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tjonez [the producer.] – “Everything & Nothing”.

tjonez [the producer.] helps open up this week’s list with something soft and reflective titled “Everything & Nothing”. A smooth blend of pitched up melodic vocals, warm textures with sparsely arranged grooves and woozy basslines to match.




Jonny Alias – “My Dream”


Jonny Alias and Lahari bring us close to bliss in their latest release titled “My Dream”. The mellow lofi-soul piece is peppered with dreamy pads, solemn piano chords and soft grooves that all come together to create a heavenly ambiance that is perfect for studies or motivation.





Mindless Meditation – “Lotus Fields”


Mindless Meditation leads us into the “Lotus Fields” in this soul-gripping and playful jam that blends jazz aesthetics with lofi elements. The horns are prevalent and the soft keys are well-crafted together.



cxlt. – “Breathe In”.


cxlt. and Sleepermane give us a solemn and heartwarming collaboration titled “Breathe In”. The duo combines lush acoustic guitar licks with smooth grooves and solemn textures together in a seamless fashion.


Pablo J. Garmon – “On The Move”.


Spanish producer Pablo J. Garmon is  “On The Move” in his new release, a smooth scenic piece that sounds like the perfect backdrop for a midsummer adventure into the woods.



Yuzostate – “Farlands”


Yuzostate help ramps up the energy levels with “Farlands”, a smooth mellow lofi hiphop-jazz infused piece. From the airy horn passes, slick guitar riffs and head-nodding drum grooves, Yuzostate delivers the goods on this tune.


Jason LaPierre – “gee willikers”

Jason LaPierre’s “gee willikers” is a collaboration with klactoveedsedstene and dooda. Together they blend live improv jazz vibes with sturdy drum grooves and layered instrumentation that sounds so dynamic that audiences will feel like they are live in the studio with them.



BLKSCNTST – “St. Lucia” (feat. Jah Born & Da Dreak)

BLKSCNTST travels with us to “St. Lucia” with the aid of Jah Born and Da Dreak. Together they craft a helluva soulful gem that is both upbeat, playful and reflective all at once.



Tojié Cai – “Niwa”.

Tojié Cai links with JX-3P for “Niwa”, a mellow and sublime piece that is spell-binding and soul-stirring. The plucky basslines, swinging grooves and layered piano arrangement all come together like peas in a pod and create the perfect comforting ambiance for audiences to bask in.



tjonez [the producer.] – “Michelin Stars”

tjonez [the producer.] rises beyond the stratosphere in “Michelin Stars”, a mellow piece ripe with dark and surreal sample chops and a thick pulsating bassline with punchy drums.


GrmsBeats – “I See You”


GrmsBeats help close the playlist with “I See You”, a sublime soul-sample driven beat with subtle vocal chops, rich pads and an energetic drum groove to match.

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