We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Jaybkird Locsta – “Ethereum”

Jaybkird Locsta helps open up the list with “Ethereum”, a hybrid track that blends pop and element aesthetics in a distinct manner. From the dark cinematic synths, choral and airy vocal synths and crunchy drums, Locsta delivers something new and refreshing to the forefront.



DaMarcus VanBuren – “Ease”

DaMarcus VanBuren delivers this sombre piece titled “Ease”  to our notice. The track is made up of punchy boom-bap drum grooves and solemn piano riffs that all come together like twins.





McDead – “Eye”


London-born, Melbourne, Australia-based musician/archaeologist McDead makes his entry on our site with “Eye”. The eclectic piece is as cinematic and energetic as they come. The guitar riffs are enveloping and the layered soundscape progresses into a crescendo with rousing drum groove changes and edgy guitar arrangements.


Matt Wilde – “Pippin’s Dream”

UK producer Matt Wilde gives us this smooth jazzy jam titled “Pippin’s Dream” which is perfect for one’s summer playlist. The progressive jazz chords, sublime keys and head-nodding boom-bap drum grooves all come together like white on rice.



smplsmth x Cosmic Koala – “Not Long Ago”

smplsmth , elysian and Cosmic Koala team up for “Not Long Ago”, a sobering and reflective track made up of rich guitar plucks, and solemn pads with soft drum grooves to boot. The use of subtle soulful sound design also makes it distinct and enggaing.






Tyler.l – “Love Till The End”

Tyler.l and Roadetrix team up for “Love Till The End” which lives up to its title. The beat is made up of rich layered textures and sombre keys that exude solemn and relaxing vibes.


Pinnacle of Joy – “Shopping Cart Showers”


Pinnacle of Joy takes us on a blissful journey with “Shopping Cart Showers”. The nostalgic and playful sounds are made up of rich textures, mellow soulful pads and layered bell-synths which all add up to soul-gripping piece.




NNIK – “independent”

German producer NNIK drops this brilliant lofi/soul jam titled “independent” on our playlist. This has the quintessential aesthetic that is soothing and relaxing from top to bottom.



Raccoon with a Groovebox – “Night Never Ends”

Raccoon with a Groovebox brings us a heartfelt and relaxing vibe with this new release “Night Never Ends”. The soft keys and spacey pads and grooves all work together with the rich guitar riffs.




Chers – “Lake Chill”.

Chers, Debbyh and Atlantic Chill take us to “Lake Chill” in this brilliant piece. From the ethereal and atmospheric pads and synths and soft keys with hushed drums, the overall vibe sure is engaging from start to finish.



oxinym – “Sierra”.

oxinym makes his entry on our site with “Sierra”, a sombre and moody piece that is somewhat relaxing and perfect to unwind to.




Jye Dye x Sleeper Toons x Oddability – “See You in the Clouds”

Jye Dye, Sleeper Toons and Oddability take us out of this stratosphere with “See You in the Clouds”. As the track title suggests, the guitar-driven arrangement is dreamy, soulful and atmospheric all at once.




See Level – “Centered”

See Level keeps us “Centered” in this new release. The mellow vibes and engaging sample chops all work perfectly with the sublime and atmospheric pads and keys.



The Deli x Zan – “Yamakaji”

The Deli and Zan  tap into the spirit of the One Piece character “Yamakaji” in this new offering. The jazz-infused boom-bap track is ripe with rich piano riffs, warm basslines and a solid drum groove to match.









Halfspeed – “lost and found”.


Halfspeed ‘s “lost and found” is a warm and comforting track that exudes summer with its rich layered guitar arrangement and mellow soulful pads.



Yuzostate – “Tulips”

Yuzostate‘s “Tulips” is a dreamy jazz/soul piece made up of ethereal textures, rich guitar plucks and a smooth drum groove to close things out.


Blue Sirens – “Diamond Dust”

Blue Sirens slows down the tempo with “Diamond Dust”, a mellow piano-driven beat that is alluring and sublime all at one. The overall feel is sombre, nostalgic and has a progressive element as well.


Cbakl – “Where my soul takes me”


Irish producer Cbakl flips a classic soul sample in his new release titled “Where my soul takes me”. The track sure is brilliant and he chops the sample nicely using the vocals in the chorus and rich guitar loops and strings for the verses.


Pokesh – “Summer Night”


Pokesh’s “Summer Night” is a solemn and reflective track that sure is delightful. The atmospheric and dreamy textures all come together over a soft drum groove.


EisZ – “Immediate Boarding”


EisZ takes us on a trip with his newest piece titled “Immediate Boarding”. The mellow track is bolstered by a rich guitar pluck, soulful textures that exude summer vibes and a punchy drum groove to match.


D.J. Rob-Ski – “Boiling Point”


D.J. Rob-Ski changes the atmosphere of the playlist with this effort titled”Boiling Point”. The production is dynamic, sparse and experimental as it takes from different genres like hip-hop, dance, lofi and high-energy pop music. There is quite a lot to unpack. It’s taken from his album HEAT CHECK.


Yunbo – “Memories of Summer”


Japanese beat maker Yunbo blesses our ears with “Memories of Summer”, a mellow and contemplative beat. The aptly titled track is a rich mix of warm pads, guitar riffs and head-nodding grooves that all culminate in that heartwarming summer vibe.


Will Ross – “Ride On”


Will Ross is an accomplished guitarist and producer who is making his bones in the industry and has helped close out our playlist with his latest effort titled “Ride On”. The track is a seamless fusion of jazz, soul and hip-hop and it’s made up of lush dreamy textures, smooth basslines, guitar plucks and rich horns from Wallace Roney Jr. It is the lead single off Will’s debut album Landscapes set to release on August 18th, 2023.

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