Welcome to TWIB’s Weekly Top 10 Videos. This is a segment where we will be looking at some exceptional visuals from various acts from around the globe. The music video format has been around for decades and through the 90s and 2000s, it has really taken flight from multi-million budget music videos, to mid to low-budget videos with exceptional features. In this section, we will not discriminate but rather highlight some of the creative visuals that pop up on our radar.
Again, we promise to bring you the best from high to low budget, to animated to DIY and first and foremost, the most creative visuals we can source.

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504icygrl -” Kitchen”


Multi-talented New Orleans-based rapper/songwriter/director 504icygrl caught our attention with her newest video titled ” Kitchen”. The track pairs her passion for music and the culinary arts and we get to see her in her element. Over the bouncy soundscape, she embodies the spirit of the go-getter and in the self-directed visual, she shows us how she prepares delicious meals. “Kitchen” was directed by 504icygrl herself, shot by California-based videographer Sun Lit Media, and edited by Srikar Poruri.



Little A & Nthn LB – “Celeb In A Bando”


Little A and Nthn LB are having a bit of fun in their latest effort titled “Celeb in a Bando”. The duo employs an energetic drill soundscape and proceeds to deliver fiery bars ripe with street savvy and irreverent demeanour. The accompanying video is a blend of performance shots and retro-tinged effects that capture the duo’s no-frills style.




cola valley – “the wednesday before thanksgiving is thanksgiving eve”

Producer cola valley makes his appearance on our list with  “the wednesday before thanksgiving is thanksgiving eve”. The sombre tune is as calm as the summer warmth and its made up of rich but sombre keys and laidback textures with soft drums to boot. The visuals follow peacocks in their natural habitat and have a solemn retro feel to them.





Snotty Nose Rez Kids, Drezus – “’96 Bulls (feat. Drezus) (Visualizer)”


The Snotty Nose Rez Kids and Drezus embody the fiery spirit of ’96 Bulls” in their new release. The production is punchy and anthemic and is underpinned by the rapper’s no-holds barred approach and stylish flows. The animation by Sterling Larose is pretty wild and engaging as well.



Rising rapper ESSERE breaks down his new “SCHEME” in his latest video. The track has a scenic boombap soundscape and sees the rapper in his element as he floats over the beat with a smooth and edgy flow. The visuals are quite engaging and use performance shots alongside a dark story telling approach and eye-popping cinematic techniques




Manga saint Hilare x Kamakaze – “Exercise”

UK Grime pioneer Manga Saint Hilare teams up with Leicester’s Kamakaze for “Exercise”. The anthemic tune sees the emcees breaking the mould as they look at their journey in the game and how they have persevered through the years. The accompanying visual is pretty engaging and uses rapid-cut scenes, performance shots and edgy transitions as well.




Pretty Bulli x Kidd Called Quest – “She’s A Problem”

Rising Western New York emcee, Pretty Bulli and prolific producer Kidd Called Quest team up for “She’s A Problem”. Over Kidd’s pounding and ominous soundscape, Pretty Bulli delivers hard-hitting verbal body blows and reminds us that she is not one to be toyed with. The visual also plays into the theme and it is brought to life by Blackbelt Jonez who uses simple and effective camera tricks to capture Pretty Bulli’s commanding presence.  “She’s A Problem” is a new leak from the forthcoming collaborative Pretty Bulli and Kidd Called Quest project to be titled Then And Now.



Mostafa – “Intro-Deuces”

Cairo-based, US rapper Mostafa drops “Intro-Deuces” which serves as the first song of his LP L.B.O.L. The track sets the tone with punchy drums and sharp vocal samples underpinned by Mostafa’s commanding flow and stylish rhyme schemes. The visual is shot on location and we follow him as he moves through the city with ease.


Crownz – “Where Dem Dey”


Rising Cameroonian artist Crownz follows up his previous summer hit “My Mind” with a new one “Where Dem Dey” which shows he is not a one-trick pony. Here, he employs a mid-tempo bouncy backdrop crafted by Jayon OTB to bolster his laidback and somewhat unassuming melodic flow and expressive demeanour. Here, he steps to bat with a rallying call for unity and strength for his community in Cameroon. The accompanying video lends its strength to the anthemic song and captures Crownz unifying and electrifying presence as he gathers his people to rise up and live up to their potential.



The Last Maven – “SetBax”

The Last Maven makes his entry on our site with “SetBax” a reflective and insightful tune that explores the concept of self-growth and tenacity in the face of adversity. Over the punchy and scenic soundscape, The Last Maven talks about his daily struggles and shortcomings but reminds us that he is ready to go the extra mile to achieve his goals. The visual is quite interesting and different as it uses performance shots with a somewhat abstract motif and setting where he plays the role of an abductee.


Twoes – “Golden Hour”

Twoes dropped this anthemic track “Golden Hour” which serves as the first single from their new project Return Of The Twoes. The twins show us their inner strength and willpower to overcome all odds as they set to walk the unbeaten path over this cinematic soundscape laid before them. The visual captures their work out routine and it will definitely get viewers up and going.

2 Brothers The Movie – “2 Brothers Movie 2023”

The last video is actually not a music video but the trailer for the upcoming movie 2 Brothers the movie which centers around loyalty, brotherhood and the will to survive in the concrete jungle. The overarching plot follows a group of young men funding a blossoming hip-hop record label with drug money but the feds are on the sidelines keeping an eye.

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