The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Otis Mensah – “Tumbleweeds”

Otis Mensah opens up this week’s playlist with his new release “Tumbleweeds,” a track that sees the lyricist dwelling on life and the existential elements that come along with it. His vivid lyrics are peppered by a dynamic backdrop ripe with airy Gospel-infused vocals, somber piano riffs, and mellow punchy boom-bap drums.

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Sam R.i. – “Cardinals”

Sam R.i. reflects on his life’s journey on “Cardinals” and takes listeners deep into the crevices of his mind. Over a somber production, the rapper delivers an honest and heartfelt performance as he shares his path through adversity and struggles. The track was inspired by the Cardinal bird that he had encounters with during the global lockdown and from there he was able to draw on his past experiences and put them on wax for us to listen to.

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Verne Miller (The Dangerous Gentleman) – “A Taste of Honey”


Verne Miller (The Dangerous Gentleman) gives us “A Taste of Honey” on his new release. He makes use of a smooth soulful backdrop to deliver adulation-filled verses for the lady that caught his eye.

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NastyNile – “Telling on Myself”

NastyNile comes through this week’s playlist with his new single “Telling on Myself” a mellow heartfelt track that shares different stories of the hurdles he faced in his immediate environment and implores listeners to always keep the faith and stay true.

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B-Minus x Ras – “Crown Vic”

B-Minus and Ras team up for “Crown Vic” a chilled soulful track that is built on smooth jazzy chords and warm basslines. Ras proceeds with his distinct flow and insightful lyrical stylings that everyone can relate to.

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ethan pac – “CHAPTERS”

Emerging rapper/producer ethan pac shares his single “CHAPTERS” which sees him displaying his lyrical and production prowess. He makes use of an airy vocal sample-driven backdrop to do this. His flow is engaging and the lyrics are vivid as well.
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K-Mav – “Cold Nights”

UK emcee K-Mav pours his heart on wax as he drops his new single “Cold Nights” which dives into his life and all the hardship he had to endure. He makes use of a melancholic backdrop to paint his vivid pictures of strife and tribulations.
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IamReconcile – “Close My Eyes”

IamReconcile makes his entry on our playlist with “Close My Eyes” A somber and reflective track that sees the rapper detailing his journey from nothing to where he is now. He digs deep and finds strength in overcoming the hurdles set before him.
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G-Nerro x fredcrewneck – “Get it Right”


G-Nerro and fredcrewneck team up for this uplifting and insightful track titled “Get it Right” Both emcees deliver vivid lyrics with their unique flow and cadence that grips the ears from start to finish.

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G-LOW – “Pop” (feat. Wavy Josef)

Portland, Oregon artist G-LOW teams up with Wavy Josef for this heartfelt single “Pop.” The SL333P produced track has a somber piano-driven beat and sees the rapper reflecting on a myriad of things that affects his life. He is joined by vocalist Wavy Josef who delivers a smooth melodic performance to tie things up. It’s taken from G-LOW ‘s latest project titled Don’t Forget To Smile, entirely produced by SL333P.
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Yorel – “Maze Of My Mind”


Yorel leads us into the deepest corridors of his mind on “Maze Of My Mind.” The track has a melancholic and ominous vibe that fits Yorel’s vivid lyrical imagery as he allows listeners to literally see what goes on in his mind.

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Chvnge Up – “You Don’t Know Me”


Chvnge Up drops the new single “You Don’t Know Me” which details the rapper’s distant demeanor and self-imposed seclusion. He makes use of a moody and reflective backdrop to share his emotional challenges and personal hurdles which he is trying to overcome.


SSY x ArtJay – “Dandy”


SSY and ArtJay share visuals for the song “Dandy” a mellow heartfelt cut that blends eclectic production with insightful and vivid lyricism. The visuals were shot in South Africa.
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Gabriel Schillinger-Hyman x Turbulence x Afterthought x Kaly Jay x .Kofi – “Morning Sun”

“Morning Sun” is an insightful piece that sees instrumentalist Gabriel Schillinger-Hyman teaming up with Artists from different backgrounds. From the soothing vocals of Jamaican singer Turbulence and emerging artists from Afterthought, Kaly Jay, and Kofi from the Bay Area and Ghana. The result is a blend of jazz/soul and reggae vibes.
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Jane Handcock – “Forgive Them”

Emerging neo-soul singer Jane Handcock shares “Forgive Them” which is her second single. Armed with a commanding vocal tone and insightful lyrics, the singer delivers a motivational and uplifting message that will surely rekindle the fire in us all.


Rtxstjlee – “ONME”

Rtxstjlee drops the official video of his song “ONME,” a laidback and reflective piece. Over a soulful backdrop, the emerging rapper shares a personal tale of determination in the face of obstacles.

Never Surfed – “Can’t Fake The Cool” (Feat. DJ $crilla)

Never Surfed teams up with DJ $crilla for this rock-infused vibrant track “Can’t Fake The Cool.” A solid blend of dope lyricism, lush guitar riffs, bouncy drum grooves, and pulsating basslines.
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B1GJuice – “Lately”

Rapper and songwriter B1GJuice returns with a new single “Lately.” which sees him employing an ominous backdrop to paint vivid pictures laced with street-savvy elements and a whole lot of bravado.

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Andrew Lozano – “Monday” (feat.Ockx)

Andrew Lozano teams up with Ockx for a soulful and reflective tune titled “Monday.” It sure has a nostalgic vibe as the emcees run through several memories from their past and how they hope to keep up the friendship till the end of time.


12 Dogs – “Change!”


South African rap group 12 Dogs make their entry on our list with this insightful track titled “Change!.” Over a moody and somber backdrop, the emcees take listeners through the eyes of young men in the modern age of post-apartheid oppression in South Africa, who are clamoring for real change that will benefit the impoverished masses, not some superficial one that only goes skin deep.

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Benny Okoto closes out the list with this soulful and thought-provoking track titled “LIVE MORE THAN ONCE” which sees him reflecting on the dark times and how they shaped him. As the title suggests, he implores listeners to make the best of this thing called life because it’s not as long as you think it is.

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