Independent Bay-area-based hip-hop ensemble and crew, Macarthur Maze is an 11-man collective helmed by veteran turntablist and producer, DJ D Sharp, emcees Blvck AchillesChamp GreenD.BledsoeJane HandcockIan Kelly, and Roux Shankle and producers SKomanskiDJ Basta, and NOBL. After releasing a handful of singles and videos the collective now unveils their debut project entitled Blvck Saturday.

“intro”  is a cinematic offering that is made up of scenic samples and a vocal narration by correspondent Timothy Alexander White who opens it up with a brilliant report of what is to come. “First Friday”  sees D.Bledsoe, Champ Green, Ian Kelly and Roux Shankle trading bars over a vocal-sample-driven soundscape. The emcees bring to the forefront a fusion of bravado and insight as they share their experiences with the listeners. Lines like “I pledge allegiance to my family/We don’t put in way too much work to push a Camry” detail their work ethic and their no-nonsense policy when it comes to the grind. “Panther Bruce Lee” is a display of verbal skills from Ian Kelly, D. Bledsoe and Champ Green go straight for the jugular with their distinct rap schemes. The production is barebones and filled with rich percussions and blaxploitation strings to match. No stone is left unturned as they pass the mic back and forth on the groovy soundscape laid before them.

“San Pablo Dam” is a posse cut that showcases pure lyricism laced with vivid and insightful lyrics that immerse listeners deep into the culture of the bay area and of course the verbal prowesses of the emcees involved. Over DJ D Sharp’s solemn and soulful soundscape, Champ, D. Bledsoe and Blvck Achilles each deliver a brilliant discourse into their unique lyrical gifts which serves as a perfect introduction for anyone just tuning in. “Miss Mula” sees Ian Kelly, D. Bledsoe and Champ Green on vocal duties and they deliver a vivid tale of money, debauchery and seductive women over a sombre guitar-driven backdrop that sounds like a scene from a 60s western spaghetti flick. The emcees take turns in sharing different perspectives of the story and the various outcomes. “Blvck Saturdays” is a gritty and somewhat offbeat track that brings together Champ Green, D. Bledsoe, Blvck Achilles who all wreak verbal havoc and hold nothing back on the track. Watch the video below.





“No More” is an ode to black culture and the love for hip-hop and we hear Ian Kelly, Champ Green, D. Bledsoe, Blvck Achilles and Roux Shankle all form the perfect alliance and declare “Somebody stepped in the door, waving the 44- we don’t wanna hear that weak shit no more/Step in the room got everybody involved, put your hands up and just get on the floor”. The song is bolstered by lively Gospel/soul textures made up of rich keys, warm pads and rousing drum grooves to boot. “Table For 5” is a feel-good celebratory jam that brings together Champ Green, D.Bledsoe and Blvck Achilles. The trio delivers solid verses filled with bravado and insight as they bask in splendour after a hard day’s work. Lyrics like “With all these white lights, they be flashing out, gotta stay sharp like a fashion show/Hey, Table for 5 but I gotta raise, we on the highway MacArthur Maze” cements the group’s mantra on this one.


“Switching Lanes” is a conceptual track that fuses 3 different beats together for rappers Champ Green, D. Bledsoe, Blvck Achilles. The first verse has a gloomy and moody soundscape, the second verse has an upbeat horn-laden vibe while the last verse feels like a scene from a retro spy flick and all these parts are conjoined by a vocal scratched hook that utilizes classic lines from rappers like Freeway, KRS One, Saigon, Busta Rhymes, Audio Two and others. This is followed by the mellow and contemplative “Dealin Art” which dwells on the crew’s daily grind. This is explained in detail by D. Bledsoe,  Champ Green, Ian Kelly,  Roux Shankle and Kate Lamont.

The project closes out with “Thank You Have A Nice Day” a straight-up slapper featuring nearly every member flexing their skills. Over a glorious soulful backdrop, Jane Handcock, D. Bledsoe, Champ Green, Ian Kelly and Roux Shankle share their respective stories and give listeners refreshing bars that range from personal, feel-good, reflective and bravado.

Blvck Saturday is a culmination of many years and hard work which really shows in the quality of the songs here. They are cohesive, hard-hitting and versatile enough to keep new listeners locked in while they also pay homage to their Bay Area roots.


Blvck Saturday is available now for streaming through all major DSPs via Table 5 Music Group.




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