We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Spoken Thought – “Your Life”

Colorado-based producer Spoken Thought helps open up the list with “Your Life”,a chilled but punchy r&b infused beat ripe with moody textures, lush pitched-up vocal samples to boot.


DaMarcus VanBuren – “Cloudy Days (Instrumental Version)”

DaMarcus VanBuren drops off this sombre and reflective tune titled “Cloudy Days (Instrumental Version)” which he crafted on a cloudy and rainy day. The synths are solemn and laidback but the drums are quite engaging.



Yabu Beats – “Last”

Yabu Beats blesses us with this beat titled “Last” from his stash. It’s a gloomy and menacing beat ripe with dark guitar stabs, driving synths and a punchy boom bap drum groove.



Dan Findling – “Maof Ayetush”

Dan Findling makes his entry on our playlist with this brilliant piece titled “Maof Ayetush”. The track is sublime and exudes pure summer vibes with its lush and bright textures heightened by jazz-accented progressions, head-nodding drum grooves and eclectic sound design to boot.




CaliCronk x Flapjaques – “Snowfall”


CaliCronk and Flapjaques‘s “Snowfall” is a chilling collaboration, literally speaking. The icy piano riffs, moody pads and solemn textures all merge smoothly over soft sparsely arranged drums.




Arms and Sleepers – “what have you tried lately”

Arms and Sleepers started as a duo consisting of Max Lewis and Mirza Ramic in 2006 in Boston, Massachusetts and have been charting their unique path since. Their newest effort “what have you tried lately” is a solemn and nostalgia-inducing piece that is part lofi and jazz.



Blue Sirens – “PETs”

Blue Sirens delivers this warm and sublime piece titled “PETs”. It’s soothing, nostalgia-inducing and reflective all at once.

Hayden Moeller – “you”

Hayden Moeller makes his entry on our list with “you”, a laidback piano-laden tune. The mellow pads and bright textures really complement each other.



MonoCulture – “Looking back”

MonoCulture got us “Looking back” in this heartwarming and sublime piece that is made up of moody textures, melancholic piano progressions and soft percussions to boot.


Jomy – “Presave Me”

Jomy‘s “Presave Me” is an aptly titled tune that is a mix of chillhop, lofi and pop. Made up of sparsely arranged drums, atmospheric pads, vocal-like synths with pulsating bass lines and lush keys.


Picture Talk, muun – “The Sea”

Picture Talk and muun take us to “The Sea” in this new venture of theirs. From the sublime and ethereal textures and layered pads and rich guitar licks, the duo deliver a soul-gripping piece that is perfect to relax to.


Smyles – “Everyone’s Favorite Negro”

Smyles‘ new track “Everyone’s Favorite Negro” is a heartfelt funk/soul-infused jam reminiscent of the Motown era. The throbbing basslines, lush guitar licks, smooth drum grooves and pads all come together like white on rice.

Steve Nguyen – “Shelly”

Steve Nguyen’s “Shelly” is a chilled lo-fi jam perfect for the evening and warm nights we all crave for. The guitar licks are lush and the moody strings and pads all complement each other.

Chillin Cat – “Deep Ocean”

Japanese producer Chillin Cat takes us into the “Deep Ocean” in his new release. The production is ethereal and sparse and is ripe with warm and relaxing guitar plucks and mellow airy pads to boot.

athens. – “peace of mind”

athens delivers “peace of mind” in audio form in this new instrumental. the production is sublime and relaxing and exudes a soulful and dreamy vibe that listeners can use to relax.

Sleep Powder – “Bloom”

Sleep Powder‘s “Bloom” is a perfectly crafted soul-stirring tune that helps wake us up. The horns, lush textures, smooth keys and guitar licks all complement each other over the laidback groove.

Ivano Bersini X Ogi feel the Beat – “Jazzy Gwayo”

“Jazzy Gwayo” is the new release from Ivano Bersini and Ogi feel the Beat‘s collaborative EP titled Anthology. The record is a potpourri of sounds and genres a sit weaves together jazz, chill hop with boom-bap elements. There is so much to unpack and listeners will surely be entranced by the way these guys put together their sounds. The piano portion was played by Ivano Bersini and the drums and sound design were made by Ogi

Super Samir x Farbeats – “Lions vs Elephants”

Tokyo-based Electro Funk Beat Band Super Samir’s latest single, “Lions vs Elephants” is an experimental epic breakbeat opera collaboration with French turntablist Farbeats. The track is a mesh of sounds like moody and urgent synths layered over thumping drum breaks.


vhskid. – “Flying Seas”


vhskid. helps us close this week’s list with “Flying Seas”, a mellow soul-stirring beat that is ripe with solemn pads, lush guitar phrases and emotive piano progressive. He adds that the inspiration behind the composition is the calm waters of a serene seashore and the sounds of the gentle waves washing against the shore are soothing to the mind.

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