It won’t be fair not to show love to the cats that work behind the boards. Cats whose soundscapes help push hip-hop to loft heights. So in the same vein, this weekly list sheds light on budding and even established producers who continue to push the envelope for the culture. So sit back relax and get familiar with these producers.
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Ruler Why – “Royalz”


Ruler Why opens up the list with “Royalz,” a solid boom-bap beat that has a haunting vocal sample and cinematic texture.




Mike Lightz – “This Morning the World Changed Shaped”


Mike Lightz‘s “This Morning the World Changed Shaped” is mid-tempo electronica infused beat with reflective synths and pads. The drum arrangement is sparse and makes use of sparkling bells to give it a nostalgic feeling.




Trapback – “Trap’s Tango In Paris”

Trapback shares “Trap’s Tango In Paris” his own take on “Last Tango in Paris” by Supertangox. He gives it a mellow groove and tones down the lush textures on this one.




Natural Order – “Bowenville”


“Bowenville” is Natural Order’s lead single off his new album Shibuya. The track has a summer type feel with it’s slinky guitars, warm keys and smooth grooves. Well-crafted all the way and serves as something we can all rock to in these crazy times.
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pres. – “in.the.wake”


pres. is back with us with another smooth release “in.the.wake.” This beat is very chilled and has a lo-fi vibe. The dreamy textures sure work well with the soft drums too. He adds that the instrumental is fully meant for freestyling, smoking out, or night driving.
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Daida – “What Does a Man Really Need?”


“What Does a Man Really Need?” by LA-born, Tel-Aviv raised producer Daida is pretty solemn. He makes use of melancholic pads and synths over soft drums on this beat. This is something you can play and relax.
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NT Beats – “Wonder”

NT Beats uses his life experiences as the inspiration for his new release “Wonder.” After going through a tough time he goes back to the thing he loves the most and crafts this bouncy dreamy beat that we all can rock to.
Get it on all DSPs here.




Billy Hammer – “Silverwood”


Billy Hammer ‘s “Silverwood” was inspired by his camping trip to Silverwood Lake outside of Los Angeles. The beat has a solemn, soothing vibe from the Mandolin arrangement layered with melodic strings. This is pretty alluring from start to finish.



Faux King – “Bless”


Faux King goes for a short off-kilter type production on his new release “Bless.” The drums are choppy and the mellow jazzy sample flips are pretty cool too. It’s very short in length and feels like an interlude of some sort.
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__offthedome – “brics”


Producer __offthedome makes his entry on our list with “brics.” A laid backbeat that is ripe with moody textures. The switch-ups are not much but it sure is solid.




illexotic – “Redwoods”

Bay Area multicultural Electro-Hip-Pop duo illexotic share their new release “Redwoods” with us and it’s splendid. The laid back grooves, somber strings, and sound design inspired by the Redwoods forests of Northern California are what makes this beat engaging. Hit the play button and let this beat soothe your soul. Get it on Apple Music//Deezer//Soundcloud




IFE RA – “Vibrate (Instrumental)”


Manchester-based producer IFE RA gives us a brilliant effort titled “Vibrate (Instrumental).” The textures are offbeat, somewhat choppy, and dreamy too while the drums are bouncy and punchy. He adds that he was inspired by his favorite producer J Dilla and Madlib.
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Chill Select & Big O – “H A B i L i T A T e”



Chill Select and Big O team up for this smooth alluring single titled “H A B i L i T A T e” A relaxing beat ripe with lush jazzy textures and neck-snapping drums to match. “H A B i L i T A T e” is taken from Moonlight Jazz, the new compilation beat tape from Chill Select





Soufend Music – “Angela”

“Angela” by Soufend Music continues his trend of sampling social activists from the 70s. and this time he makes use of Angela Davis to kick things off. The moody textures are quite alluring and serve the tone for the serious topic being narrated. Get it on Apple Music//Deezer//




Kyle Molitor – “Twilite”

Trombonist and Arranger Kyle Molitor share the title track of his new project Twilite with us. The track infuses soul elements with it’s warm keys, nostalgic horns, snappy drum arrangements taped by lo-fi sensibilities.
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Zvang – “J4”

Emerging producer Zvang gives us something from his stash titled “J4.” A bouncy trap beat layered with dark, ominous textures and weird sound designs.




Nefarious Aquarius – “Star In the Making”

Nefarious Aquarius‘s “Star In the Making” comes through with a wavy type beat that is upbeat and bouncy. Sounds great for a quick freestyle if you asked us and he says he has more in the stash so best you all follow him.



Big O – “OG (Instrumental)”

“OG (Instrumental)” is from the instrumental version of “Ocean Grown” from Big O and Loki Loko. It’s a calming soulful beat that is perfect for a chilled evening rendezvous.
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Soufend Music – “Bobby”


Soufend Music takes us back in time with “Bobby.” A boom-bap styled beat that samples Bobby Seale and makes use of vintage horns, soulful vocal chops.

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DCS Lefty – “Stasis”

DCS Lefty closes the list with a downtempo beat that is very solemn and makes use of layered jazzy textures and choppy drums to match.
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