We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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ponders – “atmospheres”

ponders kicks off the list with “atmospheres”, a chilled lofi beat that exudes pure sadness with every fiber. The atmospheric strings, airy vocal samples and sparse arrangement all gem perfectly.



Anthony Menzia – “Fell Apart”

Anthony Menzia switches the energy levels with his new release “Fell Apart”. The beat has an off-kilter drum arrangement and layered moody textures made up of solemn and ominous synths and wobbly basslines.


ParadoxMM – “Emerald”

ParadoxMM‘s “Emerald” is as cinematic as they come as it is packed with an ominous texture made up of dark synths, thick somber bell-like arpeggio, and a solid drum groove to match.




Syndrome – “Poetic”

Canadian producer Syndrome caught our ears with his newest effort titled “Poetic”. A smooth jazz-infused jam ripe with lush textures, somber strings, and sparkling piano progressions layered over a punchy drum break.


Brainiac [The Archive] – “[can’t]CRY_rock:with_me”

As Brainiac [The Archive] prepares to drop his new untitled project he delivers “[can’t]CRY_rock:with_me” in the meantime. The record is a mid-tempo, moody piece laced with bouncy drums and jazzy textures as well.



Oversteer – “Outta Here”

Australian producer Oversteer makes his entry on our site with “Outta Here”. A cinematic and urgent-sounding track that is perfect for storytelling raps.


DaMarcus VanBuren – “Say”

DaMarcus VanBuren goes for something different in his new release “Say”. From soft tones, dreamy ethereal textures and  mellow grooves, he delivers a blend of experimental lofi hip-hop to our doorstep.





J.Rocc – “Go!”


J.Rocc shares their new single “Go!”, a bouncy dance-infused experimental tune. Bolstered y a steady bassline, cinematic strings and a plethora of vocal snippets over the 4-the-floor drums, JRocc shows how versatile he can be as he delivers something refreshing and new. “Go!” is taken from J.Rocc’s full-length album A Wonderful Letter on Stones Throw.




ParadoxMM – “Sapphire”


ParadoxMM hit us with the moody and dark beat titled “Sapphire”. It has a sublime feel and the drums are soft which gives it a mellow groove that slowly moves into slightly different vibes as it progresses.
“Sapphire” is a track from his latest EP GEMS.



Will G – “Yurrr”


Will G drops this hard-hitting beat “Yurrr” on our list. The beat has a rousing drum groove, rapid percussions, and cinematic orchestral stabs and synths to boot. It’s pretty solid and perfect for your exercise playlist



Panich – “Contact”


Panich‘s “Contact” s a soulful and heartfelt tune made up of somber guitar riffs, smooth violins, and soft drum grooves.





J Ravage – “Who Cares”


J Ravage‘s breakthrough with “Who Cares” is ripe with moody soundscape, heavy 808 basslines, and crunchy trap drums.




Rhythm Representative – “Crystalline Run”


Rhythm Representative delivers a sublime piece titled “Crystalline Run”. The track is groovy and has a soulful texture made up of low Rhodes riffs and airy atmospheric synths. He even throws in a smooth vocal sample into the mix.




FallStep – “Uneasy”



UK producer FallStep blends that good old jazz with hip-hop in his new release titled “Uneasy”. The smooth joint is built on bouncy drums, lush horns, and layered soulful textures. This is FallStep’s second release.





Sherlock Bones – “Have Everything”


UK producer Sherlock Bones closes out the list with his new release “Have Everything”. An eclectic beat that is dynamic, moody, and somewhat expansive. The sparse crunchy drums help solidify the layered organs, ominous textures, and dark strings giving an overall somber feel.

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