We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Time Rock Beats – “Street People’s World”

Time Rock Beats takes us deep into the “Street People’s World” with his new hard-hitting release. Using Prodigy from Mobb Deep‘s vocals in the chorus as a focal point, the producer crafts a highly infectious beat with edgy and cinematic elements that keep listeners locked in from start to finish.


gosnote – “Hop, Skip, Jump”

Finnish producer gosnote got our heads bopping with “Hop, Skip, Jump”. His latest release is a smooth soulful choppy lofi piece peppered with sublime keys, lush synth plucks and a punchy drum groove to match.


Sensei Lo -“The Journey “


UK-based Afro-electronic DJ/producer Sensei Lo sets the stage with her new tune titled “The Journey “. The track is a sublime and soul-stirring piece ripe with emotionally heavy strings, pulsating basslines and throbbing 4-to-the-floor drum grooves underpinned by rich synth leads and warm plucks that draw listeners deep into the action.



Mindless Meditation x HariboY – “Sunday Sundown”



Mindless Meditation and HariboY join forces to bring us “Sunday Sundown”, a warm blissful track ripe with smooth keys, soulful horn passes and rich pulsating bass-driven grooves with summer-tinged textures to boot.



88FULLY – “Headlock”.

Producer 88FULLY delivers this hard-hitting drill track titled “Headlock” and it sure lives up to its title with its rich and punchy aesthetic.


Gerold Kukulenz Chillin’ Beats – “Soft Breath”.



Gerold Kukulenz Chillin’ Beats makes his debut appearance on our playlist with “Soft Breath”. The track is a warm and calming piece made up of haunting pads and strings and warm plucks over soft drums.


Sachiho – “Mount Fuji”

Sachiho takes us to the apex with “Mount Fuji”, a sublime atmospheric piece with rich keys, punchy drum grooves and warm textures to match.

Sumerian x Lola – “we’ll meet again”

Sumerian and Lola drop “we’ll meet again” on our playlist with much enthusiasm. The blend of modern jazz vibes with lofi qualities and a touch of hiphop all come together perfectly.



Lofi Milk – “Dreamscape”

Lofi Milk‘s “Dreamscape” live sup to its title and listeners can easily submerge themselves in the heavenly vibes emanating from it.






KJM x The Yellow One – “Solace”.

KJM and The Yellow One show us true “Solace” on wax with this alluring piece. The blend of melancholy and reflective elements is brilliant and seamless.



Amoona – “Ma Petite Danseuse”.

Amoona pays tribute to that special someone he calls “Ma Petite Danseuse”. using French vocal samples to drive own the point, the track has a love-inspired feel with its bright keys, playful arrangement and smooth grooves.




Lola x driift – “head down”.

Lola and driift bring us an aspirational and uplifting piece titled “head down”. The track is atmospheric and uses a lot of sparse arrangement techniques to create a void-like feeling and ultimately draws out the listeners’ true feelings.


sky spirits – “A Simple Life”

sky spirits shows us what “A Simple Life” feels like with this sublime and ethereal piece. Backed by warm pads, soft guitar riffs and hushed drums, the producer sure hits us with an emotive piece that we all can rock with.


smplsmth – “On My Way”.

smplsmth delivers this lovelorn beat titled “On My Way” to our ear shot. The sad and solemn vibes are tempered with sounds of nature and a forlorn aesthetic that touches the heart.


RE:UM – “Rooftops in the Parisian Rain”

RE:UM‘s “Rooftops in the Parisian Rain” is a blend of chill-hop, classical music and jazz. The way the instruments play off each other is sublime and seamless.


nead x StanSmithOnDaTrack – “Polar”.

nead and StanSmithOnDaTrack join forces for “Polar”, a reflective and solemn beat made up of airy guitar plucks, a solemn string arrangement and soft drums. The beat is so soothing and relaxing from start to finish.





Thomas Tempest – “for Y.”

Thomas Tempest drops a soothing beat titled “for Y.” It’s a blissful piece made up of bright textures, lush keys and an overall calming aesthetic.




Other Ale – “Don’t Go”.

Other Ale drops “Don’t Go”, an off beat hard-hitting track made up of sloppy drum grooves with choppy sampling and dreamy textures to boot.

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