helps us close the list with “Rain Just Fall”, a sombre lofi tune that captures the warm and soothing feeling of sadness during a rainy evening day.

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