Uprising NYC emcee Mic Nickels recruits the legendary Method Man for his anthemic track “El Matador” which pairs the two over a cinematic soundscape. As the title suggests, the duo pack up their verbal ammo to go out for verbal warfare in this concrete jungle and they are not holding back. Method Man leads the charge with his distinct and recognizable flow followed by Mic’s laidback cadence. Their styles are complementary, their flows are impeccable, and their belief in the power of hip-hop is total.

The accompanying animated visuals bring the duo together for an adventure of epic proportions as they go against minions from the dark side of the urban jungle.

“El Matador” is one of the many highlights of Bars for Days, an album that establishes Mic Nickels as a formidable solo artist, a rap traditionalist, and an autobiographical storyteller with few peers anywhere in the music industry. It’s a culmination of the work he did with Nickel and Dime Ops, the fiery jazz-rap project that Mic Nickels has taken around the world. He’s been on bills with Jeru the Damaja, The Alkoholiks, Pitbull, and Vast Aire from Cannibal Ox, to name a few, and collaborated with Jean Baylor from Zhané, Ian Hendrickson-Smith of The Roots, Rockness Monsta, Rah Digga, Timbo King, Kurious, and many others. Nickels writes about his unique artistic journey in Bars for Days, a candid memoir that shares more with his most recent album than a title. It’s a pure expression of dedication, perseverance, and the love of music.

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