“OD” is a heartfelt and insightful track that sees rapper/activist Ahmen sharing his frustrations on real-time issues ranging from unjust Supreme Court rulings, disenfranchisement and the power we masses can wield if we form a united front against the powers that be. Over a cinematic and scenic soundscape, he recruits Aaron Colverson and Nolan Koskela-Staples who help craft the perfect backdrop for him to deliver this powerful message for the masses.

The song is accompanied by an AI-generated video that captures  the modern times we live in in a seamless manner.


As an artist and activist, Ahmen’s pursuits extend beyond his music. As the CEO of Our Turn, a nonprofit organization focused on creating sustainable change for education, social, and racial justice, he has already made significant waves in the realm of activism and leadership. With Per Aspera Ad Astra, Ahmen takes yet another powerful step towards his ultimate goal of effecting positive change on a global scale.


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