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Sw3aTy Sam – “I’m Yours”

Sw3aTy Sam‘s “I’m Yours” is a heartfelt record that was crafted to find closure after a bad breakup. The sombre tune is ripe with soft solemn piano riffs, airy textures and Sam’s retrospective lyricism that explores his past relationship and the many events that led to its demise.





LoCeRa – “Unfamiliar” (feat. The Crushboys)

LoCeRa and The Crushboys team up for this heartfelt track  “Unfamiliar” which details the aftermath of a breakup. The R&B-infused track sees the emcee dwelling on the past and how events change the course of love and one’s emotions. The lyrics are candid and gives listeners a glimpse into his failings and shortcomings.


Otis Mensah – “bruiser bb”.


Otis Mensah delivers his new single “bruiser bb” which is the second single from his upcoming EP. Over a midtempo off-kilter jazz-infused soundscape, Otis deliver his distinct stream of consciousness style ripe with heartfelt and vivid lyricism



Joe Rez – “Fingerprints”


Joe Rez’s “Fingerprints” is a semi-autobiographical account of his upbringing and family. Over the dark and cinematic backdrop, he takes us down memory lane that covers his discovery of his father’s street activities, his own experience with drugs, friendship and loyalty all in one breath. Joe is extremely candid and holds nothing back with the lyrics on this one.




QED – “Woman Life Freedom -Jin Jiyan Azadi 2023 Version”


MiddleEast born rapper QED makes an appearance on our list with the solemn and insightful track titled “Woman Life Freedom – Jin Jiyan Azadi 2023 Version”. The reflective record tells the story of Jina Amini who was murdered under suspicious events by the Iranian police in 2022. QED gives his own perspective on the matter as well and pours adulations on the women doing their best to fight for their God-given rights.


Roman Toyi – “Hearing Colors”.

Roman Toyi links up with PeteyxKraze and jei bliss for the reflective record titled”Hearing Colors”. As the title suggests, the track aims to paint vivid pictures driven by emotions ranging from depression, personal loss and the dynamics of maintaining relationships. The production has a dreamy and ethereal vibe while the performance is pretty edgy and stylish but the icing on the cake is the lyrical scheme Roman uses to share his thoughts.




SHOWTIME RAMON – “Gameface”.


SHOWTIME RAMON has his “Gameface” on and taps into the spirit of NBA Legend Tracy Mcgrady in his newest release. Backed by Fumes The Threat‘s menacing and ominous soundscape, SHOWTIME RAMON proceeds with his distinct flow and unfiltered rap schemes that pay homes to the legendary player.



King Kaiju – “Royalty”.

Richmond, Virginia-based rapper King Kaiju shows us what true “Royalty” is in his latest release. Bolstered by a moody but punchy 808-driven trap soundscape, the emcee delivers an aspiration-laden performance reminding us that he is on the job and doesn’t care for the detractors and naysayers.


justJust – “Elbow Grease”.

justJust s “Elbow Grease” is a fun dance/pop-infused record that showcases his versatile flow and relatable songwriting. The production has a smooth texture and head-nodding groove that is underpinned by his vivid storytelling and candid demeanour that dives into his failings and resilience in n unforgiving world.


Too Dapper – “Family Business”

Too Dapper‘s “Family Business” is inspired by Kanye‘s song of the same name and sees him reflecting on his life and the many characters that appear along the way. Over the sombre guitar-driven soundscape, the rapper shares some heartfelt and relatable themes that we all can live by.






Discara – “Covered In Sin“.



Discara gives us some much-needed inspiration and spiritual rejuvenation in his latest release titled “Covered In Sin“. Backed by a sombre and ethereal soundscape, Discara talks about his own flaws and worldly ambitions which blinded him from the righteous path but after acknowledging his errors, he gets back on track with the lord and hopes listeners find something to latch unto as well.


Taizu – “Lose Some Win Some” (feat. Fruut)

Taizu and Fruut team up for “Lose Some Win Some”, a mellow insightful track that talks about fate, luck and the uncertainty of life. The production is sombre and fits the insightful lyrics by the artists as they ponder on the ups and downs of life events and what they may bring us.



DJ Unknown – “One Day” (feat. Mega Ran)

DJ Unknown and veteran alternative hiphop act Mega Ran team up for “One Day”. The moody sombre track explores the daily struggles black folks have to face in this urban jungle and the decades of oppression from slavery, the civil rights era till the modern-day injustice. This is the second single from the forthcoming album called Prisoners of Gravity.



C.A. Brown – “How it feels”


C.A. Brown delivers something refreshing for the ladies in the summer-tinged “How it Feels”. The track samples a classic R&B track and flips it into a bouncy hip-hop party tune ripe with Brown’s stylish flow and vivid story telling approach.


JT – “Know How”.

Uprising rapper JT delivers pure fiery and bravado bars in his new single “Know How”. The track has that classic boom-bap vibe with dusty keys, cinematic textures and punchy drums all underpinned by JT’s commanding vocals.




The Ground – “Time’s Fleeting”

The Ground‘s “Time’s Fleeting” is a heartfelt track that sees the artist reflecting on personal loss and the emotional pain that comes with moving on. Over the laidback vocal sample-driven backdrop, he gives us his unfiltered thoughts on the passing of his dad and the many lessons he learned from him and in turn how these experiences shaped him.



Ramon Binns x Eddie Moore – “Rest Stop”

Ramon Binns is an artist/producer and songwriter from The IE currently in KC. His latest release “Rest Stop” sees him collaborating with Eddie Moore and MNTRY. The laidback and reflective tune sees the artist reminiscing on life and their journey thus far. The lyrics are insightful and give listeners a glimpse into his life and the many events that shaped him.




Edson Sean x Range Da Messenga – “Betta Than Eva”

Edson Sean and Range Da Messenga team up for “Betta Than Eva”. The soulful tune explores self-growth and being confident in one’s true spirit. The lyrics are vivid and take listeners through his daily endeavours and his aim to leave a legacy for future generations to build upon.





Zayytee – “Panic”

El Paso, Tx-based rapper Zayytee makes his entry on our site with “Panic”, a reflective tune that gives listeners a glimpse into his recent past and the many struggles he had to face to get to this point.


Tiggz – “Where I Been”


Toronto Native, Guyanese Rapper Tiggz has established an extensive independent rap career over many decades and now he is back with a new single “Where I Been”. The track samples a classic R&B song and flips it into something new and refreshing and sees the rapper reflecting on his journey thus far.


El. Train x LOELASH x Kaisha – “Nostalgia”

Brighton-born, Manchester-based producer and DJ El Train shares his new single “Nostalgia” which sees him teaming up with LOELASH and Kaisha. The track is warm and soothing and is ripe with African percussions and grooves with alternative R&B soul aesthetics. The vocal runs are alluring and sultry too and quite engaging from start to finish.



THE REAL DIL makes an explosive entrance on our list with his new release titled “TROUBLE”. The aptly titled track is rousing and energetic and fits the rapper’s fiery performance ripe with impassioned lyricism.


Jiggy-YB – “Gang”


Nigerian Producer Jiggystopplaying teams up with Southsidesainte for this solid collaboration titled “Gang”. The production is a blend of soul and edgy soundscapes which fits Southsidesainte’s vivid lyricism and commanding vocal presence.


JT – “Eye for an Eye”

JT goes for the proverbial jugular with “Eye for an Eye”. The record has a sparse drum groove and moody texture all underpinned by JT”s impassioned flow and unapologetic raps.


JRoberts x Vega7 The Ronin x IM’PERETIV – “Sketch a Hearse” (feat. Supa Kaliente)

“Sketch a Hearse” is a posse cut that brings together rappers JRoberts, Vega7 The Ronin, Supa Kaliente and producer IM’PERETIV . Over a mellow vocal sample-driven backdrop, the emcees proceed to wreak havoc with their distinct lyrical styles.





ChaJah Hims – “K-WOM”



Kumasi Old Tafo-raised rapper ChaJah Hims makes his entry on our site with his new release “K-WOM”. The hard-hitting trap song sees the Ghanaian rapper in his element as he sets the tone for anyone who tries to derail his trajectory. Armed with his offbeat melodic flow and impassioned presence he sure gives an engaging performance on this tune.


Black Sherif – “YAYA”


Ghanaian musician Black Sherif unlocks a new chapter in his musical journey with his new single “YAYA” which comes with “Simmer Down” and serves as a double release, titled Take Care of Yourself Blacko, which comes on the heels of his critically acclaimed debut album. “YAYA” is a heartfelt track that explores Black Sherif’s rise from nothing to something and how detractors still deny him what he deserves as a young man who struggles to the top.


Trevis x WSTRN – “So I Can Sleep Sound”


London-based Singer-songwriter and producer Trevis was raised in Norway and LA and found his calling in music at an early age. His latest release “So I Can Sleep Sound” sees him teaming up with WSTRN for a superb heartfelt track. The production is punchy and engaging and the vocalists surely brought their A-game with their distinct vocal performance. “So I Sleep Sound” follows the previous cut “Company For Now” (Remix) featuring Grammy Award-winning artist Eric Bellinger and renowned British artist Angel.


Inna Meth – “Nine Times Out of Ten”


UK collective Inna Meth delivers some thought-provoking themes on their new release “Nine Times Out of Ten”. Over a drumless and soulful backdrop, the emcees take us on a psychedelic journey through a surreal landscape with weird characters and even more zany events.



Balanced Rhythm – “Wassup World”.


Balanced Rhythm brings us closer with this reflective tune titled “Wassup World”. Over a smooth funky groove and sombre vocal sample-driven backdrop, he talks about being a better person and making the world a better place with his limited time on Earth.

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