This week is the 22nd annual Forest City London Music Awards Week. There are events all over the city this week to help celebrate the rich diversity of musicians that live and gig here. I wanted to do the same thing with this special 100 % local show.

All the artists played are from London, ON. Canada and the surrounding area. Some of the featured artists are from different countries and areas but EVERY track here features of was produced by a local artist.

This episode will air Thursday June 13, 2024 on 94.9 fm Radio Western. This station is operated by local volunteers, including myself. It is a campus radio station and I do my best to honor the college radio Hip Hop tradition. I spin the music I love. There are a few artists that I wanted to spin that I didn’t get to here too.

If you are a local artist and want to come on the show, my door is open. Just hit me up!

I love supporting the local Hip Hop scene. I’ve been doing it for over 12 years and 600 episodes.

Thanks for the support.

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Chase March & Traffimatics – Word is Bond
Soul Vibe Syndicate – Whose Verse Is It Anyway
Slink ft Shyst – Dangerous
Ngajuana – Yard Work
Labeled Minority – Get Up & Go
Soundminds – We Got Team
Toolshed – Irish Car Bomb
Collapsy ft King Cruff – Sumn to Do
Typo – Lay Low
Mote N Moore – Confessions of a Madman
Waffle ft Timbuktu & Divinyl – Natural Selection
Koto – Act (Another Crab’s Treasure)
Uncle Cobes – Blondie
Solo YT ft Jag.Huligan – Wavy Baby
DOC, Laura Gagnon, Big Lou – Something Better
Tdawg ft Tiffany Chantelle – Hot Gyal
Cameron James – Back 2 Basics
Eli the Prophet – De-Classified
TempoMental ft Mad Hattr & Lady Face – My Slice Of The Pie
Ngajuana – M.I.A.
Jux Cain ft Chris Jackson – Golden Eye
Governor Bolts ft A-Flex – Views
LeoTheLionz ft Ak-eh – Can’t Compare
Ursa Nova ft Manatee – Hubris
Shark ft Noah 23 & Es – Beautiful Now
Hip Hop Headucatorz ft Sadat X – Refine Your Craft
Akompliss, Tha Koala, and Myka 9 – Sky Entrance
Thesis Sahib – While Were Here
Kyle Kanevil ft Mad Hattr & O-Beast – Still Number One
Trizzy – Back With It
Typewriters – Joe Dirt
Jroberts & Imperetiv ft L-Biz & Rasheed Chappell – Better Days
Mullet N Steps – Cold Chillin
Exit Only – The Other Guy
AR Uplifting ft Spit Gemz – Plenty of Pain
Dr Dope – Ball
Derty Mac – Inside Out
HermitOfTheWoods ft Bogus – Eight Deadly Venoms
Sum-01 ft Lxvndr – Girls Step Up (Milkcrate Remix)
Arc ft MJ Ultra – Hot
Imperetiv, Dutch Brown, Whos Brillo – Dear Lord

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