Legendary emcee Ghostface Killah has joined the ranks at Mass Appeal and is working on his debut album on the label but in the interim, he delivers a blistering lead track “Scar Tissue” to remind us of his legacy as a top-tier emcee. Bolstered by the cinematic guitar-driven soundscape laced with crunchy drum breaks, GFK thrills audiences with his famous vivid lyricism and edgy storytelling that puts listeners right in the mix of the action. He leads the track on the first 2 verses leaving bloody entrails and even a couple of jewels like “Stop beefing with that nigga/you can talk to me/If you really like that, you can walk with me/You can spar with me/If you take 2 to the head by mistake, pardon me” while Nas help close it out with a smooth performance peppered with wit and intricate lines.

“Scar Tissue” is the lead single from Ghostface Killah’s forthcoming album entitled Set The Tone.


Stream “Scar Tissue” on all DSPs here.

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