Multi-faceted artist Jason Ivy got his start in the South Side of Chicago as a singer/songwriter, actor and filmmaker. Beyond that, he has an impressive academic background that includes Cognitive Neuroscience and Linguistics from the University of Pennsylvania. From being named the artist to watch in 2023 by What’s the Word TV and winning the John Lennon Songwriting Contest as a finalist for RnB,  it seems there is nothing this talented young man cannot do at this point.

Now he returns with a brand new single “Crush”, a rousing and soul-stirring track ripe with gripping airy textures and enthralling melodies. The Buddafly Wolf-produced track sees Jason trying to rectify an almost unsalvageable situation. Lines like “Don’t you tell me that there’s nothing there for me/If I hopped over the pond to your city/Don’t you tell me that we couldn’t make it work/Instead of dreaming on and on ’bout what we could be” dig deep into the issue and gives audiences a glimpse into his emotional trauma.


Jason Ivy is currently working on his debut album Divided. The project boasts features from several national and international artists, and it will be followed by a series of events and a feature-length documentary film.

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