The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Gabby Poli – “Love is Reigning”.

Singer/songwriter Gabby Poli sets the playlist on a positive and inspirational note with her new single “Love is Reigning”. The warm and inviting tune is ripe with rich textures and a punchy groove underpinned by her lilting vocals and praise-worship lyrics that sees her displaying her love for Christ and appreciating all the mercies he has bestowed on her.



QUE K wraps up 2023 with his end of the year summary in the form of this single titled “SPOTIFY 2023 WRAPPED”. The track is a medley of his favorite tracks released over the course of the years.


Que K and Moe C – “All the time”

Que K and Moe C team up for “All the time”, a hard-hitting aspirational tune that talks about the duo’s never-ending hustle. Over the cinematic backdrop, both emcees share their respective experiences for listeners to learn from.


J(X) & Nemy – “Crazy 8’s” (feat. Nemy)

J(X)‘s latest release “Crazy 8’s” is the 23rd entry in his ongoing 1stn15th series and sees him teaming up with Nemy. The track is made up of a rich and scenic punchy backdrop, both emcees take time to reflect on life, inner demons and coming to terms with their mortality.




Jayali – “What It Is”

Jayali caught our ears with his new single “What It Is”, a mid-tempo track that dives into the concept of chasing one’s goals. Bolstered by the punchy and energetic backdrop, he gives us his insight into the work it takes to achieve one’s dreams even though the obstacles are mounting.




Theblackboyjohn – “You and I” (feat. Ke’Osha Oshay)

Nigeria-born, US-based artist Theblackboyjohn makes his entry on our playlist with “You and I” featuring vocalist Ke’Osha Oshay. Over a sublime and soothing backdrop, he pours adulation on the special someone in his life. He is joined by Ke’Osha who adds a rich and soothing melodic hook to complete the job.


Ecto-84 – “Manifestation” ft. K. Burns, 153Fetty, Proph Obama & 318 Chas$e

Ecto-84 delivers “Manifestation”, a posse cut featuring rappers K. Burns, 153Fetty, Proph Obama and 318 Chas$e. Over the vocal sample-driven backdrop, the emcees deliver fiery rap performances ripe with graphic rhyme schemes and commanding flows.


201JUN x RadikalHindu – “Alderney”

201JUN and RadikalHindu team up for “Alderney”, a moody and atmospheric tune that is made up of ethereal pads and punchy trap drums. Both artists deliver a mix of melodic flows and engaging lyrics that make references to their Indian-American roots and  early 2000s video games that shaped them.




Ace G $M.i.E$ – “Griselda Flow”


Independent recording artist  Ace G $M.i.E$ pays homage to the Buffalo rap crew in his aptly titled release titled “Griselda Flow”. Backed by a scenic and moody soundscape, he delivers a graphic and vivid tale of the streets and the consequences that follow every move.




Sandmandadabanre – “thewayyourbodygroove”

Sandmandadabanre reflects on blossoming love in “thewayyourbodygroove”. The mellow tune is a sultry piece that explores the different dimensions of physical attraction and the tension between two individuals who are compatible with each other.



UNG DIVISION is a rap trio from Denmark and their new release  “FUCK MED MIG” caught our ears. The track has a thick bassline, dark synths and edgy raps from the trio.



Hottest Rapper In The Game – “Cold Case (Final)”

Que K drops “Cold Case (Final)”, a scenic and dark track that explores his journey in the game.


Rah Cashiano – “No Handouts” (feat. June B & BandBoy)

Rah Cashiano recruits June B and BandBoy for his new release “No Handouts”, a cinematic piece that is ripe with off-kilter lyrics and smooth melodic flows,



Uncle TreY – “Alone in the Lex”

Uncle TreY‘s “Alone in the Lex” is an introspective tune that centers on finding oneself by being alone but in his case, alone riding through the night in his lex. Over a moody and dark soundscape, Uncle TreY finds a perfect way to unplug from the madness by crushing off into the night.



Amiccella – “Hood Bella”


Amiccella is going for the apex with his new release “Hood Bella” which sees her embodying the spirit of the go-getter and a champion. Over a thick bassline-driven soundscape, she sends shots at the detractors and naysayers alike while reminding them that she is the queen of the crop.



SpenDoe – “Rollin Up”


SpenDoe‘s “Rollin Up” is a laidback smoky tune that centers on using the herb to relax while reflecting on his life and all the ups and downs that come with it. Over C-DUBB’s warm and moody backdrop, SpenDoe gives listeners a glimpse into his world with a bit of insight.


E3 – “She’s Gone”

Rising singer/songwriter E3 helps change the tone of the playlist with this smooth love ballad titled “She’s Gone”. With the mellow blend of rich textures, smooth keys and reggae-infused drum grooves, E3 reflects on the emotions that come with loss and the renewed energy to push on regardless.


Hefty Lefty & YungFace – “Talk About It”

Hefty Lefty and YungFace team up for “Talk About It”, a heartfelt track that centers on having the right communication within a relationship. Over a sublime and somewhat dreamy backdrop, the rappers share their thoughts on the topic and the result is an insightful piece that everyone can relate to.


Tech G – “Crossing Lanes”


Tech G is preparing for a new album but in the interim, he keeps his listeners satisfied with his slew of releases and on his new track “Crossing Lanes”, he delivers another anthemic cut. Over a cinematic and ominous backdrop, he proceeds to separate the wheat from the shaft.


Natalie Clark – “MIRACLE”


Singer/songwriter Natalie Clark delivers this aspirational and uplifting tune titled “MIRACLE” on our playlist. Bolstered by a cinematic and rich soundscape, Natalie’s vocals stand out as she effortlessly flows over the alluring backdrop and her heartfelt songwriting adds an extra emotional layer to complete the job.


Otis Fonde` – “Type”

Otis Fonde delivers something refreshing with this upbeat track titled “Type”. The beat used is edgy and vibrant and showcases the rapper in his element as he throws jabs at the fake emcees and the detractors.


Edgar – “Type Beat 3 Free”

Uprising Toronto-based rapper Edgar comes through with “Type Beat 3 Free”, a hard-hitting jam made up of thick basslines, thumping drums and a weird flute-like synth. Here, the rapper delivers a fiery and bravado-laden rap performance with vivid lyricism.


Ariel Arbisser – “On My Knees”

Rising singer/songwriter Ariel Arbisser shares with us her new single “On My Knees” which is a mid-tempo introspective piece about her experience in a toxic relationship. Over the warm and sublime jazz-infused backdrop, she delivers a soothing and alluring performance ripe with heartfelt lyrics about the blinding effects of being neck-deep in love.



Loss Cozz – “Mad House”

Uprising rapper Loss Cozz delivers another insightful piece “Mad House” which centers on the down times and how having a strong mind state got him through the madness.



UK rapper HYV‘s take on the holiday season titled “COLDEST CHRISTMAS” is a cheeky and nostalgic piece that dives into his memories. Over scenic sleighbells, rich textures and bass-driven drill drums, HYV shows us a glimpse into how special Christmas is to him.


The Lost and Found Music Group – “Unstoppable”


The Lost and Found Music Group presents to us their new song “Unstoppable”. The track is an aspirational track that talks about self-belief and how having a positive mindset that change one’s trajectory. Over the moody and cinematic backdrop, he reflects on the negative thoughts and naysayers and how he had to block out the noise to find his true core.


F.ACE – “Tired” (feat. Anton Romero)

Northwest London artist F.ACE teams up with vocalist Anton Romero for this heartfelt track titled “Tired”. Over a soulful backdrop, he talks about love, betrayal and the never-ending drama that keeps following him. Armed with his commanding flow and unfiltered songwriting, he pours his heart on wax without mincing his words.




Theblackboyjohn – “Still Me”

Texas-based Nigerian rapper/songwriter Theblackboyjohn helps close the playlist with his new song “Still Me” taken from his new EP. The laidback moody track is a reflective piece that explores the young artist’s daily struggles and how he balances life and his art.

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