Vancouver-based multi-faceted production duo Potatohead People (made up of Nick Wisdom and AstroLogical) are currently working on their new album Eat Your Heart Out but in the interim, they set things off with the lead single “Last Nite”. The jazzy-soul track sees the duo teaming up with the legendary emcee Redman who peppers the track with his humor-filled, energetic flow. The track is capped by a smooth melodic chorus that eases audiences into the groove alongside Redman’s expressive lyricism that centers on time well spent with a special one.

Eat Your Heart Out is the duo’s 4th album and it serves as their long-awaited return to Bastard Jazz. The album finds the duo further stepping out from the shadow of the boards and stepping into the spotlight as vocalists, songwriters, players and musicians standing strong in their respect. Eat Your Heart Out is, ultimately, an album about our most connected human emotion, the subject of one of the songs written and eons of songs to be written: love & the ways it comes into play in our lives. Loving something unattainable, our initial infatuation often confused with love, longing for something that is no more, finding new partners, missing our partners, being in two different places in a relationship, feeling the stability that love gives, etc… It’s deeply woven into the musical motif of the album and throughout the lyrics of every track.


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