The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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J(X), Adro – “Who Knew” (feat. Adro)


Producer J(X) and Adro return with “Who Knew”, a soothing and reflective tune that dwells on making dreams come true by pushing and grinding hard. The lyrics are relatable and reflective.



Sicknature – “Rewinding the Tape”.

Sicknature gets into an introspective mood with his newest single “Rewinding the Tape”. The rapper/producer crafts a thumping and cinematic soundscape for his vivid story telling as he takes us through the past and acknowledges his own mistakes and tenders an apology to right his wrongs.


LocalBlac x T.F – “Fast Money”


LocalBlac teams up with T.F for this hard-hitting collaboration titled “Fast Money”. Bolstered by the gritty and menacing backdrop made up of rich synth basslines, moody bells and strings, the emcees deliver fiery and unapologetic raps that give listebners a glimpse into their lives from the perspective of a South Central resident.

Benny Zenn x Dyl Thomas – “The Ride

Benny Zenn and Dyl Thomas take us on a retrospective journey with their new single titled “The Ride“. The track produced by Sydney producer Benny has sublime and dreamy pads and mellow keys layered over a head-nodding drum groove while Dyl details their journey through the music industry and all the events and characters that shaped them. From the highs and lows, the emcee shares it all with us and keeps it candid and honest all the way. The single is the 2nd release taken from Benny’s forthcoming production album and draws a definitive line between him and the producorial scene. 


Raiza – “Mind Trip”

UK rapper Raiza talks about some delicate issues in his new release “Mind Trip”. The solemn track digs deep into his mind as he finds his own self-therapy by using music as the solace that keeps him from going into the deep end.




SWITCH1EIGHTY‘s “All I Need” is a reflective and heartfelt track that explores his life’s journey and his dreams. The soulful soundscape is well-crafted and SWITCH1EIGHTY’s emotional performance and vivid lyricism is the icing on the cake.



Preed One x Ruste Juxx – “UNIFIED FRONTLINE” prod. by Preed One (Cuts by DJ TMB)

Preed One and Ruste Juxx present to us the”UNIFIED FRONTLINE”. The dark gritty track is bolstered by Ruste Juxx’s hard-hitting war-ready raps and excellent cuts by DJ TMB. “UNIFIED FRONTLINE” is the second single titled off their upcoming EP (Title TBA).





Saynave – “Speak the Language (Paulo and the Problems Remix)” (Remix by Paulo and the Problems)

Saynave teams up with producer Paulo and the Problems for  “Speak the Language (Paulo and the Problems Remix)”. The remix has a retro jazz/soul aesthetic and its made up of a thick bassline, lush textures and a laidback drum groove that blends perfectly with Saynave’s stylish and off-kilter raps.


Tdot iLLDude – “Steppin Again”

Tdot iLLDude returns with “Steppin Again”, an upbeat drill track that sees the rapper in his element. he employs a smooth melodic flow to share his experiences in the music game. From his live shows, controlling the crowd and seeing the effects of his music, he realizes that he has the power to set trends and shut things down.



Aztec 9 x Ohveeay – “Everyday” by Aztec 9 & Ohveeay”

Aztec 9 and Ohveeay show us what happens “Everyday” in the hood. The cinematic track has a Latin guitar sample and edgy drums underpinned by the vivid storytelling about a young kid who goes the wrong path of pushing and dealing. The track is quite rivetting as we get to see the main character’s rise and fall and it’s not pretty.



Amiccella x Mo’DIRT – “DRIP”

Canadian-Italian, female rapper Amiccella and emcee Mo’DIRT team up for “DRIP”, an anthemic track that showcases both rappers weaving hard-hitting rhymes together like silk. Backed by the cinematic textures and thumping 808-laden groove, they deliver the goods in tandem with rhymes like “We stay bout our business, money motivated/We are not acquainted, no association/ All these other bitches, highly overrated/If you say we’re not it, then you only hating/We be rocking stages, they be going crazy“. The best part of it is the undeniable chemistry between the two, from Amicella’s soft vocal tone to Mo’DIRT’s gruff flow, listeners are treated to a double dose of pure unadulterated rap.




Libretto & Vitamin D x Planet Asia – “Smokey Robinson’s Hands” ft. Planet Asia (Remix by Theory Hazit)


Libretto & Vitamin D and Planet Asia‘s  “Smokey Robinson’s Hands” gets a remix by Theory Hazit and it’s brilliant. The track has a live band-type groove and smoky soundscape made up of dreamy pads, pulsating basslines and warm Rhodes riff underpinned by Planet Asia’s distinct flow followed by solid vocal scratching and Libretto’s fiery verse. This is the first single from the full Rusty Bladez (Theory Hazit Remixes) project.

KayMatters – “Growing Pains”.


KayMatters‘ “Growing Pains” is an introspective tune about finding one’s way out of the doldrums. The track is made up of a solemn and dreamy soundscape and is underpinned by KayMatters’ laidback flow and vivid storytelling that takes listeners deep into the action. He gives listeners a true account of the struggles he faced as a young black man raised in less-than-desirable conditions and still managed to find his way out.





Kythre x Sryboy – “WORDS MEAN WAR” (feat. sryboy)


Kythre recruits Sryboy for “WORDS MEAN WAR” and sees both emcees trading bravado rap over a bouncy and playful soundscape. Nothing and no one is spared as the emcees go back and forth with their distinct and engaging flows. “WORDS MEAN WAR” is the lead single for Kythre’s upcoming album OFF THE RIP!: Redux, set to release September/October of this year.

FredoThaGawd – “Po It” ft SBLMNL, Mecca Tha Marvelous, Alan Prorock


FredoThaGawd brings the entire squad for his new release “Po It”. The dark gritty track teams him up with  SBLMNL, Mecca Tha Marvelous and Alan Prorock for a session of verbal jousting. Backed by the dark keys and thick 808-driven backdrop, the emcees deliver pure raw performances with no holds barred raps.


Antzz – “I Wish”.

Antzz‘s “I Wish” is a reflective and introspective tune that explores the rapper’s daily struggles and how sometimes it seems he doesn’t seem to catch a break. The track has a sombre and melancholic aesthetic that fits Antzz’s emotional performance and his use of vivid story telling is also a solid touch.



Horizon – “Season (Troy R Legette Cover)”


Horizon holds down the fort with his latest single “Season (Troy R Legette Cover)” which sees him in his element as he proclaims the successes ahead of him. Bolstered by an anthemic boombap soundscape, Horizon reminds us that tough times will arise but staying the course and pushing through will always make a way.



Feiertag x Noah Slee – “Keep Your Head Up”

Dutch producer Feiertag and celebrated singer/songwriter Noah Slee help switch up the energy levels of the playlist with “Keep Your Head Up”. The eclectic track is a blend of futuristic soul elements with edgy and dynamic arrangements that strays from the norm and gives listeners a refreshing take on the genre. Noah Slee sounds at home over the rich textures, lush guitar plucks and solemn pads and delivers an aspiration and uplifting performance that aims to make us go out and achieve what we need.




Shady Manila Records – “Count Your Blessings” (feat. RA MHTP, ruffIAN, Bamidele Menchu Hotep, AlexanderTheGreatest, Cam iz Dope & Francis Verges)


Shady Manila Records bring us this solid posse cut titled “Count Your Blessings” which brings together  RA MHTP, ruffIAN, Bamidele Menchu Hotep, AlexanderTheGreatest, Cam iz Dope and Francis Verges. The track was recorded during a mutual friend’s birthday and the emcees decided to close the celebratory night with a track. The result is a lyrical display from the emcees as they flow effortlessly over the sombre and laidback soundscape laid before them.




Mista Ed – “Rhyme Tight” (feat. Jay-T)


DJ / Producer Mista Ed and rapper Jay-T team up for “Rhyme Tight”, a smooth soulful track ripe with rich textures and punchy boom-bap drums. The track has a nostalgic feel with its sombre horn lines, warm textures and Jay-T’s fiery flows. he employs a plethora of cadences and switches from laidback to double-time flow that rap heads would love and appreciate.





Thalie – “Slide” (feat. Rmageddon)


Netherlands-based singer/songwriter Thalie shares her new single “Slide” featuring Rmageddon. The track has a 90s summer R&B vibe and showcases her distinct vocal tone and expressive songwriting. The production is warm and Thalie’s sublime melodic runs take precedence followed by Rmageddon’s gruff raps. This is a perfect addition to one’s feel-good playlist. “Slide” is the brand new single from Thalie’s upcoming EP titled Out of Love, dropping next month.






Mixed Meteor x Myka 9 – “Ambrosia”


Producer Mixed Meteor and veteran rapper Myka 9 team up for “Ambrosia”, an off-kilter dense tune that is ripe with expert lyricism. The production has a playful and nostalgic feel while Myka 9’s distinct baritone vocals and out-the-box flow take precedence and the result is a solid collaboration that lovers of the genre can rock to.


Showrocka x Ansolu – “First Love”


Indie rappers Showrocka and Ansolu team up for “First Love”, a gritty but heartfelt ode to their love of the hip-hop culture. Backed by Statik Selektah’s rugged and solemn backdrop, the emcees deliver a befitting tribute to hiphop as we all celebrate 50 years of the universal culture.


Jen Moon – “Outl¡er”

Uprising singer/songwriter Jen Moon makes her debut on our playlist with “Outl¡er”. The track is a solemn and reflective tune made up of moody and airy textures underpinned by Jen’s rich vocal tone and ear-gripping sultry melodies and heartfelt lyrics that dwell on self-discovery and the tumultuous journey of finding her true North as opposed to relying on others for validation.


SHOWTIME RAMON – “Steve Francis”.

After boxing his way in the form of “Lennox Lewis”, the indie rapper SHOWTIME RAMON returns to the forefront with the flashy up-tempo play style of NBA Legend “Steve Francis”. The production here is gritty and ominous and SHOWTIME RAMON doesn’t hold back for nothing.


King Naj -“Black Bentleys”

King Naj’s “Black Bentleys” is a vivid story-driven piece that showcases his knack for penning engaging rhymes. Over the moody and solemn backdrop, the emcee shows us how his immediate world works and how he has to make moves with precaution as he proceeds to make his dreams come true.


David Lyttle – “I Thought You Knew”

Multi-talented Irish producer/instrumentalist David Lyttle teams up with Detroit emcee Frank Nitt for this bar-heavy collab titled “I Thought You Knew”. Over the sombre and melancholic backdrop crafted by David, Frank Nitt proceeds with his edgy and unfiltered style of rap that cuts through the mix like a hot knife through butter.


Shailaun – “What If (Vibe Out II)”

Singer/songwriter Shailaun makes a return to our playlist with “What If (Vibe Out II)”, a relaxing and soothing track that reminds us to try to break away from our daily hustle and the never-ending woes of the world and enjoy some peaceful time with that special someone. The track is ripe with sublime and ethereal textures and underpinned by Shailaun’s uplifting lyrics and soulful performance that lingers in the ears and soul.


Good.To.Go x troy tyrer – “Peace of Mind”


Good.To.Go and producer troy tyrer team up for “Peace of Mind”, a reflective tune that aims to soothe our minds. Over the atmospheric and sublime soundscape, Good.To.Go delivers a reflective performance ripe with a wide range of rap schemes and bravado.


Cali Ave Lo x Cam’ron – “Desert Eagle”


Uprising rapper Cali Ave Lo links with Harlem’s finest Cam’ron for the punchy collaboration titled “Desert Eagle”. The duo share their respective thoughts with a touch of bravado.


Big Nate – “Remontada Freestyle”


Born and bred in Lewisham, South East London of Jamaican heritage, Big Nate has been rising up the ranks with his style of raps and his latest release “Remontada Freestyle” is another testament to his writing prowess. Over an anthemic and cinematic backdrop, he gives us a glimpse into his life and the ups and downs that come with being him in an unforgiving world.

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