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lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Toti Cisneros x Taki Brano – “Night Whispers”.

Brazilian instrumentalists Toti Cisneros and Taki Brano team up for “Night Whispers”, a mellow jazz-hop tune that captures the introspective silence the night brings. Comprising rich piano riffs, and scenic sax lines with electrifying Rhodes over hushed drums, the duo leads us into the still of the night on this track.


Ogi feel the Beat – “FLEXIONI”.

Ogi feel the Beat returns with something refreshing for the summer titled “FLEXIONI”. The track has a choppy piano sample riff and glitchy drum groove with sombre textures and soft bass notes that form the perfect bedding for the instrumental.




Theodor – “Tropical Reprise”.

Germany-based instrumental project Theodor caught our ears with their new release “Tropical Reprise”, a sublime summer-drenched funk-soul-pop beat. The track comes with layered keys, lush guitars and a head-nodding crunchy drum groove that keeps listeners locked in from start to finish.


Josh One – “You Know”

Producer/DJ Josh One comes through with “You Know”, a smooth punchy guitar-driven track with electronic and experimental aesthetics. Still keeping to his hip-hop roots, the track is a prime example of how hiphop works with almost anything.



Flapjaques – “magic”.

Flapjaques shows us some audio “magic” in his latest release. The track starts off mellow and moody and slowly soars into a mid-tempo groove with solemn vocal-like synths and a cinematic string sample to create a nostalgic vibe.



Pixelonardo – “Catch Me If You Can”

Producer Pixelonardo brings something different and refreshing to the playlist with his new release “Catch Me If You Can”. The instrumental is a mixed bag of sounds and styles ranging from alternative rock to electronic pop with retro elements. Bolstered by rumbunctious drum grooves, filled and raging percussions, the producer tops it with rich guitar riffs, atmospheric synths and a brooding bassline to match.



Duke Cane – “No! Pray For Us To Miss”

Duke Cane‘s “No! Pray For Us To Miss” caught our attention for its nonconformist and off-kilter style. The drums are rowdy, off-beat and energetic and the use of a monotone synth shows how different the producer wants to be.


catnap – “Dreaming of You”

catnap – “Dreaming of You”





Wipe True – “Seaside Chill”.

Wipe True makes his entry on our playlist with this relaxing lofi jam titled “Seaside Chill”. The record is a bright guitar-driven track with plump textures, airy horns, sparkling pads and a mellow drum groove to match.





Flapjaques – “Underthe”.

Flapjaques returns to the playlist with his latest effort titled “Underthe”. The track starts with a soft moody backdrop and builds up into a punchy piece with reflective vibes. The arrangement is dynamic and the producer creates a bit of tension and resolution as the track progresses.




Potlatch – “A Boat Song”.

Potlatch introduces us to “A Boat Song”, a moody and sublime track with brooding and surreal textures. Anchored on rich layered strings, shining guitar plucks and hushed drums, the track feels like the soundtrack for an exciting adventure into the unknown.



Lost Son – “pastiche”.

Lost Son shows us his version of the “pastiche”, a chilled piano-driven piece ripe with plucky basslines, and filtered vocal samples combining to form a gripping ambiance.



Alpech – “Chill City”

Alpech leads us into what he calls “Chill City”, a magnificent and mystical place where only good things come to pass. The track is peppered with rich horn lines, sublime keys with a head-nodding drum groove and filtered samples of kids playing in the park.






AMIA – “Lighthouse”


AMIA‘s “Lighthouse” is as sober as they come and it’s ambiance exudes pure solemn vibes with a touch of nostalgia.




Johnboybeats – “Lovers Beacon”

Johnboybeats and Plon B team up to give audiences a taste of pleasure in their new piece titled “Lovers Beacon”. The track has a smooth mix of jazz and lofi vibes with airy horn passes, sparking piano arrangements and snapping grooves to match.



Cosmos. – “Evening Glow”

Cosmos taps into the relaxing feel of the “Evening Glow” in his latest release. From the lush guitar riffs, bright strings and lush keys, he crafts a majestic piece that is reassuring and soothing at the same time.



Dariush – “Good & Evil”.

Dariush returns to our site with “Good & Evil”, a mellow beat with punchy boom-bap drum grooves and layered strings. The track is moody and has a scenic vibe as well.



Morning Coffee – “Golden Hour”.

“Golden Hour” by Morning Coffee is the perfect way to close out this week’s playlist. The mellow soulful tune is ripe with lush chords, plucky strings and an engulfing warm pad with soft drums to complete the mission. Overall, it gives a feeling of accomplishment and comfort and that is exactly what we need right now.


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