Top instrumental submissions EP3 Feb 2024

We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Jah Born x Jordache Grant -” jazzmin.”


This new release “jazzmin” is a soulful instrumental crafted by Jah Born, Jordache Grant, and Symbolic One (S1). The track has elements of modern neo-soul with a touch of lofi. The keys are warm and pulsating bassline-driven grooves and atmospheric textures all come together like butter and bread.



Flapjaques – “luv is”

“luv is” is the latest release from Flapjaques who make use of solemn and melancholic samples over sparse drum grooves resulting in an ambient and soul-stirring piece that listeners can rock with.


Allen Green – “Imperial Hwy”.

After releasing back-to-back EPs the past year, producer Allen Green kicks off 2024 with his first single “Imperial Hwy”. The production is a blend of R&B textures with dance grooves and his unique touch. He samples a classic dreamy sample and turns it into something refreshing and groovy.


Triple M – “BR 540”

Triple M drops his new single “BR 540”, a mid-tempo cut that has experimental sounds, rich moody textures and a head nodding drum groove to match.


rocomoco x Bastido – “Aurola (Inf & Rainn Remix)” (feat. Bastido) (Remix by inf & rainn)

rocomoco and Bastido‘s “Aurola” gets a new body finish courtesy of  Inf and Rainn. The remix is a bright and joyful tune made up of warm pads, and dreamy keys with a soothing vocal sample layered with a pulsating bassline and soft drum groove. This is the 5th single release of the rocomoco & friends – Chilled Vibes Only album which will be released on March 1st.


eery x eli filosov – “everyday”.

“everyday” is the latest collaboration between veteran lofi producers eery and eli filosov.  The track has a summer-tinged and nostalgic element and also infuses a vocal sample from Danny Brown.




Ulle Kamelle – “Art of Destruction”.


Veteran producer/beatmaker Ulle Kamelle introduces us to the special “Art of Destruction”. The track is a blend of lofi, experimental nd trip hop sensibilities. The drums are punchy and the dark haunting textures go together like two peas in a pod.


Hewie Lou x Signature D x Mondo Loops – “Slip Away”

Winnipeg, Canada-based Hewie Lou teams up with Signature D and Mondo Loops for this soul-gripping piece titled “Slip Away”. The soft drum grooves, haunting choral melodies and lush guitar plucks all come together like white on rice.




Moonswell – “Awakening”

Portland, Oregon-based producer Moonswell ushes in the much-needed “Awakening”. The production is atmospheric, surreal and dreamy from start to finish.


Jansun – “rainy city”


Jansun gives us the serenity and feel of being sheltered in the dreamy “rainy city”. The track uses a punchy guitar pluck arrangement and layered riffs over smooth grooves.


natureboy. – “falling”.

natureboy. makes us reflect deeply on his new release “falling”. The melancholic piece is soothing, sublime and rich at the same time.


Cygnet – “Lunar Echoes”

“Lunar Echoes” is a warm and solemn piece from producer Cygnet. He employs a layered piano arrangement with cinematic sound design and an overall soul-gripping vibe.




Lofi Cat – “Afternoon Cat Naps”.

Lofi Cat is a producer whose new record “Afternoon Cat Naps” caught our attention. The piano-driven piece builds up slowly before reaching the peak with a heartwarming and reflective vibe.




Frxnco – “float”.

Producer Frxnco returns to our playlist with another release titled  “float”. The aptly titled track is made up of ethereal textures, warm pads and an overall atmospheric vibe that makes one feel like they are floating.





adym – “Nikita”

adym is a lo-fi producer we came across online and we just had to share with you his latest effort titled “Nikita”. The calming and blissful tune is made up of lush pads, pensive guitar riffs and sparse drum grooves to match.  Overall, it is comforting and warm.



Nathan Hui-Yi – “NOSTOS”.

Asian-Australian hip-hop producer Nathan Hui-Yi (pronounced “Hway-Yee” is a trained piano and guitar player and now he has ventured into the lofi sphere with his brand of classical-infused pieces. His latest release is titled “NOSTOS” and is as cinematic as they come. From the scenic violins, soul-stirring keys, soft drums and haunting vocal runs, Nathan sure delivers the goods.




smplsmth – “Road Less Traveled”.

Memphis TN-based composer/producer smplsmth is not new to use and on his new release “Road Less Traveled”, he once again delivers a solid piece that warms the heart. The result is a nostalgic beat that reminds one of the good times.





Lawrence Walther x vhskid. x Rubus – “Barefoot On Grass”


Lawrence Walther, vhskid. and Rubus join forces to bring us “Barefoot On Grass”, a mellow lofi beat that exudes pure bliss and introspective vibes. The production is layered, warm and sublime from start to finish.

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