We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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 Pablo Armando – “Sean Carter Beat”

North Carolina native Pablo Armando opens up this week’s list with his anthemic beat titled “Sean Carter Beat.” A fusion of glorious horns, pounding drums and cinematic textures to tie it all up, Amando sure deliver the goods in copious amounts.

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Chill Select & Big O – “Footprints in the Snow”


Chill Select collaborator Big O serves up a cool, alluring instrumental titled “Footprints in the snow” from his stash. He makes use of warm and nostalgic keys and textures on this one.



Ezekiel Isiah – “Way Back”


Ezekiel Isiah shares his new instrumental titled “Way Back” where he crafts a soothing and reflective piece that looks back at good memories before the pandemic.




johnboybeats – “Cliffside”

johnboybeats takes us back to saner climates on his new alluring release titled “Cliffside.” A laidback summery instrumental that is ripe with lush guitars, warm basslines, and ethereal textures to complete the job.
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888 Producer – “Don’t We All”


UK producer 888 Producer makes his entry on our list with his new single “Don’t We All.” A dark cinematic and upbeat instrumental that rattles the speakers. It’s taken from his forthcoming beat tape The Mind.


Daddy Who – “Oh Shit”


Daddy Who goes to the hard-hitting boom-bap vibe on his new release “Oh Shit.” Crunchy drums, a surgically chopped cinematic texture, and vocal samples to match. Solid from start to finish.

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Rizzler Beats – “Tsunami”


British producer Rizzler Beats hit us up with “Tsunami” a rousing track from his stash. The instrumental is ripe with lush guitars, warm basslines, and snapping drums to match.
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Gas-Lab – “Drift”


Gas-Lab is back and delivers a solid piece titled “Drift.” A laidback moody jam ripe with throbbing basslines, dreamy Rhodes, and a nostalgic texture to cap it up.
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GoURL – “Pharaoh 90”


GoURL is one of nine musical projects led by Seattle, WA based producer, City of Animals. The project seeks to blend various styles together in the most experimental way. “Pharaoh 90” is a track that is quite cinematic and rousing. Feels like being transported into a forgotten land. “Pharaoh 90” is taken off of GoURL’s most recent album, Various Emotion.
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Pablo EskoBEAR – “Sleepover”


Pablo EskoBEAR captures the warm and homely vibe of a “Sleepover” on his new beat. The track has crunchy drums, lush textures, and an alluring vocal melody.



Prime The Producer – “Bad Guy (Instrumental)”

Prime The Producer flips the script with his new release titled “Bad Guy (Instrumental).” Bolstered by a crunchy trap drum set, lush textures, and synths, the producer crafts a mid-tempo banger that we all can rock to.
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Tatwoine – “Drive-In Theater”


Japanese producer Tatwoine takes us back in time with the summer tinged vibes of his instrumental “Drive-In Theater.” A nice smooth fusion of lush guitars, warm keys, and soft drums to set the tone.
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Joe Nora – “Keep Telling Yourself That”


Joe Nora shares with us “Keep Telling Yourself That.” The beat is punchy and has a weird lofi vibe that just plays n your head like a mantra. Definitely exudes the raw energy of the 90s.
the beat is his first single from his upcoming sleep racer LP.
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Boom-Gap! – “The Inside of the Mirror”


Polish producer Boom-Gap! makes his mark on our list with “The Inside of the Mirror.” He makes use of thumping boom-bap drums, warm basslines, and lush keys with various sound designs from nature to add that organic feel to it all.


Producer Brian – “Rise Up”


Emerging producer Producer Brian aims to motivate listeners with the triumphant and somewhat rousing mood of his beat “Rise Up.” He makes use of soft trap drums and machine gun hats with atmospheric pads, lush keys, and dreamy synths to complete the job.



Ch!mes – “Selfish”


Ch!mes‘s “Selfish” is an out-of-the-box fusion of styles. We hear lofi, chill-hop, and trippy elements on this one. The keys are quite somber and the ethereal textures will surely keep the attention all the way.
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Yvan Poisson – “Bend”


Yvan Poisson comes through on the laidback tip on “Bend” It has a retro jazz vibe and it’s sparse as well. Sounds like a proper 90s chilled jam for real.
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PROVO – “Sweet Chai”


German producer PROVO serves up a nice, soothing piece titled “Sweet Chai.” The track is layered, relaxing, and somewhat nostalgic too. It’s taken from his upcoming instrumental EP HANK (12th March 2021).
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Philip Phunk – “Melting Snow”


Philip Phunk captures the alluring feeling of sunset in winter on his instrumental “Melting Snow.” Soft drums, lush keys, and an ominous vocal pepper this track from start to finish. Grab a cuppa, sit back relax and vibe to it.
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Soufend Music – “Joy”



Soufend Music wraps up this edition with the sublime soundscapes and alluring vocal samples on his instrumental titled “Joy”
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