We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Francesco Fisotti – “Night Vodka”

Francesco Fisotti switches the vibe with “Night Vodka” a summer-themed record ripe with sublime keys, rich guitar phrases, and nostalgic textures to match.

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Ogi feel the Beat – “Sugar”

Ogi feel the Beat is back in the field with “Sugar,” an emotionally punchy beat that hits the mark. It starts off slow with a solemn guitar riff and warm pads and rises into a punchy drum groove and cinematic synths.

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Brittzzzy – “Trip or dip”

Brittzzzy delivers a heartfelt and reflective beat “Trip or dip” on our list. From the sparkling piano chords, soulful vocal runs, and melancholic pads layered the sparse but punchy drums, the producer really digs deep for this one.

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Sincere Leone – “At First Sight”

Sincere Leone‘s “At First Sight” is a love-soaked piece built on smooth grooves, solemn keys, and a pulsating bassline that holds it together.

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Patryk Plow – “Horfield Tape, Vol. 1”

Patryk Plow brought us some soulful goodness with his new release titled “Horfield Tape, Vol. 1.” A smooth fusion of moody textures, punchy boom-bap drums, and dreamy pads to complete the mission amongst other styles of music that range from dub, lofi and then some.

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intylekt – “Steve Pool instrumental”


intylekt goes for a nostalgic vibe with his new release titled “Steve Pool instrumental.” Over a sublime and dreamy texture ripe with solemn keys, soothing strings and choppy drums, he brings quite an engaging and lush backdrop that listeners can rock with.

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Terror Firma – “Chilly Nights”


New Zealand chillhop beat-maker Terror Firma shares his first release for the year in the form of this layered beat titled “Chilly Nights.” The production is reminiscent of mid 90s boom bap tracks and it’s ripe with moody jazz sounds, obscure vocal samples, dreamy sound designs, and punchy drums. “Chilly Nights” is taken from his new EP entitled Traumatic Blessings.

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zam – “Escape”


zam packs a punch on his new single “Escape.” A mellow bass-heavy track is ripe with eerie vocal samples, slick guitar riffs, and a crunchy drum groove to complete the job.

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xdrewgotit – “Locked In”


xdrewgotit thrills us this week with “Locked In” a chilled synth drive track ripe with sublime pads, strings, and a punchy drum groove.
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Stay Nice – “On One”


Stay Nice set off their first single “On One” for 2022 and it’s a brilliant relaxing jam ripe with warm textures, dreamy sounds, and a soul-gripping guitar arrangement to match.

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E-Conomy – “Jam in the Cold”


E-Conomy captures the holiday spirit in full with this smooth Xmas-jazz track titled “Jam in the Cold.” He fuses smooth piano chords, warm pulsing basslines, and horns to complete the mission.

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Jah Born – “Dirty Chai”


Veteran producer Jah Born cooks up a brilliant instrumental titled “Dirty Chai” for us this week. The track is a smooth guitar-driven beat ripe with sublime and lofi elements layered over a steady drum groove.

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Botanik – “Lake View”


Botanik helps close out the list with “Lake View” a laidback reflective tune ripe with warm keys, lush heavenly horns, and sublime vocals layered smooth drum grooves.

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