It won’t be fair not to show love to the cats that work behind the boards. Cats whose soundscapes help push hip-hop to loft heights. So in the same vein, this weekly list sheds light on budding and even established producers who continue to push the envelope for the culture. So sit back relax and get familiar with these producers.
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Washyb. – “I Got Love For You” (Remix). [feat. Forrest Del]


Emerging producer Washyb opens up the list with a remix of Forrest Del‘s “I Got Love For You.” He makes use of smooth soulful vocals, lush textures, and a solid bounce to match.
Get the original version here.
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Mvdk – “October Nights”


Mvdk comes through with “October Nights,” a laid back jazzy beat ripe with smooth piano riffs and punchy drums to complete the job.
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Soufend Music – “Aunties Eggnog”

Soufend Music ‘s “Aunties Eggnog” is a solemn beat made up of soft moody textures and downtempo drums.

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LoFi Travel, Tanya Gayvoronskaya, Roman Belikov – “Chill Roma”


“Chill Roma” is a chilled lo-fi collaboration between LoFi Travel, Tanya Gayvoronskaya and Roman Belikov. This is pretty nostalgic from the dreamy horns, lively drums, and warm basslines.




Syndrome – “Innocence”


Syndrome comes through with “Innocence” from his upcoming instrumental project. The beat has a smooth warm texture that is suitable to relax or study.
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Jomy – “September”


Jomy shares “September” from his recently release beat tape called 64. The track has a driving and vibrant feel and it’s quite punchy.
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Chase Arnold – “2Night”


Chase Arnold‘s “2Night” is a cinematic retro cut made up of lively horns, solid grooves and lush textures that exude the luxurious night life.
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DJ Brush – “My Miss Sunshine”


Dj Brush ‘s new beat “My Miss Sunshine” is a solemn reflective piece dedicated to someone close to his heart. The beat has a nice lush texture and the breakdowns are solid too.
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Stereo Fear – “Wake n Bake”

Stereo Fear‘s “Wake n Bake” sure got us with it’s soothing and somewhat moody textures and sparse drum arrangement. A solid lo-fi piece through and through.

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Poor Legacy – “Phoning Home (Instrumental)”


Waterbury, CT based 3 man production team called Poor Legacy caught our ears with their new release “Phoning Home (Instrumental).” The beat has a smooth texture and soothing sound design that slowly builds up at certain parts. Quite interesting and well-crafted too. POOR LEGACY is comprised of frontman Nailz, D-Note (Keyboardist), and E-Rhythm (Drummer).
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NOGYMX x Pointy Features – “Letters”

“Letters” is an interesting collaboration between producer NOGYMX and guitarist Pointy Features. The track is quite mellow and somewhat reflective and sublime. From the soft keys/harps, crisp guitar plucks, and soft groove.




Lazy Vibes – “Determination” (from Naruto Shippuden)


Lazy Vibes‘ newest release titled “Determination” is a flip of the Naruto Shippuden soundtrack. He sure brings out the big guns with his style, nicely chopped samples, mellow drums and textures that mesh well from start to finish.
Get it on Soundcloud.



michum – “sorgini”


As Michum prepares to drop his tape dupero he thrills us with the single “sorgini.” A cinematic beat that is as menacing as ever and I can hear quite a number of dope underground emcees on it.
The tape is dropping on December 3 via lamplighter (




Testa – “To the Bone”


Vienna, Austria based producer Testa comes through with a dark thumping beat he calls “To the Bone.” The track sure slaps with its ominous textures, heavy drums, and stylish arrangement.
The track is part of the second EP by tyrolean producer group “Disconnected” based in Vienna.
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Radicule. – “CHERISH”

Radicule. never misses and on his new release “CHERISH” he once again showcases his soulful glitchy style of production in full force. From the choppy crispy retro samples, smooth textures, and grooves, the track sure hits themark. The track is the second offering off of Radicule’s forthcoming album, Ebony Eternal.
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Some Tones – “Soul Fly”


Some Tones’ “Soul Fly” is a soothing laidback beat rife with dreamy textures and soft drums. It’s also very nostalgic too.
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Gordon – “wander”


Gordon makes his debut on our list with “wander”, a relaxing beat that is somewhat surreal and sublime too.
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Violentlyill – “Unstable”


Violentlyill ‘s “Unstable” is a speaker rattling beat with crunchy drums, cinematic textures and obscure vocal narration to match.
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WeirderTings – “Japanese treats”


“Japanese treats” by WeirderTings is a smooth beat made up of lush and reflective shikachi vibes and soft drums. You can also check out WeirderTings’s Spotify playlist here.



Jack Lane – “Stuck”


Jack Lane‘s sophomore release, “Stuck,” is a driving and energetic instrumental that blends pop/hip hop/jazz with bouncy basslines and bright vibrant saxophone melodies.
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niciPGTL x Giovane Six – “mature poison”


niciPGTL and Giovane Six team up to bring us “mature poison” a beat that fuses experimental styles and moody textures into a solid punchy beat.
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Dude – “FTL”

Emerging producer Dude comes through with “FTL” a boomy trap beat ripe with futuristic elements and then some. It’s quite punchy and crispy too.




Remulak – “A Sea of Empty Chairs”


Remulak closes the list with “A Sea of Empty Chairs” a driving beat that has boom-bap elements with soul-jazz type textures. The track is lifted from Remulak’s upcoming new album Scrambled Eggs 2. The concept of the track relates to the struggles that musicians can often face when trying to gain recognition for their music
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