We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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GoodyxJames – “Terminus”


Uprising producer GoodyxJames takes us to the “Terminus” with his latest effort. The jazz-infused boom-bap track makes use of lush piano riffs, punchy drums and dusty textures with a pulsating bass line to boot. “Terminus” is lifted from his new full-length beat tape, The GOOD One.


Joshua Woolf x Fred Paci – “Float”

Multi-talented producer Joshua Woolf and trumpeter Fred Paci team up for this superb genre-bending collaboration titled “Float”. Built on steady grooves, anthemic horns and driving textures, the duo take us on an epic ride through their stomping grounds with much pomp and glitz. The production is rousing, dynamic and inviting all at once.



EightyAD – “Retrocausal”

EightyAD‘s  “Retrocausal” is an ethereal and somewhat off-kilter instrumental that caught our ears. The use of layered atmospheric pads, sublime strings and snapping drums all come together seamlessly.






Lowbelly x Venec – “Isle de Jean Charles” (feat. Venec)


Production duo Lowbelly (made up of Jeremy and Tristan) team up with Venec to take us to the “Isle de Jean Charles”. The release is a potpourri of musical styles ranging from jazz, experimental, chill-hop and more. The use of analog and digital instrumentation is quite brilliant and the layered approach makes it dynamic and engaging from start to finish.




Dumage – “Sunset Gradient”


Dumage gives us something relaxing and solemn with “Sunset Gradient” which set the tone for a solemn and contemplative evening. I like the soft tones, airy guitar riffs and mellow textures.



WH!TENOIZ – “Feeling Good”

WH!TENOIZ’s “Feeling Good” is exactly what it says in the title. The uplifting and bright textures are pronounced as the lush guitar riffs, rich passes and strings all come together to form a multi-layered soul-gripping piece.



Jost Esser – “Lantern Light”


“Lantern Light” by Jost Esser  and Golden Ticket Tapes is a neo soul/jazz /lofi-infused track that is perfect for one’s relaxing playlist. The guitars are rich, the horns are soulful and the head nodding grooves are just perfect.


Dj Frankie Green – “Just Enjoy”


Dj Frankie Green soothes the mind with this summer jam titled “Just Enjoy”. The title says it all as the bright guitar plucks, airy sound design and expertly chopped samples all work in perfect harmony. His use of the scratched Nas vocal is unexpected but solid.

Metic – “Bodega Minute”

Metic’s “Bodega Minute” is an interesting jazz-lofi tune that is made up of lively guitar riff that slowly progresses into mellow and upbeat sections. The drums here are quite punchy too and the way the instruments play off each other is brilliant.

Milo Who – “Take Me Away” (feat. Skinny Atlas)

Milo Who and Skinny Atlas make their entry on our playlist wit this chill-hop jazz-infused beat titled “Take Me Away”. The soft drums, rich guitar plucks and sparse arrangement sure add a reflective feel to it a.


Tottsea – “Beneath the Waves”

Tottsea brings the atmospheric vibe to the playlist with his newest release “Beneath the Waves”. It’s a mix of sublime keys, ethereal pads and soft grooves that blend perfectly into one. It also sounds like the background music for an anime.



bo: – “Unwind”


bo: makes an entry on our list with”Unwind”, a mellow atmospheric piece that is nostalgic, solemn and multi-layered. I do like the slow progressions and use of sublime pads and choral textures.





trent ivor. x magnole – “Kites”


Production duo trent ivor. and magnole form the perfect alliance with their new collaborative release titled “Kites”. The solemn track has a relaxing vibe made up of airy vocal like synths, lush guitar plucks and airy pads.


Jetfueljayy – “lessons”

Jetfueljayy gives us some uplifting vibes with his new effort titled “lessons” which changes the vibe on the playlist with it’s soulful textures, warm pulsating basslines and lively horn passes. The drums are punchy and head nodding as well.




Calm Chapter – “Healing Rain”


Calm Chapter prescribes something therapeutic for our ears with his new effort titled “Healing Rain”. The guitar-driven track has a soothing and reflective aura and I can say it’s perfect for one’s relaxing playliist.



Pevanni – “flowers unfold”

Pevanni and Roadetrix team up for “flowers unfold”, a solemn and somewhat melancholic tune. The slow progression and lush guitar riffs are quite alluring and gives off a relaxing feel.

KJM x moon.walken – “Enlighten”

UK producer KJM and moon.walken delivers something refreshing and soul-stirring in their new release “Enlighten”. The layered keys and guitar accompaniment is perfect and seamless,


Steve Nguyen – “psilocybin”


Steve Nguyen‘s “psilocybin” is a sublime piece that is made up of rich guitar riffs, airy pads and an overall relaxing vibe that is perfect to study.


Tokoname x Starburst Records – “Brighter Days Ahead”


Tokoname and Starburst Records are back at it with their latest release “Brighter Days Ahead”. The track has a mix of smooth horn passes, warm pulsating basslines, jazzy keys, sizzling synth riffs and a head-nodding groove to boot.


jakohitsdifferent – “Flow Theory”


German producer jakohitsdifferent proposes his “Flow Theory” in this new effort comprised of mellow keys, layered strings and snapping drums. I can definitely hear a story over this with a rapper and vocalist.


bad at math. – “star salt”

“star salt” is a smooth lofi-soul track from a producer bad at math who makes use of mellow piano riffs, airy textures and hushed drums to boot. The overall aesthetic is nostalgic and a bit solemn as well.


vhskid. – “Window Dreaming”


vhskid. sets the perfect mood with “Window Dreaming”. A reflective and soothing beat made up of lush keys and sublime sound design that aims to relax the mind.




SSNG – “Would you like milk and sugar with it”


SSNG help close the playlist in his own way with this new release “Would you like milk and sugar with it”. The track has to be the glitchiest beat we have featured thus far. The textures have a warm and somewhat nostalgic feel and the drums are well-crafted too.

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