We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Big O – “Floating on a Cloud”.

Big O opens up this week’s instrumental playlist with  “Floating on a Cloud”. As the title suggests, it’s a summer-drenched nostalgia-inducing beat made up of sublime synths, atmospheric pads and airy plucks layered over smooth drum grooves. The track is taken from his Cozy Beachside compilation beat tape.





deliBass – “Sun’s Embrace”

deliBass‘s “Sun’s Embrace” is a soothing and dreamy beat made up of ethereal keys, pulsating bass-driven grooves and lush funky elements as well. The retro synth wave/soul-infused style is quite pleasant and alluring from start to finish.



Cana – “Rules”

German producer Cana makes the “Rules” in his new release. The cinematic piece has a vintage and nostalgic vibe with its rich textures, lush organs, pulsating synth-basslines and punchy drum grooves. He even throws in some slightly distorted melodic vocals into the mix for god measure. The fun part is when the drums change up and the synths come into play with their 8-bit styled arrangement. The song comes with a retro-styled visual that splices video clips from the 60s, ’70s through to the 80s.


gosnote – “Relax Under Pressure”


gosnote wants us to “Relax Under Pressure” with his latest effort. The track is as mellow as they come and is made up of warm strings, solemn piano chords and mellow pads underpinned by head-nodding drum grooves.



lst drm – “Halfway There”

lst drm’s  “Halfway There” is a sombre tune comprised of melancholic guitar arrangements, and warm textures with hushed drums. Overall it really delivers a heartwarming and nostalgic vibe that we all can relax in and enjoy the moment with.



Jetfueljayy – “bill walton”.

Jetfueljayy and BRG Beats deliver this vibrant summer-drenched beat titled “bill Walton”. The guitar-driven track is ripe with birds chirping, airy horns, playful vocals and rich textures layered over a head-nodding drum groove.

Halibab Matador – Lili“.



Halibab Matador‘s Lili” is an emotional piece that slowly builds up with anticipation. The soft keys and soulful melodic hums are sublime and give listeners a comforting feeling.

Torchsong – “Now and Then”.


“Now and Then” is a mellow lofi summer-drenched track from producer Torchsong. He makes use of  rich keys with a soft progressions and hushed drums with warm pads to boot and the result is quite alluring and peaceful.



Dumage – “Sleepless”

Dumage thrills us with “Sleepless”, a sombre and reflective record filled with sad pads, soft guitar licks and hushed drums as well. It’s quite soothing and relaxing from start to finish.

Tokoname x Starburst Records – “Lush Life”

Hardworking producer Tokoname introduces us to the “Lush Life” in his latest release. The piano-laden track is ripe with layered chords, soft drums and atmospheric pads to match and offers a consoling aesthetic for listeners to dive into. The track is released via Starburst Records.



adym – “BER-SYD”

adym and Patiotic Records team up for this vibrant and nostalgia-inducing piece titled “BER-SYD”. The whole arrangement is rich and the use of soft guitar plucks, subtle sound design, effects and mellow chords all come together perfectly.


Steve Nguyen – “Miss Dreamy”

Steve Nguyen taps into the deepest part of our emotions with “Miss Dreamy”, a soothing and ethereal track made up of layered keys, smooth pads and exotic sounds over a head-nodding drum groove to match.


Less Gravity x DNTST – “Yellow Hills”

Less Gravity and DNTST take us beyond the “Yellow Hills” in their latest effort. The sombre track is composed of melancholic keys, moody pads, sparse drums and sublime textures as well. Overall, this really gives us a comforting and relaxing feel.



vhskid. – “Those Days With You”.

vhskid‘s “Those Days With You” is a solemn and reflective cut that details the unpredictable emotions that come with falling in love with that special someone and wishing to be in their company when they are away. The guitars are soothing and the rich pads all gel perfectly.



Monochrome Midnight Traveller – “Drizzle”

Shangahi-based Monochrome Midnight Traveller is an audiovisual project that is inspired by the allure of the city’s nightscape. Their latest release “Drizzle” is a dynamic and cinematic piece that takes listeners on an epic journey into the night rain and the emotions it brings. The layered production is made up of rich synths, moody pads and soft drum grooves and overall has a sad and introspective vibe that we all can dive into.



PHAZE – “Enchantress”

PHAZE delivers this brilliant track entitled “Enchantress” to our playlist and we just had to share. The track has an atmospheric pad, rich layered strings and pulsating basslines underpinned by airy choral samples and punchy drums to match.





G.A.D & Shoji – “It Plays Itself Part II (landing)”

Production duo G.A.D & Shoji once again return to our playlist with “It Plays Itself Part II (landing)”, a dreamy and sublime piece that is made up of warm tones, soft drum grooves and excellent sound design techniques.


B4Lasers – “till next time, space cowboy”

B4Lasers takes us into a whole new world in his latest release titled “till next time, space cowboy”. The track has a choppy synth, punchy drums and cinematic textures that are peppered with ear-grabbing sound design that keeps the dynamics flowing from start to finish.

underdusk – “High Times”

“High Times” by underdusk is a mellow and solemn beat that has soulful and reflective aesthetics. The jazzy piano arrangement, warm textures and soft tones underpinned by pulsating basslines and head nodding drums are brilliant.


Thomas Tempest – “Moonlight”

Eclectic producer Thomas Tempest closes out the playlist with “Moonlight”, a smooth lofi-jazz piece made up of solemn keys, and nostalgic horn passes with soft drum grooves to match. He adds that the track is an ode to those magical late summer nights under the moonlit sky, reminiscing about cherished memories with dear friends.

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