We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Zigg Zag – “The Shogun (Tsushima Remix)”

Long Island, NY based produced Zigg Zag shares “The Shogun (Tsushima Remix)” a fusion of Japanese musical elements and boom-trap grooves. He also throws in some vocal samples from Hokuto-Shinken for good measure.

This is the remix to 2020’s “Tsushima” from his album Blue Dream.




Lubin Beta – “Swing”

Swiss producer Lubin Beta takes us into the lo fi world on “Swing” where he fuses jazz elements with the aforementioned genre sensibilities. From the soft keys, warm textures, and smooth grooves, he sure delivers something soulful and engaging

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Capsvl – “Hop in There’s Room”


Capsvl’s “Hop in There’s Room” is a laidback moody beat ripe with smooth basslines, crunchy drum grooves, and lush textures. It is quite brief but gets the job done.



Dude – “Invader”

Dude shares his new release “Invader” where he makes use of airy and atmospheric synths and arpeggios layered over upbeat punchy drums. The production has a mix of pop and electronic elements.






Sïckö goes for a guitar-laden vibe on his new release “BLESSINGS.” The beat is quite dynamic and also has some somber keys as it progresses.


monk. – “Night Terror”


Monk‘s new release “Night Terror” is a laidback jam that fuses jazz and moody electronic/hip-hop elements. The drums are punchy, the keys are somber and the horns are reflective as well.
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Johny Holiday – “Sea Salt”


We got something new from Johny Holiday in the form of this mid-tempo instrumental titled “Sea Salt.” From punchy boom-bap drums, engulfing cinematic textures, and ethereal horns, the track sure keeps the listener locked in from start to finish.





Slxt – “Distant (Instrumental)”


Producer Slxt shares new single “Distant (Instrumental)” where he blends lush somber guitar riffs, moody textures over punchy trap drums
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Dirty D – “Breezy”


Sax player/producer Dirty D comes through with “Breezy” a blend of smooth horns and booming trap drums. Quite unexpected but it works like a charm for us




eu93ne – “Squid”


Swiss producer eu93ne makes his entry on our list with this relaxing and soothing piece titled “Squid.” Bolstered by soft keys, lush guitars and sublime vocals hum over smooth drum grooves, the producer eases the mind and takes us into the comfort zone.



DaMarcus VanBuren – “Timeless – Instrumental Version”


Indie producer DaMarcus VanBuren shows us his skill behind the boards on his new release titled “Timeless” over punchy trap drums, he blends soothing flutes and thick basslines to deliver something we all can rock with.

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Bensa Beats – “Freshly Baked”


Bensa Beats serves up some dopeness on “Freshly Baked” as he blends classic boom-bap with jazzy elements. From the soft keys, ethereal horns, and punchy drums, Bensa Beats delivers the goods.
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Mills – “Inertia”


Mills is not green to TWIB and once again he gifts us with a solid release titled “Inertia.” The track is a moody and melodic tune ripe with atmospheric strings, textures, and melancholic keys that blend perfectly over soft drums.
The single showcases Mills’ wide array of musical influences, with jazz keys akin to FKJ, alongside synth build-ups similar to Disclosure and drum beats drawing from that of Kaytranada, all marrying together for a distinctly unique sonic experience.





NXRTH ROAD shares the first track from his new ep, the track is titled “Lost” and it’s a laidback melancholic piece. It makes use of somber textures, synths, obscure vocal samples, and booming trap drums to complete the job.
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debeats1492 – “Fear of Failure”


Emerging producer debeats1492 goes for that big Louisiana/Texas type sounds on his new release “Fear of Failure.” From the boomy kicks, snapping drums, and ethereal synths, he delivers the goods.
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HUMAN BOOT PROJECT is a Japanese electronic producer/remixer who help close this week’s list with his new single titled “The Big Beggar.” The track is ripe with punchy big drums, rousing grooves, and lush arps with a cinematic sound design to tie things up. This is quite engaging and keeps the listener locked from start to finish.
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