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Shug – “Darkness”

Shug takes us into the “Darkness” in his newest release. The track has a soulful and contemplative feel and sees Shug reflecting on his life and the many events that make him tick.


Worms Ali x Mylo Stone x Frenic – “Electric Blue” (feat. Tom Parry)


Emcees Worms Alia, Mylo Stone, saxophonist Tom Parry and DJ Frenic team up for “Electric Blue”. The DJ Frenic produced record is a chilled jazz/soul nostalgia-inducing boom-bap record that blends insightful bars with a dash of bravado from the emcees. It’s a superb mix of feel-good sounds and engaging lyrical prowess.


iLLAH – “Ox-Tail & Brown Rice”


iLLAH cooks up some “Ox-Tail & Brown Rice” in his new single. The title pays homage to the popular Jamaican dish while the lyrics dive into the concept of patience and attention to detail regarding cooking up timeless music in the musical kitchen. Over the dark cinematic soundscape provided by Nino Lucania, iLLAH brings listeners closer to the action with his graphic rhyme schemes.



Classik – “Till The Vinyl Ends”


Toronto-based rapper Classik and French producer  Karmawin take us back in time with “Till The Vinyl Ends”, a soulful track made up of a warm and reflective backdrop. The emcee delivers a solid performance ripe with insightful and revealing raps that listeners can relate to. Released under the esteemed Vinyl Digital label, this track embodies the unity between Classik from Canada, Karmawin from France, and VinDig from Germany, united by their shared love for HipHop.



Slye – “In And Out”.


UK vocalist Slye shares his new song “In And Out” which is the second track off his Presence EP. The sombre ballad showcases his versatility and vocal range as he delivers a soul-gripping performance with lyrics that implore us to savour each moment in this thing called life and not rush it.



Belgium-born rapper MARWAN with Moroccan roots shares his life story in “WHERE U AT? The upbeat track showcases his energetic style and vivid storytelling as he takes listens for an engaging glimpse into the relationship between a father and son and how his influence made him who he is today.



DissiNotRA – “Lotus Citizen”

Multi-talented singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist DissiNotRA delivers this experimental soul/jazz-infused track titled “Lotus Citizen” on our playlist. Armed with her distinct airy vocal runs, she seamlessly floats over the atmospheric and ethereal soundscape and reminds us that despite what we may think, it’s going to be alright at the end of it all.




Moe Carter – “BoutItBoutIt 23′ Freestyle”

NC/NJ bred rapper Moe Carter showcases his lyrical prowess in his new release  “BoutItBoutIt 23′ Freestyle”. The track is made up of a moody synth and bass-heavy soundscape with sparsely arranged drums and underpinned by Moe’s fiery raps and no bolds barred lyrics which dwell on his trailblazing spirit, and are the perfect precursor to his forthcoming album.




Scott Delta x Astral Trap – Ancient Love Tomb (feat. Astral Trap)


Producer/artist/sound engineer Scott Delta teams up with Astral Trap for “Ancient Love Tomb”. The mellow sombre track is ripe with layered heartwarming samples and chilled drum grooves while the artists deliver a smooth melodic performance ripe with contemplative lyrics.



LEVEL 13 x Eff Yoo – “Gadzooks!(Em Eff Yoom)”


South Philadelphia-based producer/beatmaker LEVEL 13 links with rapper Eff Yoo for”Gadzooks!” (Em Eff Yoom)”, a lyric-dense track that is pure unadulterated lines like “They should build a statue in Dracula’s castle/ Of Eff Yoo clad in black shoes and dressed in distressed pant suits eating past due cashews“. The production is dusty, moody and drumless but perfect for Eff Yoo’s ear-grabbing rhyme schemes.



Nathan Howard – “rem cycles”.


Uprising artist Nathan Howard delivers this reflective tune titled “rem cycles”. The sombre track explores his emotions and the inner struggles with love, relationship and the dynamics of betrayal and break up.




J.x.s.h – “Can’t Get Enough”

Rapper/songwriter J.x.s.h delivers this adulation-filled track titled “Can’t Get Enough”. The R&B-infused track has a smooth soulful texture and a punchy drum groove that matches his energetic flow and vivid story telling of blossoming ove between him and this beautiful lady.



The Awesome Crew – Don’t Play Me To The Left – Remix (Remix by The Awesome Crew)”


South Carolina -based hip-hop collective The Awesome Crew share their new release “Don’t Play Me To The Left – Remix” which has a classic golden era vibe. The production is mellow groovy and engaging while the merging of styles range from insightful raps, dancehall-infused melodies and an overall engaging vibe that we all can rock with. The group members are Daddy D, Smooth D, Nasty Nard (aka Busy B) and Classy D (aka Paradigm). Daddy D is the lead rapper and co-founder of the group with his partner Smooth D. Smooth D is a natural mezzo-soprano but has a wide vocal range. He also flips the script and spits hardcore rhymes. Nasty Nard (Busy B) is the x-factor of the group.


Justwoz – “Mad PPL in danger”.


Long Island, New York-based rapper/producer Justwoz makes his entry on our playlist with “Mad PPL in danger”. The self-produced track is melancholic and soothing and his laidback flow and unhinged raps blend bravado with rela time issues and personal thoughts.

King Kaiju – “Get it How You Live”


King Kaiju deliver this relatable tune titled “Get it How You Live” on our playlist. The lyrics are insightful and dwell on the concept of seizing the day and making the best out of it before it passes by.



42 Tony x 42 Fredo – “Bleed” (feat. 42 Fredo)”.


42 Tony and 42 Fredo team up for this unfiltered track titled “Bleed”. Over the slick guitar-driven trap backdrop, both artists blend their respective styles of rap and melodic flows into the mix with much gusto and leave listeners locked in from start to finish.




STN-_- x Uncle See’J x Truth Hayes – “Dollars Make Sense”


“Dollars Make Sense” is a new collaboration from STN-_- , Uncle See’J and Truth Haye. Over an off-beat choppy sample-driven backdrop, the emcees deliver their distinct styles with much gusto with lines like “I’m self-medicated/self-motivated, self-educated, had to go back and tell myself, that myself made it“. The result is a seamless blend of bravado with a bit of insight to match.


Crudo Collective – “Only Love”.

Crudo Collective’s latest release “Only Love” is a heartfelt track that talks about the end and beginning of an era and how humans react and change accordingly albeit in a not-so-peaceful way. Backed by a smooth and soulful soundscape, the artists deliver a message of hope and love and implore us to put aside our differences to make the world a better place.



A-FRAME – “Admit It” (feat. m_boogs)

Genre-bending producer A-FRAME delivers this hard-hitting piece titled “Admit It”. The track is made up of dark textures, thick pulsating bass with distorted elements and bright ominous pads and rich arpeggios and it’s underpinned by rapper m_boogs’ gruff and distinct flows. It encourages listeners to embrace their unique qualities, take bold steps forward, and conquer any challenges that come their way. This anthem serves as a reminder that with belief in oneself, anything is possible, igniting an unquenchable fire of determination within each person who listens.






Ignite Mindz – “Neoclassicism Remix”

Ignite Mindz recruits King Mez, Donnie Vash, Imagery, Mike Live for  “Neoclassicism Remix”. Over a classic soulful sample, rich drums and textures, the emcees trade engaging rhymes filled with pop culture references, insight and bravado.


James Aris – “Never Know”


NJ rapper. Jersey City-based artist James Aris shares this solemn track titled “Never Know”. Over a melancholic piano-driven soundscape, he pours his heart on wax and shares a tale of fledgling love and the dynamics of maintaining a relationship. He is joined by vocalist Kiana Mariah who adds her own perspective to the record.



Jordan Looney – “Clockwork”


Uprising rapper Jordan Looney taps into the spirit of 90s boom-bap with his newest release “Clockwork”. The beat is dusty, soulful and nostalgic and his melody-laced flow has a bit of Domino, rascals and a touch of lady of rage.
The retro style is quite refreshing and brings back good memories of the past.


Quincy Jamal – “Bigger Things”


Atlanta-based emcee Quincy Jamal shows us that he is moving on to “Bigger Things” in his new record. Over a thick 808-laden and moody backdrop, he details his daily activities and the many steps he is taking to reach his goals.


TaReef KnockOut – “Pick A Side”

Tallahassee, FL rapper TaReef KnockOut makes his mandate known in his new single “Pick A Side”. The moody and punchy soundscape is perfect for TaReef’s unapologetic bars about his grind and how he is ready to go the extra mile to reach his goals so if you are not down for the cause, you can pick a side now or never.



Child of the Light – “Seasons”


FL-raised rapper/songwriter Child of the Light delivers his new single “Seasons” which shows us a glimpse of his life and the many events and characters who influenced him. Over the bright and upbeat backdrop, he delivers candid bars and he is joined by a vocalist who ties it up with an alluring chorus.


Juss Kev – “Cupid Spins the Block”

Juss Kev takes another chance with love as “Cupid Spins the Block”. The heartfelt track dwells on blossoming love and the swirling emotions that come with the ups and downs.


JRoberts x IM’PERETIV x Rasheed Chappell – “Better Days”

“Better Days” is a collaboration between Canadian rapper JRoberts producer IM’PERETIV and NY emcee Rasheed Chappell. The result is an anthemic track that aims to uplift listeners with its motivational themes and insightful bars.


Scribbles Who – “Waiting”


Pompano Beach, Florida-based R&B Singer/ songwriter Scribbles Who makes her entry on our playlist with “Waiting”. The mellow dreamy track has a sublime and ethereal texture and horns and is underpinned by her sultry melodic runs.


Bulletproof Soul – “The Whip” (feat. Nyyjerya)

Bulletproof Soul is a music collective consisting of producer Lofty305, vocalist/songwriter Nyyjerya, DJ Sabrina the Teenage DJ, Angela Davis, Amouranth and many more. Their new single “The Whip” is a laidback lofi/soul track that showcases Nyyjerya’s off-kilter vocal style and Lofty305’s production prowess. Together they do deliver something different and refreshing. “The Whip” is the single from the highly anticipated Grasping Things at the Root album by Bulletproof Soul.


Carly Pearl – “Alchemist”


Singer/songwriter Carly Pearl delivers this uplifting track titled “Alchemist”. Inspired by Paulo Coelho’s book of the same name Carly embodies the concept of the alchemist who can transform her current situation to match her wishes. Over the bouncy and warm backdrop, she delivers a commanding performance ripe with motivational themes that implore listeners to trust their intuition, pursue their dreams, and transform their pain into power.


Wakai & Mailk Elijah – ” ’05 Honda”


Wakai teams up with Maryland’s Mailk Elijah for ” ’05 Honda”, a sombre and reflective tune that explores both artists’ distinct trajectories and life paths. As Wakai and Malik Elijah gain momentum with their projects, they use this song as a moment to revel in what they’ve already accomplished.

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