Lights Out is an uprising producer who delivers a new compilation titled 30 For 30. The 16-track body of work blends a range of genres ranging from hiphop, R&B, UK drill with pop aesthetics and it’s a collaboration with 28 artists with 2 producers including Lights Out.


The first track “Trendsetter” is a punchy anthemic trap track made up of lush guitar licks and Eastern percussions. It teams up Kobana, Kidyadi, and Royal! who all come through with distinct melodic flows and a whole lot of bravado and flexing. “Carousel” starts with an electric guitar riff that builds into a dark and somewhat moody piece underpinned by Lights Out’s layered melodic runs and heartfelt lyrics that dwell on indecisions when it comes to love. He reflects on the emotional drama he is experiencing in his relationship and pours his heart on wax. Artists Laurie Thoven and Dwill are featured on “One Time”, a laidback emo-trap tune made up of sombre piano riffs and solemn textures. Dwill starts with an emotional performance as he reflects on personal loss and the hurdles he had to overcome. Laurie shares his perspective as he pays homage to those who passed away. The next track “Motions” is quite engaging and blends pop, and alternative rock with a touch of R&B. It fully showcases Lights Out’s melodic prowess and vocal range.


“Long Time” starts with a rousing guitar riff that slowly builds up into a punchy 808-laden piece underpinned by the melodic performances from  Jeet Kannake and Wen!. The artists don’t hold back and pour their hearts on wax about their feelings. Next up is “Viral Erry Week”, an anthemic trap track that features uprising rapper Lil Paid. Armed with a nonchalant and laidback drawl, Lil Paid delivers his melodic bars with much gusto and flexes on the haters. On the rock-infused “Behind The Scenes”, rapper KID K 99 steps into the podium with a distinct and stylish flow. Here, he breaks down his journey from the bottom to the top and gives us a glimpse into his life. The following track “Indigo” slows down the vibe of the project with its warm and soulful vibes and sees vocalist 360Zayy belting alluring melodic runs throughout the track.


The fun continues with the $cxni assisted“Thinking About You”, a summer-tinged track made up of melancholic guitar plucks and sombre aesthetics. $cxni shares his feelings on wax and pens an open letter to his girl. The love theme proceeds further with “Red Roses” featuring Akyran. The production has an off-beat feel while Akyran’s high-pitched vocals cut through the mix like a hot knife through butter. The lyrics are heartfelt but the chorus doesn’t quite pique my interest if I am being honest. The duo of FNO Guwop and Johansen appear on “Two Tone” and deliver laidback melody-laden auto-tuned flows with a touch of insight in their raps. Next up is “Made It Happen”, a hard-hitting drill track featuring rappers Nezzzzo and layden who deliver that edgy roadman-infused performance. Other hard-hitting tracks include the reflective “Kurt Cobain” featuring LostWrld0 and rickodukilla and the ethereal sounds of “Out Alive” which brings rickodukilla, JuggsDa1 and k1ll4ant and the result is a head nodding piece, lovers of the genre would gravitate towards. The project closes out with “Cold Nights” featuring HIBARI555, and Enxy and “Made A Way” featuring Over1oad, and DONFATHER. The former is a mid-tempo pop track made up of rich melodic runs while the latter has a mix of cinematic and moody textures and vivid storytelling from the rappers.


30 For 30 is quite an accomplishment as it was able to bring together a wide array of uprising artists who bring something different and refreshing to the scene. The production is cohesive for the most part and the range of topics are relatable and easy to dive into.




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