The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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maderanged – “shawshank”

Multi-talented artist/rapper/songwriter maderanged help open up this week’s list with “shawshank”. The track has a dreamy and atmospheric vibe that forms the perfect backdrop for his aspiration lyrics that also dive into childhood dreams and how life will try to beat us down but we just have to keep our heads up and stay strong through the madness.




Kil Ripkin x Jah Freedom – “In Search Of (Wanderlust Mix)”

Rap/producer duo Kil Ripkin and Jah Freedom drop “In Search Of (Wanderlust Mix)” which is the revamp of their previously released single. The production here has an anthemic and punchy vibe and captures Kil’s vivid and thoughtful rhymes.



James Gardin – “Rhythm”.

James Gardin has found his “Rhythm” as he drops his latest single. The track continues James’ slew of releases that see him adopting different musical styles into his repertoire. On this track, he employs soothing melodic runs with his raps but the insightful side of him still shines through.


Crazy Peppsta x Dave East – “Street Life”


Rising rapper Crazy Peppsta teams up with NY emcee Dave East for “Street Life”. The track has a scenic and gloomy vibe and sees both emcees reflecting on the dynamics of street life and the life-changing experiences that shaped them.


Raelle – “Stolen”.

Raelle teams up with Collard, S. Fidelity and Gabiga for “Stolen”, a jazz-soul piece that explores the feelings of fleeting love and how it slowly steals our humanity. The production is rich and lively with it’s pulsating bass-driven grooves, warm chords and slick guitar plucks underpinned by sultry and infectious melodic runs.



BSK – “Butterfly”.

Rising British rapper and visionary artist, BSK shares the title track of his new EP titled “Butterfly”. The soulful track runs through the timeline of a relationship from how it blossomed to its demise. The backdrop has vocal snippets of his ex and a warm backdrop where BSK takes us through the ups and downs of life.



Kil Rikin x Jah Freedom – “In Search Of”

Kil Rikin and Jah Freedom team up for “In Search Of”, a piece that explores the never-ending search for truth and inner peace. Backed by the dark scenic backdrop, he talks about the black experience with a touch of spirituality.




CJFOCU$21 – “Reroute”

CJFOCU$21 is ready to “Reroute” in this new summer jam. Over a rich synth-driven backdrop with bouncy drums, he basks in the warmth of the sun as he enjoys the fruits of his labour.



Arlo Maverick x Dirt Gritie – “On Me”


Arlo Maverick and Dirt Gritie team up for  “On Me”, a heartfelt and profound tune that explores the ups and downs of life and how the system has pitted kinfolk against kinfolk. Over the sombre and reflective backdrop, he talks about the lack of generational wealth, trust issues the splintered dating situation amongst black people and other topics affecting us. This is quite reflective and candid.



KJ(!) -“Signature”

KJ(!) delivers his “Signature” on our playlist and it’s quite engaging and different from his past works. The track has a four-to-the-floor drum groove and warm deep house elements all underpinned by his fiery and energetic flows.





Soulful Playground x Moka Only – “White Castle Nights”


Soulful Playground and Moka Only return with their new single “White Castle Nights”, a smooth and rich track with layered soulful samples and thick drums. Moka Only once again show us why he is revered as he peppers the scenic backdrop with his signature off-kilter rhyme schemes




Otis Mensah – “Closer”


Otis Mensah‘s newest release “Closer” sees him teaming up with Jackie Moonbather for an introspective piece that digs deep into the complex tapestry of life. Over the warm and rich chords and soft drum grooves, he skids effortlessly with his poetic lines and relatable themes that everyone can tap into. “Closer” is lifted from Otis’ new EP WINTERSKIN.




XIIITH Disciple – “GLORY FREESTYLE” (feat. G.I.L)

Gospel artist XIIITH Disciple makes his entry with this uplifting and anthemic tune titled “GLORY FREESTYLE”. Backed by a classic vocal sample and punchy drum groove he teams up with G.I.L and together they proclaim their faith and reassure listeners that they are here to stay and shed the light to save lives and bring the message to those who need to hear it.





Sorce Manifesto – “Still”

Sorce Manifesto‘s latest release “Still” is the intro to his newest 4 track EP Still Waters Run Deep, and sets the tone with its reflective and introspective theme.




K.I.R.B. – “Hype Machine”

California-based rapper K.I.R.B. shares his candid thoughts regarding the modern-day “Hype Machine” and the way the music industry has been skewed to favour the talentless while the talented few get blindsided. Over the soulful backdrop, he delivers a scathing look at the situation.




SSNA – “Shambles”



NYC-based singer/songwriter SSNA makes her entry on our site with her latest release titled “Shambles”, a mellow love ballad that details the emotions of a lovelorn woman going through the emotions. The track is bolstered by a rich guitar riff, lush textures and smooth drum groove.

DẸMI x Doni-B – “Ravens” (feat. Adrian Marxis & Doni-B)

DẸMI and Doni-B team up with Adrian Marxis for their new single titled “Ravens”. The record is a seamless blend of motivational and feel-good lyrics layered over punchy drum grooves and solemn pads. The lyricists also push the envelope with their distinct and nonconforming cadences.



Team Demo – “Camera Flash” (feat. Illa Ghee, Wais P, Method Man)

Team Demo is currently working on their new album  It’s a Demo, and to continue the campaign they released the single “Camera Flash” featuring veteran emcee Illa Ghee, Wais P, and the one and only Method Man. The result is a fiery and hard-hitting track made up of cinematic soundscape and edgy, off-kilter lyrics from everyone involved. Their snarling raps are an ideal pairing with the riot-causing instrumental, and you can hear it for yourself now.

It’s a Demo, and is now available now for pre-order on vinyl as well as through all major digital retailers. The 10-track LP is set for a Dec. 15th release date in partnership between Every Hood Records and Team Demo Music, with distribution by Fat Beats.




G-SALIH – “what’s about to happen?”

G-SALIH shows us “what’s about to happen?” in his latest effort. Backed by a soulful and sublime backdrop, he delivers with an impassioned flow and insightful lyrics that dwell on his current experiences and what the next steps he is about to take.

The track is a one-off release as G-SALIH continues to put the finishing touches on his EP!!


ColourTelly – “What Would I Do?”

ColourTelly is a South London electronic duo comprised of Evie Cunningham and Ollie Chubb who blend different musical styles together. Their latest release is titled “What Would I Do?” and is a heartfelt and somewhat edgy piece that explores the core essence of true love and being in the company of that special someone. The duo are working on the final touches for an upcoming EP release in early 2024.



Slick Da Sniper – “What I Do”

NY emcee Slick Da Sniper gets down and dirty over Freeway‘s “What I Do” and makes mincemeat with his fiery raps and vivid lyrical schemes that bring listeners close to the action.




Aasher – “betray me.”


DC-based Charlotte native Aasher’s “Betray Me” is a heartfelt and unapologetic look at betrayal and the anger that comes with it. Over the experimental and edgy soundscape, he delivers an impassioned performance ripe with edgy and unfiltered raps. He really pours his emotions on wax and clears out any doubts as he uses the music to fully express his feelings.




Biyi – “S.B.M.A”.


London-based artist Biyi caught our attention with his latest release “S.B.M.A”, an insightful piece that explores the ups and downs of life and its unpredictability. Over a rousing and punchy soundscape, Biyi digs deep into his experiences regarding loyalty, love and the craziness that comes with everything.



AC Smoove – “Couldn’t Be That Way”.

AC Smoove‘s latest single “Couldn’t Be That Way” is an engaging piece that discusses his experience with the wrong women and how they tried to push his boundaries. Over a soulful soundscape, he breaks down the situation and how he had to avoid being disrespected.



Odeal – “Fine By Myself”


Singer, songwriter, and producer Odeal drops his new single “Fine By Myself” as he prepares to release his forthcoming project Thoughts I’ve Never Said. The guitar-driven track is as sombre as they come and dives into being stuck in a toxic relationship and realizing that one is better off by himself.




Lil Barns – “Concentrate”

Uprising artist Lil Barns makes his entry on our site with “Concentrate”, a heartfelt track that explores his life and his tumultuous past and slow comeuppance.


Mark Drew x FlygerWoods – “Smile” (feat. FlygerWoods)

Houston, TX-based rapper/producer Mark Drew recruits FlygerWoods for this aspirational and introspective tune titled “Smile”. The track dives into the daily struggles indie artists face as they try to balance life, creativity and never-ending pressures to reach the apex of their dreams.


Masilisk – “Catalyst”

Rising rapper Masilisk finds solace in being the”Catalyst” in his latest release. The track was conceived during his late father’s wake and sees him pouring out his emotions as he tries to come to terms with his pain. The production has a dark and ominous vibe and punchy drums and an emotional vocal performance as well.



Potter – “Take It All Away” (feat. Rahiem Supreme)

Potter and Rahiem Supreme team up for the reflective track titled “Take It All Away”, a rich and punchy track ripe with edgy boom-bap elements and insightful bars that listeners can relate to.




Omar Awbu – “RE:Volution”



Omar Awbu‘s “RE:Volution” goes back to the fundamentals as the multi-national acts tap into Palestinian heritage and a soundtrack to the struggles against oppression that connect us globally. Over the rousing and vocal-sample driven backdrop, he shows us how he would break the chain with a voice that calls for justice and peace.




Moonchild – “Back To Me (Acoustic)”

LA-based artists Amber NavranAndris Mattson, and Max Bryk aka Moonchild share their new single “Back To Me (Acoustic)”. The track is a soulful piece ripe with rich vocal runs and lively guitar riffs with soft grooves to boot.

Instant Classic ft Purpose – “Trouble”

Adelaide, South Australia-based South African rapper Instant Classic teams up with Australian act Purpose for this upbeat track titled “Trouble”. The track is a vibrant piece that is bolstered by a thumping soundscape and underpinned by the duo’s energetic flows and no-holds-barred rap schemes. It’s a perfect way to close this week’s playlist.


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