We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Trell Daniels – “Elevation”

LA-based producer Trell Daniels helped us open up this week’s instrumental playlist with “Elevation”. The mellow track is made up of solemn strings, and ethereal synth pads with a sombre guitar pluck layered over soft drum grooves. Perfect to relax and study to.


Zalfprod – “Capone”

Italian producer Zalfprod delivers this solid jam titled “Capone”. Inspired by the famous Anime One Piece, Zalfprod crafts an energetic and cinematic beat ripe with brass stabs, and punchy drums underpinned by rich basslines that hit the speakers like a mack truck.


DJ Pulpo – “Run if you can


DJ Pulpo makes his first entry on our instrumental playlist with his newest release titled “Run if you can“. The beat is a mix of genres that blend pop,Hip-Hop, and dance with funky elements. The synths are bright, and the use of vocals also adds a distinct and refreshing feel to it all.



Chad Nathan – “Late Nights”


Chad Nathan takes us deep into the “Late Nights” where people are reminiscing and having a good time relaxing or studying. The track is warm and the sublime guitar plucks and soothing textures all come together like bread and butter.







Complx Baysixx – “Lil’Penny”

Queens, NY-based producer Complx Baysixx makes his entry on our playlist with “Lil’Penny”, a smooth and mellow lofi/jazz-infused beat made up of ethereal jazzy vibes, soft drum grooves with airy horn passes. he also throws in various vocal samples from rappers like O.C, Prodigy and more.

Straizo – “when i’m with you”

Straizo and YJKL team up for “when i’m with you”, a laidback and relaxing track that aims to calm the soul. The piano arrangement is sublime and lush while the progression adds more dynamics into the mix.



Widen Island – “Moonlight Reverie”

Widen Island, J3VNFI and Audiorealm join forces to bring us something light and soulful in the form of their new collaboration titled “Moonlight Reverie”. The track is layered with sombre piano arrangements, warm pads and dusty horn passes with hushed drum grooves to match.


Giusep_ x Two Roses x tezpu – “Until Tomorrow”



Giusep_ , Two Roses and tezpu team up for this reflective and heartfelt track titled “Until Tomorrow”. It exudes the core essence of lofi and study beats with its ethereal pads, soft guitar licks and overall sublime vibes.



The Beat Murderer – “Korbola”

The Beat Murderer helps raise the energy levels with “Korbola”, a punchy and upbeat tune that is made up of smooth synth basslines, and sublime choral vocal passes with soft drums to boot.


Sad Saint – “Sleeping Under the Stars”

Czech Republic-based producer Sad Saint shows us the warm feeling of “Sleeping Under the Stars” in his latest release. The track has a soothing and retrospective vibe that listeners can easily tap into.


Sleepy Slim – “Isolation”.

Sleepy Slim teams up with DJDStackz and Soft dog for “Isolation”, a soothing and comforting piece made up of solemn pads, and soft guitar riffs that exude nostalgia from start to finish.

escapist. x Moonsum – “Mantra”

escapist. and Moonsum and Roadetrix team up for this brilliant release titled “Mantra”. The atmospheric pads used here are layered with soft grooves, airy guitar plucks and reflective strings to boot.


Ludwig del Pino – “Last Summer”

Chilean producer Ludwig del Pino returns to our playlist with “Last Summer”, a reflective track that is perfect for warm summer nights. The layered production is peppered with rich sound design, and ethereal pads with soft pulsating basslines.


Sleep Powder – “waves”

Sleep Powder‘s “waves” is a smooth jazz/lofi offering ripe with rich and dreamy pads, lush keys, guitar riffs and a head-nodding groove. Overall, it gives listeners a comforting feel.


Comfort Time – “Dreamy Haven”

“Dreamy Haven” is a melancholic and introspective track from Comfort Time and Carl Weingarten. The keys are quite progressive and the guitar licks are rich and add a certain soul-gripping feel to the track.



Less Gravity x DNTST – “Sosuke’s Tears” (Ponyo)

Less Gravity and DNTST help tap into our emotions with “Sosuke’s Tears (Ponyo)”. The track is as melancholic as they come and has a soft and somewhat melancholic feel as well.




strewing x Starburst Records – “Drewdrop”

strewing and Starburst Records are at it once more with their new release titled “Drewdrop”. The mellow soulful track serves as a perfect wake-up anthem with it’s melancholic keys, soft and warm pads with hushed grooves.


Orthus.DLL – “I Just Wanna Chill”.

Orthus.DLL’s “I Just Wanna Chill” is a blend of lofi/ultra-pop and Jersey Club music. On paper, it looks peculiar but the sound emanating is pretty engaging. The use of bright synths, rich plucks, upbeat drums and crunchy drum breaks really makes it engaging from start to finish.


The Loview – “Jardin”

Folkestone, England-based producer The Loview makes his entrance on our playlist with his latest  “Jardin”. The track has a solemn and reflective feel with its layered piano chords, warm pads and smooth drum grooves.



Soulful Playground – “Rhino Rhythm”.

Soulful Playground helps close out this week’s playlist with “Rhino Rhythm”, an aptly titled track made up of dark and cinematic textures and rousing rhythms which serve as the foundation of the record.

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