The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Nią Chennai – “Tea Lady”.


Eclectic South London singer Nią Chennai leads the way in this week’s playlist with her new single “Tea Lady”. The sublime piece is ripe with alluring and mesmerizing melodic runs and expressive songwriting that is steeped in female empowerment and confidence. So sit back, grab a cuppa and dive into the mystique of the tea lady.


Team Demo – “Creep” (feat. MC Eiht & MONTAGE ØNE)



Team Demo returns with their new single “Creep” which sees them teaming with MC Eiht and MONTAGE ØNE. The track has a rich pulsating bassline and lead synth punctuated by a steady drum groove while the emcees proceed to showcase their skills with story-driven and vivid bars. Their forthcoming album It’s a Demo, is available now for pre-order on vinyl as well as through all major digital retailers. In addition to MC Eiht and MONTAGE ØNE, the album boasts guest appearances from Method Man, Wais P, Lil Fame, Nems, Rome Streetz, Sauce Money, Che Noir, Skyzoo, Hus KingPin, Planet Asia, Ras Kass, Termanology, Vado and more.


Taylor Carnell – “Turn Up”.

Indie artist Taylor Carnell makes his entry on our playlist with his new single  “Turn Up”. The mid-tempo track is made up of moody basslines and warm textures underpinned by his smooth flow and reflective lyrics that dwell on his own journey in the industry.



Sir Dilla – “Stories”.

Sir Dilla‘s “Stories” is a heartfelt piece that centers around his intimate experiences with his wife and his life. The mellow guitar-driven piece has a soulful vocal sample that blends with Sir Dilla’s laidback flow and engaging story-telling.




London-based singer/instrumentalist SHEZ caught our ears with “WDIHTBSH?”, a reflective and soulful track that showcases his vocal and production prowess in the same breath. Over the layered and lush guitar arrangement and hushed drums, SHEZ delivers a sublime vocal piece that explores vulnerability in the most candid way.



Loss Cozz – “The Lot “(feat. Turk Tha Savage)

Loss Cozz is making his way in the industry with his high energy raps and he drops a new tune “The Lot “which sees him teaming up with Turk Tha Savage. The self-produced track is punchy and cinematic and both emcees deliver their distinct styles and it’s quite engaging.


Kevin Nova – “Had To”

Rising artist Kevin Nova takes time to reflect on his journey as a young man and artist in his new single “Had To. ” Backed by the moody and punchy drum heavy backdrop, he gives listeners a glimpse into his life and how he is making the right moves despite the hurdles and odds.


Star – “Sunday Drives”


LA-based artist Star take us on his “Sunday Drives”. The track has a laidback and smokey vibe with a soulful touch and sees him finding an outlet to plug in away from the daily stress by flying high in the metaphorical sense.


Frank D – “Love Like This”

Frank D shares his new single “Love Like This”, a lyric-driven piece that is heartfelt and candid. Over the punchy drums, he pours adulation on his girl and reassures her that he will be there for her through thick and thin.



A.STEEL. – “Tyranny”

Multi-faceted artist A.STEEL. makes his entry on out playlist with “Tyranny”.  The track employs a dark electronic soundscape with trap-infused drums all underpinned by his commanding vocal performance and vivid lyrical schemes that centers around the current conflict between Hamas and Isreal.





Loss Cozz – “Treehouse”

Loss Cozz drops another one on our list in the form of this upbeat tune titled “Treehouse”. The track starts off with a rich pulsating synth lead and his smooth melodic flow which set the tone. He reflects on his journey and the ups and downs he had to face to get to his goals.


410_fouronezero – “Boss Talk”

410_fouronezero  is all about his bag in “Boss Talk”, a track that flips the classic Shiznit instrumental by Snoop Dogg. This new rendition sure hits the mark and captures the rappers’ stylish flows and go-getter mentality.




stoop lee – “BLUE INTRO”

Detroit artist stoop lee caught our ears with “BLUE INTRO”, a heartfelt and nostalgic tale about his upbringing and experiences in his city. Over the sombre and reflective soundscape, he brings listeners up to speed with what is happening while clearing out the proverbial closet.




Cool Cool Cool – “Never Noticed”

The 7 member genre-bending band Cool Cool Cool released their debut single “Never Noticed” which comes off the heels of their recent live performances. The track is a mid-tempo tune that explores how we are all connected to each other in some way, shape or form. The fusion of funk, soul and alternative R&B on this cut is quite brilliant and the main vocal runs cut through the mix like a hot knife through butter.




Coely – “Nightcall”


Eclectic singer/songwriter Coely drops new infectious single titled “Nightcall”. The track blends afrobeats with edgy hiphop as she flows effortlessly over the upbeat and punchy soundscape.





Rising rapper BISON.FC helps us break from the norm with his new single “OMG”. The production is hard-hitting, dark and anthemic and his passionate flows and expressive cadences take precedence. He also tops it up with a clarion call-type chorus.



SomeoneCalledSomeone – “Creepin’ Low”

SomeoneCalledSomeone drops this bouncy WestCoast-inspired banger titled “Creepin’ Low” which showcases his versatility. He flows with ease over the anthemic soundscape and peppers it with a catchy hook as well.





Dazer Daze – “No Reason”

Southern California-raised emcee Dazer Daze claims his just due in his new single “No Reason”. Over a piano and vocal sample-laden soundscape, he delivers that good old gritty hip-hop with his commanding flow and reminds us that he is coming for the throne.



Nią Chennai – “Call It Quits”


Singer/songwriter Nią Chennai drops this new tune “Call It Quits”, a laidback neo-soul jam that talks about a cheating partner and how the love dynamics have changed and she no longer wants to be with them. Over a soulful bass-driven backdrop, Nia delivers a soul-stirring performance rich in deep melodies and insightful lyrics that show her taking steps to remedy the situation.




Guapo P – Unfiltered Thoughts, Pt. 2″

Los Angeles, CA-based rapper Guapo P shows us his “Unfiltered Thoughts, Pt. 2”. The laidback soulful track explores the deep thoughts that he doesn’t often expose. From broken friendships, loyalty and finding strength during the bad times, he gives us a glimpse into his life

KJ(!) – “Good Day”

KJ(!)‘s “Good Day” is an introspective and uplifting tune that blends pop, modern contemporary sounds with a soul/hiphop touch. Over the soulful guitar plucks, summer-tinged pads and solid grooves, he explores the concept of burnout, depression and the urgent need to have an outlet to plug into.



Devin Summers – “[greedy]”

Columbus, OH-based NY rapper/songwriter Devin Summers caught our attention with his newest release titled “[greedy]”. The track is a vivid and engaging tune that explores the over-commercialization of modern life and how we sometimes get caught in a never-ending cycle.


Sasha Renee – “Road Trip”

Sasha Renee returns to our site with “Road Trip”, a feel-good jam that reminds us of the god times with that favorite person.




Exxo KB – “Ponyboy (Uh-Oh)”

Exxo KB drops his new single “Ponyboy (Uh-Oh)”, a laidback and mellow tune that showcases his stylish melodic flow and irreverent demeanour over a smokey and atmospheric soundscape.



Mopiano – “Birthday”

Singer/songwriter Mopiano drops his new single “Birthday”, a self-produced track that explores withering love between two individuals. Over the soft guitar plucks and warm pads, Mopiano delivers a soul-stirring performance as he digs deep into his love life and the dynamics of it all.  “Birthday” is the second single from the upcoming album Lesson Learned, where each story teaches valuable lessons.




Tommy Stoner x 24Hrs – “Won’t Go Without”


Tommy Stoner teams up with 24Hrs for “Won’t Go Without”, a bouncy and playful track ripe with sublime melodic flows and vivid lyricism.



L E M F R E C K – “That Guy”

L E M F R E C K returns to our site with his latest release “That Guy”. The bravado-laden track sees the rapper reminding us that he is him and not taking shorts or losses. The production here is moody, edgy and punchy and his laidback demeanour is ripe with boastful rhymes that capture his go-getter mindset.


Landry M – “L’argent”

Congolese singer Landry M helped switch up the vibe with his new single “L’argent”. The track is an afropop/r&b fusion ripe with rich infectious grooves and warm textures to match. Here, he sings in French and the Congolese language Lingala to drive his message of being financially stable and ready to contribute some sort of impact.


CHiLL-iLL x Wordsworth – “I Told You”


Austrian MC/producer CHiLL-iLL recently put out his 3rd solo album Raum & Zeit. He now returns with the stand-out track “I Told You” which features legendary Brooklyn/NY-based lyricist Wordsworth and both share their craft over the punchy piano-driven backdrop.


KWVY – “Stairstepper”

KWVY is an indie psych rock hip-hop duo made up of Oklahoma-based musicians, Ryan and Kyle. Their latest release “Stairstepper” is a smooth and rousing track that is underpinned by rich soundscapes and insightful bars as well.


Myndset x Adam Walsh – “Why”


“Why” is the latest release from Canadian artists Myndset and Adam Walsh who are currently working on their collaborative project entitled Overlooked. The single is produced by Alja and it is made up of a cinematic backdrop and is underpinned by the rapper’s impassioned cry for how unfair life can be. The emcees really pour out their hearts and deliver a touching and relatable track that everyone can feel.


NC Made Me – “B.O.B. (Black on Black)”

NC-born, Brooklyn-based artist who goes by the moniker NC Made Me drops his new single “B.O.B. (Black on Black)” sees him reflecting on his roots and humble beginnings. Over a sombre and soulful piano-led backdrop, he embodies his true self and steps into the centre.


Adam Blackstone x Boyz II Men – “Greatest Gift”

Multi-award-winning producer Adam Blackstone teamed up with the legendary Boyz II Men for this holiday special song titled “Greatest Gift”. The production is soulful and nostalgic and ripe with the immaculate melodic runs from Boyz II Men who remind us that Christmas is more than gifts and family is the best thing one could have.


Kenneth Goodrich – “IGNORANT”

Rising rapper Kenneth Goodrich i taking the reins with all his might in his new single “IGNORANT”. Backed by a frenzied and punchy soundscape, he delivers a fiery rap performance and shares his true thoughts on the state of affairs as he takes off the filter and throws a proverbial middle finger to the detractors and naysayers.

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