We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Groove. – “The Classics”

Groove. and Brunch Collect team up for “The Classics”, an aptly titled track that ushers us into the new year with it’s joyful and sublime tetxures.


Feltip – “Nite Rida”

Producer Feltip embodies the spirit of the “Nite Rida” in his latest effort. The production is a blend of boom-bap drums with wobbling bass synths, dark strings with obscure vocal samples and scenic pads to match.




FalafelBabaganush – “Carousel”

FalafelBabaganush takes us on his “Carousel”, a dark and somewhat haunting piece ripe with layered vocal samples, pulsating bass synths and sombre keys.



Trainsleeper – “Heavy Snow”.

Trainsleeper helps close out the year with the aptly titled “Heavy Snow”. He flips a retro jazz standard with dusty vinyl sounds, horns, snapping drum breaks and obscure vocal samples.


Soufend Music – “L0v3”.

Soufend Music drops “L0v3” on ur playlist. he flips a classic soul sample and brings us into his world with a cinematic and scenic approach.



Zeke Powers – “reel time”

Zeke Powers‘ “reel time” is a blissful and relaxing piece that is made up of warm and sublime textures and soft drums that come together like white on rice.




Alpech – “A u t u m n V i b e s”.

Alpech taps into the warm spirit emanating from  “A u t u m n V i b e s”. The track is made up of lush guitar plucks, soft pads and pulsating drum grooves.




dariusrwalker – “ends and ends”.

dariusrwalker taps into our emotions with his latest effort titled “ends and ends”. From the choral synths, lush riffs and hushed drums, listeners are drawn into a place of bliss and relaxation.





Hoatsin – “November”

Hoatsin returns to our playlist with “November”, an ethereal piece ripe with soothing pads and soft strings that elicit nostalgic feelings.






Jey Co – “Friendship”.

Jey Co and StreamLand team up to deliver this heartfelt track titled “Friendship”. The guitar-driven piece is as sublime and lush as the summer day and it’s soothing from start to finish.




muukko – “Valley Of Happiness”

muukko‘s “Valley Of Happiness” is an aptly titled track that is much needed in the winter. It has the relaxing feel of a rainy summer day and it’s rich piano riffs and pads all come together to give listeners a blissful feeling all through.




hush puppet – “princess mononoke (Joe Hisaishi Cover)”

hush puppet gives his rendition of “princess mononoke (Joe Hisaishi Cover)” where he uses soft piano riffs and dreamy textures that draw listeners into a warm embrace.




Flapjaques – “Train To The Suburbs”

Flapjaques take us on a “Train To The Suburbs” in this mellow and relaxing tune. The production has a sombre and somewhat nostalgic vibe.




Billa Qause & Mindeliq – “Urban Oasis”

“Urban Oasis” is a collaborative beat made by Billa Qause and Mindeliq who blend neo-soul with lofi-jazz aesthetics. The production is sublime, smooth and groovy as well.




Goson x So Lo – Radiant Mornings”


Goson and So Lo crafted a joyful and bright piece titled “Radiant Mornings” which was perfect for our playlist. The bright keys, comforting pads and soft drums all blend like white on rice.



Teru Okada – “A Soundless Night in Winter”


Japanese producer Teru Okada delivers “A Soundless Night in Winter”, a dark and moody piece that blends Classical Choir, Sonata, and hip-hop. The sound arrangement is layered, and cinematic and uses sleighbells and choral vocals with sparse drum grooves to create an off-kilter and nostalgic feel.

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