Independent recording artist Adrian Borges a.k.a. Ace G a.k.a. Aceito is back with his latest project entitled Aceito’s Way, a 5 track body of work that will become a series of EPs shortly. The first instalment is a collection of hard-hitting beats with edgy story-filled bars from the emcee. 


The “Intro” helps set the tone with its cinematic and hard-hitting backdrops that serve as the foundation for Ace G’s impassioned flow and engaging lyricism. He takes us back to the start and his tribulations that helped shape him into the man that he is today. This is followed by “Facts”, another edgy scenic beat that flips a classic sample that real hip-hop heads will recognize, Ace goes forth with much gusto and gives us a glimpse into his rough upbringing and the never-ending life-changing experiences. Next is “Session”, a dark moody track that is reminiscent of Griselda-records type songs where Ace drops us in the mix of the action with his engaging storytelling about the streets, the numerous plugs and characters who move through the concrete jungle-like apex predators trying to corner their prey while avoiding other predators. “Jeezy Flow” is an homage to the legendary Young Jeezy and also a tale about inner strength and being focused on the things that matter. The final track “Realest I Ever Wrote” and a perfect closer as it exudes pure cinematic and urgency and brings Ace G full circle with his street-savvy lyricism and impassioned flow.


Overall, Aceito’s Way is purely a showcase of what is to come and its brevity might urge listeners to yearn for more.




Stream Aceito’s Way on all DSPs here.


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