We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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McDead – “River of Mists and Shadows”

McDead delivers “River of Mists and Shadows”, a haunting and cinematic piece that is inspired by a river in Oz and his own experience basking in the aura of the river in Melbourne. The production is quite dynamic as he blends moody textures, sublime vocal chops, and pulsating country guitar lines with dark sound design to complete the mission.


rocomoco – “Warm Flicker (Uevo & Noflik Remix)”

rocomoco‘s  “Warm Flicker gets a remix by Uevo and Noflik who take the track to new heights with pluck basslines, smooth mellow pads, slick guitar riffs, obscure vocal samples and an overall relaxed aesthetic that we all can lounge with.



Shadash – “Shadowrider”

Basel, Switzerland-based producer Shadash delivers this haunting and cinematic piece titled “Shadowrider” to our earshot. The drums are punchy and the dark textures all come together like white on rice.

Sammy TQ – “Sicily”


Sammy TQ takes us to the city of “Sicily” in his latest release. The guitar-driven piece is soulful, and sublime and has a summertime element to it. The overall feel is alluring and comforting.


Know Life – “Jazz Shit, Pt. 3”.

Producer Know Life returns to the forefront with this smooth genre-bending instrumental titled “Jazz Shit, Pt. 3”. The fusion of lush horns, warm keys, pulsating basslines and head nodding drum grooves is perfect.

C-Sol – “Peso’s Beat(ery)”


“Peso’s Beat(ery)” is the intro track for C-Sol‘s instrumental album ‘On Weaponized Time‘  and it sets the tone with its gritty and haunting texture, boom-bap drums and excellent cuts from turntablist legend DJ Grouch.



Utopias – “SUN STONE”

Utopias presents “SUN STONE”, which is inspired by the element of fire. here, the producer crafts a punchy and smooth beat that is ripe with slapping guitar licks, off-centre drums and warm pads.


The Beat Murderer – “Korbola”

The Beat Murderer delivers this smooth lofi-soul beat titled “Korbola” to our doorstep. The beat is made up of rich guitar licks, airy plucks and enchanting vocal pads as well.




Jah Freedom – “Enchanted Waters”

Veteran producer Jah Freedom drops  “Enchanted Waters”, a water-themed beat ripe with sublime textures, thick pulsating basslines and head nodding drum grooves to match.


Casein – “sando”.

Casein drops “sando” which is taken from his new project Tamashi,  the track is as soulful as they come and sounds like something 9th Wonder made.

AR KAY – “Solace”


AR KAY gives us some much-needed “Solace” in his newest piece. The production is cinematic, and surreal and has a sublime element as well as and overall the comforting vibe is the icing on the cake.





Lofi Milk – “Sleeping on a Cloud” (feat. Kensuke Ohmi)

Lofi Milk returns to our playlist with his latest track “Sleeping on a Cloud” which features Kensuke Ohmi and together they deliver a superb piece that is heartwarming and emotionally powerful.




The Last Nation – “Nothing Stays Forever”.

The Last Nation‘s “Nothing Stays Forever” is a soul-stirring and captivating piece that has all the elements that make it distinct. The soft keys, soothing pads and pulsating bass-grooves all come together with the guitar plucks and hit the mark.





MYR – “Magic Dream”

MYR takes us into a “Magic Dream” in his latest release. The mellow lofi-soul piece is ripe with soft vocal samples, rich piano riffs and an overall dreamy vibe that is comforting.




AMIA – “Miss You”.

Uprising producer AMIA makes an appearance on our playlist with “Miss You”. The aptly title record is warm, melancholic and sad. I like the sound design as well and the use of subtle aural effects to punctuate the emotional depth.




StanSmithOnDaTrack x nead – “Late Night”.


StanSmithOnDaTrack teams up with nead for this superb collaboration titled “Late Night”. The mellow track is ripe with solemn pads, rich guitar riffs and hushed drum grooves underpinned by soft textures.



Lofi Cat – “Moving To Canada”.

Lofi Cat shows us how “Moving To Canada” feels like in this new release. The production has a nostalgic and somewhat solemn vibe with punchy drums to match.



East Mane – “Hi.”.

Producer East Mane sure grabs our notice with his latest release titled “Hi.”. The summer-tinged piece is made up of airy string pads, slick guitar plucks and a head-nodding groove to complete the job.




Tim Heyer – “Chestnuts”.

Tim Heyer delivered some “Chestnuts” to our playlist with this latest tune. The guitar arrangement is sublime and the slick bass riffs and groove come together like bread and butter.




PinkPanda – “as the sun sets”

PinkPanda reels in the emotions in this new release titled “as the sun sets”. The track starts slowly with field recordings of kids and evolves into a soul-stirring piece with warm and nostalgia-inducing aesthetics.



..The World According to Billy Marvin – “Tantrums”.

 “Tantrums” is a cinematic funk-soul instrumental from a Canadian musician who goes by the moniker ..The World According to Billy Marvin. The track is scenic and exudes a bit of nostalgia and the layered guitars, basslines and rousing drum grooves are solid from start to finish.

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