The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Nomis – “Doomsday Clock”

Nomis counts down the “Doomsday Clock” in his new anthemic single. The production has a moody and punchy aesthetic that is perfect for the rapper’s gruff vocals and expressive inflections. He takes listeners on a journey that chronicles the timeline of creation, curse and covenant narrative between God and man.


Chief Takinawa – “Natalia”

Chief Takinawa sends an open letter to “Natalia” in his new record. The laidback reflective record sees Paradisx pouring his true thoughts over PS¥KON and Chief Takinawa‘s moody soundscape.






Deathirl – “SINNER”.

Deathirl shares his new release “SINNER”, a classic boom-bap-infused track that is ripe with unfiltered and off-kilter raps.




Hunter Phay – “100 Proof” (feat. Jae Skeese & FRXNZO)

Hunter Phay sets things off with “100 Proof” featuring Jae Skeese and FRXNZO. The track is a hard-hitting track that is riddled with off-kilter and unadulterated lyricism from all emcees involved.



Natalie – “Evil”.

Prolific genre-bending singer/producer Natalie takes it up a notch with her new release titled “Evil”. The dark pop-infused record showcases her unbridled vocal versatility and unfiltered songwriting. From the off-kilter arrangement, sound design and vocal layering, Natalie brings something different to the forefront



Brodie NY – “I Love You, Dada”

Brodie NY shares this heartfelt record titled “I Love You, Dada” which details his new life as a father and his relationship with his own past and how it pours into his son. Over a moody soundscape, Brodie takes the reflective route with honest and nuanced lyrics.


3than – “fuck it (i’ll be good)”

3than makes his first entry on our list with “fuck it (i’ll be good)”, an unapologetic track about scaling obstacles and getting one’s goals regardless of external forces. Over a soulful nd cinematic backdrop, the rapper flexes his lyrical muscles and also some reflective elements about his struggles.





FlexpackFACE – “Dreams Of Colorado”.


Cleveland Ohio rapper FlexpackFACE and Luv return with “Dreams Of Colorado”, an upbeat track that is made up of a video-game-type soundscape. The rapper is in his element as he drops solid bars peppered with a bravado demeanour.

Sty7er – “HOWARTS”.

UK rapper Sty7er reflects on his past life in “HOWARTS”. Bolstered by a solemn and punchy backdrop, the rapper runs down his many mistakes and past errors and how he is making amends and focusing on the more important things.




Imani Nichele – “PETA.”

Poet, rapper, singer/songwriter, & DJ Imani Nichele drops her new single “PETA.” The laidback soulful tune sees her teaming with Loud Ché who laces her with the warm backdrop that sounds like a mix of lounge/soul and chill hop. Imani is in her element and delivers a fiery performance. Her sultry mellow vocals and driving cadence takes the cake while her off-kilter lyricism adds an extra layer of style to it all.



Rashaad Lee – “What 4”.

Rashaad Lee showcases his verbal prowess in his new release titled “What 4”. The track is chilled and bouncy and we see the rapper in his element as he puts his neck on the naysayers and ties it up with a catchy hook.


A.Valley x ghostpops – “coolin”

Kansas-born, Tokyo-based rapper A.Valley and ghostpops make their entry on our playlist with “cooling”, an upbeat track that has a party vibe and is somewhat playful as well.



Otis Fonde – “For Real For Real”

Otis Fonde takes no prisoners in “For Real For Real”, a dark cinematic track that sees him flexing on his haters and the naysayers who tried to detract him from his goals.



The Hermit – “Ramen”

The Hermit takes us back in time with “Ramen”, a nostalgic jam that references 90s cartoons, pop culture and more. Over a smooth and funky backdrop, The Hermit paints a picture of his childhood in a relatable manner.



funktion_og  – “Alice in Midland” (feat. Inkline & Nerves Baddington) [funktionog remix]”

funktion_og remixes Nerves Baddington and Inkline‘s”Alice in Midland” with a punchy and engaging soundscape. The raps are vivid and intense as usual and serves as the second release of funktion_og’s remix tracks for Nerves Baddington/Inkline’s latest album, No Survivors.



Arab Matt – “8.9.10”

Arab matt delivers a solemn and melancholic tune titled “8.9.10” which sees him reflecting on his loss and pain. Over the gloomy piano-driven backdrop, he reminisces on his past and how losing someone close to him changed his life.

Zeke – “NICE”


Emerging rapper Zeke’s “NICE” is a pure showcase of rap skills and wild off-kilter lyrics. He makes use of an ominous vocal sample-laden punchy backdrop and gets busy with the wordplay and engaging rhyme scheme.

SHDW – “Feels”

East Baltimore-born rapper/singer/songwriter SHDW‘s “Feels” is a soulful and reflective tune inspired by blossoming love. Over the jazz-infused soundscape, he pours adulation on his girl and details the many events that make both of them gel and his true feelings toward her.

Lu-Tang – “Mustard Green Freestyle”

Lu-Tang is an indie rapper who caught our ears with his new effort titled “Mustard Green Freestyle”. The rapper shows us how he puts pen to paper over a soulful backdrop. His flow is weird and off-beat but it’s somewhat engaging.

Yung Dub D – “Dubbin” feat Alcn1

Hardworking rapper Yung Dub D makes another entry on our playlist with this new record titled “Dubbin” which sees him teaming with rapper Alcn1. Over a cinematic and somewhat melancholic backdrop, the rapper gets back on his business reminding naysayers that he is not resting on his oars.

Speak – “MISAWA”

Speak‘s “MISAWA” is a pure display of rap skills over thumping backdrops. The production is edgy and punchy and Speak doesn’t hold back with his unfiltered bars.

Suavé TheGent -“Fall Back”.

Haiti-born, Boston-raised rapper Suavé TheGent enters our site with this hard-hitting bravado tune titled “Fall Back”. Over the sombre and moody backdrop, he delivers a fiery performance while imploring us that being self-confident goes a long way.

Ahmen – “AIYIYO”.

Emerging rapper Ahmen has a distinct and off-kilter rap flow and in his new single “AIYIYO”, he shows us why he stands out. Backed by Alpha Centori’s cinematic and scenic soundscape, the rapper presents a relatable tale of being unpredictable as he uses his unassuming appearance to confuse those who have preconceived notions about his persona.

The Thirds – “Wings” (feat. SonnyJim)

UK hip-hop team The Thirds team up with SonnyJim for this dark and moody lyric-dense record titled “Wings”. The emcees go forth with pure lyricism over the backdrop by Mulligvn of The Thirds with cuts from DJ Citizen K.

Big Boss Vette – “Pretty Girls Walk (Remix)” ft. Coi Leray

Emerging St. Louis rapper Big Boss Vette teams up with “Players” hitmaker Coi Leray for “Pretty Girls Walk (Remix)”. The two powerhouses teamed up for this compelling remix, as Coi lit up the beat with her fierce, focused, and fiery flow in between Big Boss Vette’s commanding and catchy chorus. The break-out single is already a hit on all social media platforms like Tiktok and now with the inclusion of this remix, it’s about to hit new numbers.

ALI the GREAT – “Complexion of the Sun”


Brisbane, Australia-based Toronto-born award-winning songwriter ALI the GREAT caught our ears with his new release titled “Complexion of the Sun”. The drumless soulful piece shows him displaying pure lyricism with a distinct machine gun flow that keeps listeners locked in from start to finish.

Worms Ali x Tut Mosis – “Bird Flippin'”

“Bird Flippin'” is a boisterous bravado-laden record from rap duo Worms Ali and Tut Mosis. Backed by a rousing breakbeat and jazzy textures, the duo takes us through the wringer with graphic rhyme schemes and no-filter raps.


Drea – “candid”

Singer/songwriter/producer Drea help close out our list with “candid”. The aptly titled track is a chilled melodic tune that explores vulnerability, pure sensual feelings, and the dynamics that flow in between. Over a soothing and dreamy backdrop, Drea delivers a soul-stirring melodic performance ripe with candid lyrics. “Candid” also marks Drea’s producing debut, featuring a killer lineup of friends and guest artists — Doov, Jan3t, bryn bliska, and k8ie. “I make music I want to listen to,” she says. I’m excited to show everyone this part of my process finally.

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