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And Is Phi – “There’s A – Single Edit”

And Is Phi is a multi-genre and experimental artist whose style pushes the envelope and this is exemplified in their new release “There’s A – Single Edit”. The track has a sublime and ethereal feel and her airy but edgy vocal runs take precedence. Overall, the track strays from the norm and is quite dynamic and refreshing.


Black Sherif – “OH NO”

Black Sherif is on a roll since he released his critically acclaimed album and a win at the recent BET award. Now he returns with  “OH NO“, a new single that continues his multi-genre style. Here he blends Highlife, Soul and Drill in a seamless effort and peppers the cinematic backdrop with his aspirational lyrics. He reminds listeners of his struggles and how he overcame his fears.  The track is produced by his in-house producer and long-time collaborator, Samsney, with additional production from Joker Nharnah.



Bossmadeempire – QUE K-“The greatest story ever told”

QUE K gifts us with “The greatest story ever told”, a laidback and sombre tune that digs deep into the rapper’s life and the many experiences that changed him.


Kareen Lomax – “SELF CARE”


Kareen Lomax shares his new single “SELF CARE”, a smooth uplifting tune that explores the concept of self-love and coming to terms with one’s disposition by way of shedding the past.






deathbypeanuts x MERON – “Cold As Usual”


Producer/multi-instrumentalist deathbypeanuts teams up with R&B artist MERON for his latest release titled “Cold As Usual”. The laidback track is made up of rich pulsating bass synth lines, warm textures and soft drum grooves underpinned by MERON’s soul-stirring melodic performance. Here, MERON reflects on that singular moment when one’s relationship freezes over and all the warmness vanishes.



Rio 24K – “Invincible”

Rising artist/songwriter Rio 24K teams up with Nak Daniels, for this aspirational and motivational record titled “Invincible”. The piano-laden track serves as the perfect backdrop for the heartfelt lyrics that dwell on daily struggles and failures but with a steeled determination, one can always overcome it all.


King Cxge – “Most High”.


King Cxge caught our ears with his latest release “Most High”. The sombre tune is ripe with moody and somewhat sombre pads and thick 808s while he delivers a fiery performance ripe with reflective and insightful bars.


Trombobby – “THE ROAD TO CHOREFTO” ft Lili”


Trombobby drops “THE ROAD TO CHOREFTO” which serves as the second single from his PAUSE VOL.2. project. The track sees him collaborating with eclectic vocalist Lili. The result is an atmospheric and cinematic piece that captures Lili’s rich and ear-grabbing vocal runs. The layered harmonies and scenic production flow seamlessly as Lili takes us on a journey of epic proportions with her commanding vocals.


BENNY OKOTO – “Santorini”


BENNY OKOTO and Newman take us to “Santorini” in this new collaboration. The production has a dark and scenic vibe and is underpinned by bravado bars with edgy lines.



Daugaard x DELERIQ x High C – “Bad Shit!” (ft. Riggz the Lord)

Producer Daugaard, Utah native DELERIQ and High C connect with Riggz the Lord for this new banger titled “Bad Shit!”. The 808-laden beat is bolstered by its rich melodic textures and eerie sound design all underpinned by hard-hitting rap performances by the emcees involved.



Sammyoffthewall x Griffin Stone – “TRAINING MONTAGE”


Sammyoffthewall and producer Griffin Stone showcase their verbal prowess draped by the “TRAINING MONTAGE”. The aptly titled track has a cinematic feel that works perfectly with the rapper’s battle-ready bars. This is the last single of the duo’s upcoming album Walls Of Stone to be released in November. 24th



Chuckfm – “I’m Fine”

Chuckfm declares his state of mind in his new single “I’m Fine”. The reflective tune sees him reflecting on his life and daily struggles as he tries to balance the art while fighting his inner demons. The lyrics are revealing, solemn and give listeners a glimpse into Chuck’s life.


Kill Szn – “U Can’t Run Can’t Hide”

Kill Szn‘s “U Can’t Run Can’t Hide” is a dark and cinematic piece that showcases his off-kilter storytelling style in all its glory. Over the scenic and ominous orchestral style production, he delivers his verse with a gruff and commanding tone and takes us deep into the mix of the action.


Daxton Aris – “Candy”

Genre-bending hip-hop artist Daxton Aris takes us deep into his world in this melancholic tune titled “Candy”. The track has a soft piano-driven backdrop and here, Daxton takes us through his experience with depression, being on medication and coping with suicidal thoughts. The lyrics are harrowing and revealing.


MadFlo Jr – “Number One”

MadFlo Jr‘s new single “Number One” is the first of seven single releases and sees him flexing his verbal biceps over the haters and detractors.


Nazzy the Mic – “Last Scar 2023″ Ft. Piigh”



Nazzy the Mic reveals her “Last Scar 2023″ , a heartfelt track that explores her life experiences and how she deals with all the pain. Over a sombre piano-laden backdrop, she gives us a glimpse into her life. Joining her is Piigh” who adds his own 2 cents to the track


410_fouronezero – “Shaq n Kobe”


410_fouronezero jumps on the “Shaq n Kobe” instrumental and gives listeners his own take. He sure gets the job done and closes it out with hard-hitting bars and an edgy charisma.


Nalij & Kantshes – “Who Knew?”


Nalij & Kantshes return with “Who Knew?”, a heartfelt love track that explores blossoming love. Over a soul-jazz soundscape made up of rich piano-riffs, heavenly horn passes and steady drum grooves, the emcees detail their experiences with love and the ups and downs that come with the feelings.


Jhyve – “Unbreakable”


Juno-nominated artist Jhyve returns with his new single “Unbreakable” which serves as the second release from his upcoming Album, WAR&PEACE. The track is the perfect anthem for cuffing season and it’s made up of sensual melodic performance laced over a jazzy horn-driven backdrop that taps into the essence of classic R&B tracks.



Moguido – “Missed Out” (feat. Shishani)

Producer/rapper Moguido teams up with Namibian/Dutch (neo)Soul singer Shishani for this heartfelt tune titled “Missed Out”. The production has a warm texture with punchy boombap drums reminiscent of J. Dilla/9th and is rich with ear grabbing melodies and candid lyrics about the effects of long-distance relationships and the fear of missing out on love. This is the newest single from Moguido’s debut album My Fantasy Infinity’dropping January 26 on Goal Music Records.


Miki Rose x Marcus Makes Beats – “Beautiful”


UK singer/songwriter Miki Rose teams up with her brother/producer Marcus Makes Beats for her newest single “Beautiful”. the track is a smooth blend of neo soul/R&B with lofi sensibilities. The warm keys, dreamy textures and crunchy drum breaks are underpinned by Miki’s rich vocal runs and sublime melodies. ” Beautiful” marks the first publicly released collaboration for Miki’s up-and-coming brother and producer.

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