We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Mr. Donsai – “Awake By The Rain”.

Mr. Donsai stays “Awake By The Rain” in this brilliant effort. The soft keys are soul-stirring and the dynamic pads sure add a distinct sombre aesthetic to it.


Saiko – “New Job”

Austrian producer Saiko is on point with this new release titled “New Job”. The track is a smooth blend of R&B/soul/jazz and a tinge of Lofi. The keys are sublime and the airy horns all blend with the soothing bassline, lush vocal hums and solid drum grooves.


Characterising Runs – “Just A Thought”.

Characterising Runs caught our ears with “Just A Thought”, a soothing guitar-driven piece that is soulful and reflective. The progression is quite engaging and the way the track breaks down into mellow sections is brilliant.


kBeats x Dan walters – “Flowers”

kBeats and Dan Walters deliver “Flowers”, a new collaborative single that we all can get into. The track is comprised of soft guitar riffs, airy pads and spaced out arrangement that add depth and emotion into the mix.

CaliCronk – “No Sleep”

CaliCronks “No Sleep” is a sombre and reflective lofi track that is perfect for one’s relaxation playlist. The soft plucks, mellow pads and sparse drums all come together like white on rice.


Buscrates – “Buckin'”


Pittsburgh DJ/musician/producer Buscrates drops “Buckin'” which serves as the first single from his sophomore full-length album. The track is made up of lush synths, and dreamy textures that are layered with retro-funk arpeggios, pulsating basslines and a solid head-nodding drum groove to match



Johnboybeats – “Flowers”

Johnboybeats help soothe our spirits with “Flowers”. The aptly titled track is made up of mellow textures, soft piano movements, heavenly sax riffs and a warm pad and bassline to boot.



gosnote – “ascent”.

Finish producer gosnote takes us on an “ascent” with his new release. The track is dynamic and sublime and the layered approach is quite engaging. From the head-nodding drum grooves, sombre textures comprised of warm pads, lush piano movements and soothing synths.


Gus La Tempête – “Astral Pirats”.


Gus La Tempête drops “Astral Pirats”, a track taken from his new instrumental project Upside Down Vol.1 & vol.2 which is available on Bandcamp. “Astral Pirats” has an eclectic feel and the sample chops have a distinct bounce while the atmospheric textures really add a certain depth and dreamy aesthetic to it.


FIFTY VINC – “Undefeated Champion”

Germany-based multi-genre producer/instrumentalist FIFTY VINC brings this anthemic tune titled  “Undefeated Champion” to our doorsteps. The track boasts of orchestral elements ranging from cinematic brass stabs, choral vocals and dark strings to match. A perfect track for your exercise regimen.





PanCake – “Blueberry”

“Blueberry” by German producer PanCake is a feel-good jam ripe with pulsating basslines and somewhat dusty textures layered over a crunchy drum groove.



Hanses – “Urbana”

Hanses makes another appearance on our list with his newest release “Urbana”. The production is quite dynamic and the guitar progression is lively and the overall sombre aesthetic is pronounced


intomuffins – “daydream”

Austrian producer intomuffins caught our ears with “Daydream”, an atmospheric piece that is soft and soothing. The soft percussions are led by sad guitar plucks and an airy atmospheric element to match.


Aleko x Retro Utopia – “Piano Daydream”


“Piano Daydream” by Aleko and Retro Utopia is as melancholic as they come. The sombre piano riffs float seamlessly over the off-key stabs and punchy sparsely arranged drums. The fun doesn’t stop there as the beat has a gripping switch in the middle that helps keep the entire track dynamic.


L O F I L U V x Starburst Records – “Dreaming Morning”

L O F I L U V and Starburst Records once again team up for the newest release titled “Dreaming Morning”. The title is apt as the sombre textures made up of low tones, warm pads and sad horns all merge together like white on rice.


Rainfly – “little lantern”

Rainfly’s “little lantern” is an atmospheric and sublime piece that aims to calm the soul. The production is layered and soothing from start to finish.



Dojen Mirror – “Once Before”

UK producer Dojen Mirror makes his entry on our list with “Once Before”, a mellow piano-laden lofi beat that is both nostalgic and soothing. Perfect track to relax or study with.



GOLAND – “The Unkown”


GOLAND takes us deep into “The Unkown” in his latest release. The record is as soothing as they come and is made up of lush guitar riffs and ethereal pads to match.


GrmsBeats – “Chill Drive”

GrmsBeats comes through with “Chill Drive”, an aptly titled track that is ripe with dreamy and soothing textures and a smooth head-nodding drum groove to match.


Caution – “Orange Juice”


Emerging Lofi producer Caution shares some “Orange Juice” in the form of his new single. The track is a smooth blend of jazz, boom-bap with soul and seamless vocal scratches. The track is lifted from his latest beat tape, Sunday Night Grooves.

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