We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Louie The Producer – “Better than nothing”

Emerging beatmaker Louie The Producer gives us something to ponder with his latest release  “Better than nothing”. The track is as sombre as they come with it’s melancholic piano keys, moody synth pads and punchy boombap drum grooves.


Esdaile State – “Friday At Duke’s”

Glasgow, Scotland-based producer/songwriter Esdaile State makes his entry on our site with his new single “Friday At Duke’s”. The jazz-infused track has a summertime and nostalgia-inducing vibe with its solemn keys, sultry vocal runs, warm strings, reflective horn passes and laidback groove. It’s a perfect scenic piece that takes us back in time to as Esdaile puts it, the ’50s in a bar called Duke in New York where patrons down the finest gin and thrill their ears to the sweetest jazz tunes this side of the planet.

Haquin – “Soft Sheets”

Haquin covers us with some “Soft Sheets” in audio form. The production is airy and atmospheric and the slow build-up is surely worth the wait.


Jehuty – “Summer Adventures”.


Jehuty‘s “Summer Adventures” is an aptly titled track with nostalgia-inducing elements. it echoes a distant past where life was different and we didn’t have a care in the world. The overall feel has elements of lofi and folk-pop stylings and it hits the mark.



Butter – “Los Angeles Rain”

Butter shows us what “Los Angeles Rain” feels like in his latest effort. The track is solemn and sombre and uses airy vocal chops, and melancholic chords to great effect.


Primidi – “Messidor”.

Primidi thrills us with this upbeat and bright tune “Messidor”. The track has a summer feel and the use of spaced-out key arrangement and warm chords layered over punchy boom-bap drums is brilliant.



Groove. – “EveningBliss”.

Groove. gives us an “EveningBliss” that is much needed in these crazy times. The keys are mellow, inviting and the guitar plucks are comforting and the groove is well-crafted and adds that extra punch into the mix.


gosnote – “intuition”.

gosnote‘s “intuition” is a dynamic and off-kilter beat that blend lofi elements with experimental soul/hiphop aesthetics. The arrangement is dynamic and the layered feel of the solemn strings and rich keys play off each other perfectly.

Calm Chapter – “Open End”

Berlin, Germany-based producer Calm Chapter gives us “Open End”, a haunting and reflective piece made up of solemn key arrangements and soft mellow progression that slowly draws listeners in.


lo-fi eamonn – “coffee thoughts”

lo-fi eamonn returns to our site with “coffee thoughts” which come off the heels of his last release “I’m here for you”. The track is a reflective and sombre piece that affords listeners a chance to ponder on many things about their experiences.


Luc Le Luc – “Eventide View”.


Luc Le Luc and Easy Deviance form a perfect alliance to bring us “Eventide View”. The inviting piece has elements of modern improv jazz, and neo soul with lofi sensibilities. The layered instrumentation is rich and the use of warm tones and soft horn passes over the groovy drums is perfect.





Hary.BoY – “Chasing Cars (Snow Patrol Cover)”


Hary.BoY thrills the ears with “Chasing Cars (Snow Patrol Cover)”, a playful and somewhat reflective track that uses mellow progressions and punchy drums to drive the energy.


Alpech – “Luv”.


Alpech drops “Luv”, a smooth lofi/hiphop infused track with punchy drums, filtered horn passes, haunting vocal sample chops and lush guitar plucks.


Jonny Alias – “Beyond the Horizon”.

Jonny Alias and Lahari share “Beyond the Horizon”, a soul-gripping track that uses airy pads, rainfall sounds and engulfing sound design to draw listeners in.


Crew Joseph – “Painted Skies”.


Seattle-based guitarist/producer Crew Joseph shares “Painted Skies”, a soulful and reflective track made up of sounds from nature, bright keys and a hypnotic chord progression that tugs at the heart.




Damien Sebe – “liquid jazz”

Prolific producer Damien Sebe is not new to us and his “liquid jazz” is something worth sharing and adding to your playlist. He uses airy horn stabs, mellow soulful keys, warm guitar plucks and soft grooves to create this comforting piece,





nz x Nessen – “Moments Like This”

nz and Nessen deliver “Moments Like This”, a collaboration that blends live instrumentation and DIY skills. The result is an atmospheric and surreal track ripe with rich pads, solemn keys and an off-beat drum groove.





Herr Kaschke – “Le piquenique surréaliste”

Herr Kaschke caught our undivided attention with his latest record “Le piquenique surréaliste” which leads us into a surreal environment surrounded by chaos. The production is a heartwarming and blissful vibe that draws listeners deep into its dynamic arrangement and soul-stirring chord progressions.




Benny Bronco – “Mosaic” (feat. Simon Handle)

The duo of Benny Bronco and Simon Handle team up for “Mosaic”, a track with rich bright tones, soulful guitar riffs and strings and a head-nodding drum groove.




Olin Jei – “Friends”

Producer Olin Jei caught our ears with “Friends”, a reflective track that is comprised of sublime guitar riffs and an overwhelmingly emotional ambiance.




cola valley – “u can count on me”


cola valley‘s “u can count on me” is a sad and moody piece that makes audiences want to reflect on the past. The sombre vibes are pronounced by the layered strings and pads and the result is quite emotional.



Dariush – “A Flower Has No Front or Back”

Dariush returns to our site with “A Flower Has No Front or Back”, a smooth R&B/soul infused piece comprised of layered key arrangements, forceful guitar riffs and a head nodding drum groove to finish the job.




Mondo Loops x Kanisan – “Safe Space”


Mondo Loops and Kanisan lead us into the “Safe Space” in their newest collaboration. They fuse mellow guitar plucks, solemn keys with sparse drum grooves to create this blissful ambiance for listeners to bask in.








Billy Hammer – “arrullo”



Billy Hammer continues his location-themed instrumentals and in his latest effort “arrullo”, he takes us into the infamous death valley and taps into the eerie and moody vibes emanating from the landscape.


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