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sleeping with shoes on – “Tu Tango”


Producer sleeping with shoes on takes audiences to the past in his latest release titled “Tu Tango”. The mellow lofi track is inspired by the sounds of 1950s Spain and uses solemn strings, moody pads and soothing horns to create a nostalgia-inducing ambiance.



Yvan Poisson – “Swell”

Yvan Poisson crafts a smooth retro neo-soul-funk infused piece titled “Swell”. The track is ripe with rich guitar plucks, smooth keys and soft bassline notes punctuated by a mellow drum groove and an overall nostalgic and warm feeling.



Amoona – “Rattle”

Amoona delivers this soul-stirring beat titled “Rattle” to our playlist. The production is sombre and made up of rich vocal samples, lush keys and plucky guitar arrangements that all up nicely and give the audience a soothing feeling.


Pablo EskoBEAR x Signature Move – “I’ll Wait”.

Pablo EskoBEAR and Signature Move team up for “I’ll Wait”, a hard-hitting track ripe with rich guitar riffs, soulful vocal samples and thumping drums.



Phat Panda – “Find a Long Way Home (Instrumental)”

Phat Panda brings something refreshing in “Find a Long Way Home (Instrumental)” where he fuses dusty jazz samples with experimental sounds and underlining boom-bap drum grooves to match.


FalafelBabaganush – “Firebird”

FalafelBabaganush raises the energy with “Firebird”, a cinematic and punchy track that is made up of dark strings, moody pads and punchy drum grooves. It sounds like a scene from a retro sci-fi horror flick.




Bcalm – “A Little Hope”

Bcalm offers us  “A Little Hope” in his new release which brings together lofi, jazz and contemporary sounds. The use of layered guitar riffs, sparse piano arrangements and slow chord progression is perfect and adds that extra emotional punch to the track.


Potlatch – “Oasis”


Potlatch drops us right into the “Oasis” in his latest effort. The track is introduced by a warm blend of pads, and soft keys before the acoustic guitar plucks some into the picture. Overall, it is soul-stirring and heartwarming from start to finish.

Symoo – “Garden Of Serenity”


Symoo‘s “Garden Of Serenity” is a laidback and solemn track that echoes the feelings of summer and the lonesome emotions of reflections.


Dariush – “Shades of Shiraz”

Dariush gives us “Shades of Shiraz”, a track that sounds exotic and cinematic it transports audiences into a different world filled with excitement and wonder.




nead x StanSmithOnDaTrack – “Perspectives”

The duo made up of producers nead and StanSmithOnDaTrack show us different sides to a coin in “Perspectives”. The track has a dark and icy feeling with its surreal pads, bells and airy guitar riffs that seamlessly blend to create an emotionally captivating ambiance.


Jansun – “goodbye”

Jansun waves us “goodbye” in his new release. The track is made up of sublime acoustic guitar plucks, pulsating bass lines and a sad piano riff that all add up to create a lovelorn and bittersweet feeling.

Mr. Donsai – “Cozy rainy night”

Mr. Donsai‘s “Cozy rainy night” is a perfect soundtrack for those rainy nights when one is at home with good thoughts underneath the moonlit skies (under a roof). The production is mellow and has a relaxing and melancholic feel that tugs at the soul.



Pokesh – “Ask the Mountains”


Pokesh returns to our playlist with “Ask the Mountains”, a reflective piece that gives audiences some to ponder on. It has an introspective and soothing vibe that is perfect for meditation and background music to help one gets through the day’s chores.


Sine – “Bloom”


Sine thrills us with this sombre and nostalgic tune titled “Bloom”. It lives up to its title as it soars with a rich and layered guitar lick, comforting pads, hushed drums and a wide dynamic arrangement to match.

Lofi Lama – “Ember Glow”


“Ember Glow” is the newest release from producer Lofi Lama who makes his debut appearance on our playlist. The record is a mellow and blissful piece made up of warm keys and soulful pads that are underpinned by soft drums.


Felix Hien – “Have You Ever Seen Anything So Beautiful?”.


Felix Hien brings this week’s instrumental playlist to a perfect close with “Have You Ever Seen Anything So Beautiful?”. The soul-jazz-infused piece is ripe with rich soulful textures, lush keys, horns and smooth grooves that all come together nicely.


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