Soufend Music‘s newest venture goes back in time to blend soulful backdrops against snippets of the civil rights movement that kicked off from the 60s through to the 70s.


The first track titled “Fist” starts it off with a chant from protestors and a blend of vocal samples and a smooth, laidback drum arrangement. It’s very simple and doesn’t make use of many switch-ups but sure gets the job done.

The next track “Eldridge” pays homage to the late American writer/activist and has a dark and somewhat gloomy feel. Again, Soufend Music makes use of mellow drums and parts of an interview by Eldridge who talks about the social upheaval and civil unrest in that era. The situation uncannily mirrors what is going on now in America and shows how things haven’t really changed.


“Pigs” goes for a dreamy and somewhat reflective feel with its jazzy chords and solid groove. The beat starts with a short intro by the late Bobby Seale who gives a detailed description of the activities of the “Pigs.” This is quite engaging and well-crafted for sure.

“Kathleen” focuses on black liberation on all fronts and the backdrop here is quite sublime. The vocal chops are well placed and the choice of soft drums allows the voice over to really sit well in the mix too.


“Huey” is the last track we will look at today and it features Black Panther Party’s minister of defense Huey. The backing track has a solemn and mellow feel from the lush keys and pads. The drums are soft as well and seems that is Soufend Music style for now. Layered textures over soft beats but never the less, it makes for an interesting sound.


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