The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Mattyice1990 – “Maserati”.


Mattyice1990‘s newest tune is titled “Maserati” and it is a reflective piece that talks about how arduous the road to success and a better life can be. Over the solemn piano-driven backdrop, he reflects on his journey through life and how things might not go as planned.


Que K – “Will i love again (Reason LLC)”.

Hard-working rapper Que K returns with “Will i love again (Reason LLC)”, a heartfelt record that dives into his thoughts on love, loyalty and more. Over a sublime and moody backdrop, he pontificates on if he will ever love again as he tries to balance heart matters with business matters.



FlightGawdLuxxi – “Big Luxxi”

FlightGawdLuxxi and producer beatenaunt drop “Big Luxxi”, an anthemic track that gives listeners a proper introduction to the rapper. Over the soulful soundscape devoid of drums, FLightGawdLuxxi flexes his verbal biceps and also gives us a glimpse into the things that make him tick.

Kiseme – “Always Workin”

Kiseme is “Always Workin” as he drops his new single. The aptly titled track sees the rising rapper reminding us of his never-ending grind and how focused he is on getting his just due in this unforgiving world. Over the piano-driven solemn self-produced backdrop, he talks about the hurdles he had to face and his inner pain as well.


Libretto & Vitamin D – “Black Excellence (Theory Hazit Remix)”


Libretto & Vitamin D‘s  “Black Excellence gets the Theory Hazit Remix and it’s brilliant from start to finish. The production by Theory Hazit has a warm and jazzy vibe and is underpinned by Libretto’s fiery flow and vivid tale of his first time in the federal penitentiary system. The lyrics are quite candid as he takes us from what led him to prison, and his experiences while locked up to how he changed his mindset after being released.

IM’PERETIV x L-Biz x Supa Kaliente – “Keep Buffalo a Secret”

Prolific producer IM’PERETIV recruits L-Biz and Supa Kaliente for “Keep Buffalo a Secret” which sees the rappers paying homage to their stomping grounds. Over a drumless and dynamic soundscape, we get to see what makes them tick and why Buffalo is the new talent hub for hip-hop.


Jezeb – “Wonderful Life”

Jezeb’s “Wonderful Life” is an uplifting and hopeful track that sees the rapper appreciating this thing called life. Over the dreamy jazzy soundscape, he rationalizes his mantra with positive messages and motivational quips that will surely get you up and ready for the day.



Jubbz & Lowflizzy – “Medalin Loops”


London-based rapper Jubbz and Manchester-based producer Lowflizzy caught our ears with “Medalin Loops”. The track is a solemn and reflective track made up of melancholic pads, and sad piano riffs with hushed drums that are underpinned by Jubbz’s laidback flow and vivid tales of his daily struggles growing up in the inner city where resources are limited and capped.



Cinoevil – “Convoluted”


New Jersey-based rapper Cinoevils latest release “Convoluted” is a dark and moody look into the modern life that we live in. From AI-induced algorithms to information overload on the human mainframe, the rapper takes us deep into the rabbit hole of existence.


Zay.Peace – “R2L”

Zay.Peace drops “R2L” which serves as the second single off his new album The Seed. The track’s title refers to his indomitable spirit to make something out of his life with whatever resources he has and its also a tribute to the various people who shaped him into the man that he is.



Mia Delamar – “Whatever


Rising multi-talented singer/songwriter/actress Mia Delamar  returns to our site with her new single “Whatever”. The record is a heartfelt look at what love maybe if two individuals were in sync but unfortunately things never go as planned and Mia pours her true feelings on wax as she pontificates on the good times.



Magikel x Malik Gita – “Backwoods Boogie”


US producer Magikel and South African artist Malik Gita introduce us to the “Backwoods Boogie”, a groovy and experimental sound underpinned by bravado lyrical schemes and fiery rap flows. The track is capped by an energetic and rousing chorus that aims to get listeners off their seats.




Mike Osei – “R.I.P MJangles”

Rising Rapper Mike Osei makes his entry on our site with “R.I.P MJangles”, a reflective and emotionally punchy track that digs deep into the artist’s past and self-growth through hard times. The self-produced track has a moody and solemn feel and his knack for gripping melodies is undeniable and really draws listeners in. Overall, the track is a perfect introduction to the artist with the most vivid depiction.



Phat Kat – “Revolver (U.S. Version)”.

Phat Kat continues to promote his re-release of his EP Re-Dedication To The Suckers (U.S. Version) with the single “Revolver (U.S. Version)”. The Dilla-produced track is as gritty as they come and has a dark scenic vibe that puts listeners deep in the mix of the action as Phat Kat singlehandedly dismembers the opposition.

After the re-release of “Dedication To The Suckers” produced by J Dilla 2 weeks ago on September 15th, today Detroit emcee Phat Kat also dropped the re-releases of his EPs “Re-Dedication To The Suckers”. These 2 EPs have 2 versions, U.S. and Euro. Same lyrics and track titles, just different instrumentals both produced by Agor. The EP’s were officially released in 2015.




Pawz One – “Algorithm & Blues (Maybe)”

Pawz One breaks down the “Algorithm & Blues (Maybe)” in this insightful and thought-provoking tune. Backed by a solemn bluesy vocal sample and warm guitar pads, Pawz One takes time to reflect on the questions that keep plaguing humanity. Why are we here?  How did we get here and is this all a natural algorithmic loop of human existence that we are stuck in? He doesn’t have the answers but hopefully, it triggers listeners to help look further. “Algorithm & Blues (Maybe)” is the official single of Pawz One’s upcoming 3-track EP entirely produced by Water The Plants. The EP is titled Tell Em I Was Here and is set for an October 13th release on all digital stores and a special edition vinyl. The vinyl includes an extra track featuring Masta Ace and DJ Rhettmatic and comes in a marbled yellow and purple color. Pre-Order EP (digital & Vinyl) here.



Professor Green – “Selfish Love”

Professor Green and vocalist Dream Mclean team up for “Selfish Love”, a heartfelt song that dives into love, heartbreak and the ever-changing emotions that come with it. Professor Green gets candid and honest with his raps while Dream adds that extra emotional layer with her rich melodic runs. “Selfish Love” is lifted from his brand new collaborative EP POP SHXT.


Blits – “Dobbelsteen”

Dutch rapper Blits captures the essence of boom-bap/jazz vibes with his new single “Dobbelsteen”. The track has a smooth texture, lush horns and a solid drum groove all underpinned by his gruff vocals and raps which is delivered in his native language.




Jboz – “Stars”.

San Diego, California-raised artist Jboz drops “Stars”, a heartfelt melodic track that shows that no matter how hard life gets, one can still make it through the doldrums.


Don Cody – “Great Dane”

Bay Area-based Don Cody returns with the anthemic “Great Dane” as he states his claim as the next in line in this rap game. Over the cinematic and anthemic soundscape, he delivers unapologetic bravado-bars laced with insight and viviv lyricism to complete the mission.





AyeBee – “Free My Soul” (feat. Young Rook)

Quincy, IL-based artists AyeBee and Young Rook team up for “Free My Soul”, a reflective tune that dives into daily struggles and hardships. Over a melancholic piano-drive backdrop, the duo share their respective tales of overcoming pain by being resilient and hopeful.



Damz D x Tay Jordan – “Parked Up”


Damz D and Tay Jordan help change the tone of the playlist with their latest release titled “Parked Up”. The production has a dreamy and ethereal summer vibe and sees the rappers reflecting on the good times in South London and drowning away their sorrows with the help of friends and all the good stuff in life.





Mickey DAZE – “fathersday”

Mickey DAZE‘s “fathersday” is an open letter to his 7 year old daughter and it explores the rapper’s daily struggles as a new father. Over the drumless, melancholic soundscape, Mickey details his failings and acknowledges them as he plans to do better by being there for his daughter. The track is quite heartfelt, candid and emotionally powerful.




Jaye Rsvd – “Curious Adventures”

Jaye Rsvd takes us through his “Curious Adventures”, an off-kilter tale that involves so many elements and characters and of course his nonconformist flow and style. The production has a lofi/jazz and experimental feel and fits his stylish flow.


KOTO? x Soft Eyez – “Strictly4DaTribe”

KOTO? and Soft Eyez pay homage to their team in “Strictly4DaTribe” in this new collaboration. Over Soft Eyez’s soulful and solemn backdrop made up of rich vocal samples and pads,  KOTO? takes us through his stomping grounds and show us what really occurs in the field with his vivid lyricism.


The Hood – “Run This Hood”


The Hood made up of SLM, Bouff and Tia Bank$ team up for the anthemic track “Run This Hood” taken from the new drama series Robyn Hood. The track is punchy and vibrant soundscape and serves as the perfect canvas for Canadian rappers Tia Bank$, SLM, and Bouff, who proceed to go against the authorities and fight for the voiceless in their own way.

DeeVine – “Miss GP”

Uprising DeeVine shakes up the status quo with “Miss GP”, an empowering theme that shows her feminine strength and sensuality in one breath. Over a sparse and bouncy soundscape, she goes against the grain and the male-driven system with much effrontery and finesse that you have no choice but to respect it.






Broward County, Florida-based Potter thrills us with “DEALERS LULLABY”, a reflective story-driven track that dives into the struggles and daily hurdles one must face reaching his or her goals. Over a dreamy and solemn backdrop, he delivers relatable bars with a melodic flow that passes the message with ease and draws listeners into the mix of the action. This single “Dealers Lullaby” serves as a precursor to his Debut album A SHOT IN THE DARK which releases, on October, 13th!




Page Turner – “Running A Bag Up”

Page Turner shares “Running A Bag Up” which serves as the third song from his newest album Write Your Life. The Lonely Boy produced track has an anthemic soundscape and sees Page in his element as he focuses on the important things.


Justin San Andres – “lucky”


Long Island rapper Justin San Andres delivers his new single “lucky”, a soulful and introspective tune that explores the ups and downs of life in general and being stuck in a cycle.


Otis Mensah – “That Mouth Of Rainfall” featuring Rituals of Mine


UK poet laureate Otis Mensah shares their new single “That Mouth Of Rainfall” which serves as the final single from their upcoming EP WINTERSKIN. The track has a soulful and solemn aesthetic and sees Otis’s reflection on inner desire and infatuation with materialistic gains and obsession. The track also tackles the themes of depression and its interconnectivity with the different seasons. Lines like “I’m praying the winter is long to / I’m covered in flowers / I’m covered in holes / the ghosts the money we toast / everyday we pretend that we don’t” really put it in perspective.


Pavy – Swing My Way (feat. C.Rich)”

Pavy and C.Rich team up for “Swing My Way”, a smooth R&B-infused track that is ripe with alluring textures and a soothing melodic hook. Pavy pours adulations on his girl and reassures her that he will hold her down no matter what.




Logos The Poetic – Hit Up Olympus (feat. Slumdogg)”


“Hit Up Olympus” is a storytelling track that explores Logos the Poetic‘s travels through the world alongside a certain lady whose actions are subject to change. Backed by the solemn piano riff and sparse drum groove, he is also joined by Slumdogg who adds his own 2 cents to close up the record.

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