South Bend, Indiana-based rapper/producer/singer  Phat Phish shares his sophomore project The Struggle Sessions, a 14-track body of work that features a host of rappers ranging from Cory Gunz and uprising artists from his hometown.


“Think THEY Forgot” is a hard-hitting dark trap track that captures Phat Phish’s unapologetic demeanour and candid lyrics that dwell on his journey through the rigmaroles of this thing called life. Lines like “We getting paper ain’t the only way we handle business/I crashland and thought it was a way to save my soul/Was going manic, didn’t know I had to play my role” see him baring his thoughts for all to see. Next up is “RUN”, which starts with a haunting sample and dog barks. Here, Phat Phish raises the bar with an impassioned flow and bravado raps where he reminds us that he is not here to play and he got next.

This is followed up by “Growing Up” featuring rising artist Billy East and together they give listeners a vivid picture of their lives. No stone is left unturned and both emcees bring nothing but pure verbal intensity on this track. In “Don’t Play Wit ME”, Phat Phish employs a melodic style to deliver his message accordingly. Backed by a scenic and punchy trap backdrop, he pours his heart on wax as he basks in his glory. “Obvious” is a reflective track that explores Phat’s life and the dynamics of balancing the good and bad patches in his love life and shaky friendships. The next track “They Claim” features rapper Cameron Walker, who adds an off-kilter touch to the track in the third verse. Here Phat Phish is as unapologetic as he can get but also insightful as he shares his flaws but recognizes his strengths. Leekjaymusic appears on “SideWaze”, a mid-tempo 808-driven beat ripe with bravado raps and stylish flows.


“The Path” is a sombre guitar-driven beat underpinned by Phat’s no-holds-barred and unfiltered raps. He flexes on the detractors and reminds with lines like “distracted from my dreams,my fears they made me passionate/Why you think am here bitch, you thought it was an accident?”. “Legends” sees Phat teaming up with revered lyricist Cory Gunz for a fiery verbal assault. Other tracks include the Jae Von-assisted “Losin”  and moody “Caint Feel Nun” featuring  Letarius Prince. “Fallin” is a guitar-driven piece made up of rich textures and standard trap drums all underpinned by Phat Phish’s R-18 bars and vivid lyricism that dwell on being neck-deep in love with a toxic lady. This is followed by “WOAH!!!” featuring Touchdown Drezzy and the final track “MooD Musicc”. Both tracks showcase Phat Phish’s love for melodies and unapologetic songwriting that explores his pain and somewhat devil-may-care demeanour regardless of the craziness around him.

Overall, The Struggle Sessions is somewhat cohesive for the most part and the use of layered sounds, punchy 808-laden beats and Phat Phish’s candid and edgy raps that dive into a range of topics from love, sex, betrayal, ups and downs and the in-betweens. The overall aesthetic is distinct but doesn’t break new ground as it sticks to what he knows best.




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