The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Kiseme – “Pocket Watchin“.

Kiseme sends out this much-needed aspiration message in his newest self-produced single titled “Pocket Watchin“. The aptly titled track is made up of crunchy drum breaks and solemn piano riffs all underpinned by Kiseme’s off-beat flow and unapologetic lyrics about haters who keep pocket-watching. In summary, he advises listeners to stay on their grind and ignore the naysayers.



Marquis Storm x M-Stacks – “Grateful”

Marquis Storm and M-Stacks team up for this reflective track titled “Grateful”. The M-stacks-produced track has a soulful guitar riff and punchy drums that sound like a retro-tinged backdrop which fits Storm’s heartfelt and conscious lyrics about appreciating the small mercies and successes he achieved in his ongoing journey.



J Mob – “Mid to the West” Ft. Twista


J Mob takes the “Mid to the West” with the help of veteran rapper Twista and both rappers deliver fiery performances over the cinematic and punchy soundscape laid before them.


Never Surfed – “Black Tie Affair” (feat. DJ $crilla)”

Never Surfed and DJ $crilla invite us to the exquisite “Black Tie Affair” where both artists deliver distinct performances that blend impassioned melodic runs and insightful raps that implore us to take our time in the midst of chaos.



FNF Kenno / tjonez [the producer.] – “Full Circle”.

FNF Kenno and tjonez [the producer.] Team up for “Full Circle”. The track has a solemn and somewhat atmospheric soundscape that is underpinned by vivid and unapologetic raps by Kenno who pours adulation on the lady who caught his heart and reassures him that he will take her further than any man could.



Wahyo – “Champions (The Anthem)”

Wahyo  raise the ante in his new release “Champions (The Anthem)” which serves as the perfect anthem for anyone on the grind and ready to chase his or her goals. The production is cinematic and rousing with its brass arrangement and thick drums that blends with Wahyo’s bravado-laden raps.


Max Vizion – “Euphoria” (feat. Von Dreaam)


Max Vizion and Von Dreaam team up for “Euphoria”, a mellow soulful track that explores their lives and the daily struggles they have to face.



The Black Buddhist – “Southend”


The Black Buddhist returns to our playlist with “Southend”, a reflective and introspective track that shows listeners a glimpse into the rapper’s life. Over the soulful soundscape, he delivers his message with a mellow, unassuming flow underpinned by encouraging lyrics that we all need to hear.






EB Rebel pours adulation on the lady who caught her eye in this new release titled “OAK CLIFF SHAWTY”. The track has a laidback and moody vibe that blends with EB’s choppy flow and vivid storytelling which takes us on the journey of blossoming love and rekindling of an old flame.


Weissy & M-Dot – “Wenn Du Mich Verstehst (remix collabo)”.

Washington, DC emcee M-Dot and Weissy team up for “Wenn Du Mich Verstehst (remix collabo)”. The track is melancholic and sombre and sees both rappers sharing their thoughts on wax. Weissy sets it off in German before switching to English and each rapper plays off each other’s styles.


Johnny Blanco – “A Guided Light”

Johnny Blanco brings us close to “A Guided Light” in this heartfelt song. The production has a bright and sunny vibe and encapsulates the essence of the ever-green feel-good concept. Johnny talks about letting things go and pushing on with no distractions.




L.O Heemz – “Algorithm” (feat. Joell Ortiz)

L.O Heemz shows us how the “Algorithm” works with the help of veteran NY lyricist  Joell Ortiz. Bolstered by the scenic and dark soundscape, both emcees proceed to wreak havoc on the mic and give us that classic hip-hop we all grew up on.






Burner Phone – “HALFWAY” (feat. Wakai, Diani, Isaac Rich & jah.)

Burner Phone‘s  “HALFWAY” sees him collaborating with Wakai, Diani, Isaac Rich and jah for a reflective and introspective track. Over the solemn and somewhat dreamy backdrop, each artist gives their own perspective on real-time issues with a lot of distinct flavor as well.




Bravado Bard – “Who Is That”.

Bravado Bard gets back on track with his latest release “Who Is That” which showcases his go-getter mindset and stylish lyrical prowess. He sure manhandles the bouncy soundscape laid before him.



Fonk Around – “Lets Git To It – Radio Edit”

U.S.-based indie music group  Fonk Around caught our ears with their latest release “Lets Git To It – Radio Edit”. The genre-bending track is quite dynamic, diverse and vibrant enough for us to share. The track serves as a summer banger that blends R&B with hip-hop stylings in a seamless manner. Buried within the catchy and melodic hook are affirmations of positivity and overall uplifting energy.

Fonk Around consists of two separate indie acts…hip-hop group Loose Cannons (LCS) and the musically diverse sounds of Blast Jam.


Mojo Barnes – “See Me Win”

Mojo Barnes and Ready Ron Beats team up for  “See Me Win”, a lyric-dense track ripe with dark ominous soundscapes and extreme display of lyrical depth.


Dynas x Jah Freedom – “Soap Opera”

The rapper/producer duo of Dynas and Jah Freedom return with “Soap Opera”. The track has a dark and cinematic aesthetic that is underpinned by Dynas’ street-savvy raps that take us deep into the madness of the real world where consequences arise from mistakes and otherwise.


Roga Raph – “So it seems”.


NY emcee Roga Raph returns with his new single “So it Seems” which showcases his lyrical and production prowess. Over the self-produced song made up of sublime and dreamy soundscapes and punchy drums, Roga delivers a vivid lyrical display that explores the intricacies of life and the many variables that sometimes hold us back from witnessing and experiencing what is true.


Mattyice1990 – “Practice”.

Mattyice1990‘s “Practice” is a heartfelt tale of blossoming love and the concept of building trust between him and his girl. Over a sombre and reflective soundscape, he takes listeners deep into the mix of the story and how he is ready to make the right moves to show her that he is true to his word.



F.ACE – “Struggle Love”


UK rapper F.ACE brings us this heartfelt track “Struggle Love” which dives into fledgling love and the cracks between him and his ex. Over the sombre piano-laden backdrop, he reminisces on how the love started and the eventual decimation by personal issues and lies. He doesn’t hold back and cuts the girl loose to keep his sanity.


Ishan – “Topback Freestyle”


Ishan is in his element in his new release “Topback Freestyle”. The track has a sombre and somewhat dreamy texture and thick drums that blend perfectly with his energetic flow and aspiration lyrics that detail his daily activities.


Yugí – “Dnd Is Off”

Rising artist Yugí makes his entry on our playlist with “Dnd Is Off”, a soulful and melancholic track that sees him sharing with us some events that shaped him as a young man. He pours his heart on wax and shares how he copes and deals with his fears and he is quite candid about it.


Mickey O’Brien – “Aquarius” (feat. Matt Saroka, Fresh Kils & DJ Versatile)


As Mickey O’Brien prepares to drop his new album, he shares his new single “Aquarius” which sees him recruiting guitarist Matt Saroka, producer Fresh Kils and DJ Versatile. The sombre backdrop serves as the perfect canvas for Mickey’s introspective songwriting that dives into the concept of life and death and why we should savour every single moment.



JRoberts x Jae Skeese – “All Or Nothing” (Produced By IM’PERETIV)


“All Or Nothing” is the newest release from JRoberts who teams up with Jae Skeese. Over the menacing soundscape provided by IM’PERETIV, the duo delivers solid performances. From the vivid lyricism and commanding flows, listeners will surely enjoy their lyrical prowess to the fullest.


SR Will – “Brightside”.


SR Will bring us close to the “Brightside” which is an anthemic and aspirational track that sees the rapper in his element. Over a bright piano-driven backdrop with punchy drums, SR Will delivers a fiery performance ripe with a go-getter mentality and strong faith to overcome all obstacles.




Rising Nigerian singer OXLADE brings on British rap royalty Dave for his newest single entitled “INTOXYCATED” . The lovelorn ballad explores the emotions of a man who is caught up in a pickle where love is not reciprocated and the hurt is unbearable. Over the lush textures and smooth guitar-laden backdrop provided by Deeyasso, Spax, and songwriting from The Kazes, OXLADE pours his heart on wax. Dave comes through with a brilliant verse as well.

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