Welcome to TWIB’s Weekly Top 5 Videos. This is a segment where we will be looking at some exceptional visuals from various acts from around the globe. The music video format has been around for decades and through the 90s and 2000s, it has really taken flight from multi-million budget music videos, to mid to low-budget videos with exceptional features. In this section, we will not discriminate but rather highlight some of the creative visuals that pop up on our radar.

Today we included some extra videos for your viewing pleasure because they were too good to pass up.







Wyatt Coleman x Mick Jenkins – “Glass of Water”

Uprising emcee Wyatt Coleman teams up with Mick Jenkins for “Glass of Water”, a reflective and sombre summer-tinged tune that is ripe with warm keys and introspective lyrics. Wyatt opens up the song with an adulation-filled performance as he savours every moment with that special someone. Mick comes through the second verse and continues the theme. The accompanying visual is stylish and makes use of performance shots and subtle motifs that explore the theme of being content and enjoying the time and not wasting it.




Kidd Called Quest x Pretty Bulli x Ken-C – “RELATE ( NEVER GIVE YOU UP 2)” Feat -Pretty Bulli, Curtis Coke, Ken-C and Jaz-O, by Kidd Called Quest,Pretty Bulli,Curtis Coke, Ken-C, Jaz-O.

The trio of producer Kidd Called Quest and emcees Pretty Bulli and Ken-C share the animated visuals for their song “RELATE ( NEVER GIVE YOU UP 2)” which sees them recruiting the talents of Curtis Coke and Jaz-O and it serves as the perfect ode to hip-hop and it’s 50th anniversary. The track sees the respective emcees share their personal stories about how hip-hop influenced their lives and some treasured memories that it gave them. The song comes with a superbly animated visual by @HIPHOPIZLYFE  that makes use of slick animated versions of the rappers and also aesthetics from the past.

“Relate” aka “Never Give You Up 2” was inspired by part 1 (which appears on the recently released Ken-C project The Kendrick Cole EP, which was also fully produced by Kidd).



Kevin Nova – “Unforgettable”.



New Brunswick, New Jersey-born, Palm Beach County, Florida-raised rapper/songwriter  Kevin Nova pours his heart on wax on his journey to become “Unforgettable”. Over a reflective and hard-hitting backdrop, the emcee takes us back to the past and shows us his humble beginnings and how his inner determination took him from zero to hero. The visual taps into his life and we see the young artist in his element as he aims towards beyond the skies.




TJ Maestro x D’Inverno Limited. – “Said I Would”

Roscommon, Ireland-based rapper TJ Maestro and D’Inverno Limited team up for “Said I Would”. The rock-infused track has elements of drill and dark pop and serves as the perfect backdrop for TJ’s styles and somewhat nonconforming flow and unapologetic demeanour. The AI-animated visual is quite engaging and gives viewers a glimpse into the theme of the song.

Nazzy the Mic – “Kan You ¿”

Indie rapper Nazzy the Mic dropped two videos earlier this week and this new release “Kan You ¿” is her third. The love tune sees her in a lovelorn state as she reminisces on her love and the many things that make their pairing perfect. The visual makes use of performance shots and expressive cut scenes that capture Nazzy’s love.

YOUWIN – “Ode To A Boy”.


Philadelphia rapper YOUWIN reflects on his life’s journey in this heartfelt song titled  “Ode To A Boy”. Over Silenthuman‘s drumless vocal-sample-driven backdrop, YOUWIN talks about a personal loss, self-doubt and ultimately his growth while acknowledging the many people and events that help shaped him. The Aaron Zimmerman-directed music video has a retro-cinematic feel and captures YOUWIN in his element. The song is taken from his EP No Songs Just Thoughts.


A1 Beanz – “Therapy”.


A1 Beanz‘s “Therapy” is a heartfelt tune that talks about the many unspoken thoughts and pains we tend to hold inside. Over a rousing and bouncy backdrop, he pours his frustrations on wax and gets deep into his past trauma and how he battled with inner demons and family losses through time. The visual is a solid mix of performance shots that story telling that follows A1 as he shares his thoughts during a therapy session.


K*Ners – “Candy Rain (Remix)” Feat Brittany


K*Ners teams up with uprising singer Brittany for  “Candy Rain (Remix)” which flips the classic Soul IV Real song of the same name. K*Ners delivers a vivid tale of love with a throwback 90s feel and heartfelt lyrics. The visual is a mix of performance shots and clips of live performances spliced together with a nostalgic feel.

Kaphilliated – “Loose Energy”.

UK emcee Kaphilliated helped close out this week’s list with “Loose Energy” which sees him blending insightful bars with a whole lot of bravado. Over the upbeat soundscape, he gives listeners a glimpse of street life and the pros and cons that come with it. The visual also taps into the lyrics with its subtle motifs and aesthetics that help warn young viewers of the dangers of street life.

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